14 Easy Hacks To Grow Thicker Eyelashes Naturally At Home

naturally longer eyelashes

Whatever the reasons are, we all want to have wispy and naturally longer eyelashes, don’t we? But, have you ever wondered how to promote your eyelashes growth with easy, effective and natural hacks that won’t leave behind any kind of side effects? If not, you are in the correct place.

Much like any other kind of hair, even eyelashes need nurturing and care to grow faster and grow in volume. If you are already blessed with naturally long lashes, don’t take them for granted and actually tend to them. If not, there are several natural ways for eyelashes to grow which are actually very effective and not a wild shot in the dark.

In this article, we are going to be sharing the top 14 natural hacks to grow eyelashes longer and that too in a record time. We are also going to be focusing on a few lifestyle tips that can helps your eyelashes grow with ease and without much efforts.

So, let jump right into the article!

How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally?

How to grow eyelashes
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If you are worried about your scanty and short eyelashes, try and administer any of these remedies from below to see noticeable results in a record time. These remedies are not going to reward you with the kind of results you want overnight but take at least a few applications for them to actually show their results.

1. Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Castor oil for eyelashes
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Castor Oil is not just known for its proven health benefits but its benefits for hair growth as well. This is one of those ingredients that promote the growth of eyelashes and that too in a record time.

Although there are no specific scientific experiments conducted to back up the claims of castor oil for eyelashes growth, there are specific studies conducted on ricinoleic acid which is the major constituent of the castor oil. Studies claim that this acid helps reverse hair loss and promotes hair growth which is why the use of castor oil to grow thicker eyelashes actually provides with fruitful results.

The relation between ricinoleic acid and hair growth is considered as the basis of evidence for the claim about castor oil that helps your eyelashes grow.

What To Do?

    1. Clean a mascara wand and get rid of all the mascara in it; wash it thoroughly
    1. Dip this in the castor oil jar and swirl around to extract as much oil in the wand
    1. Apply this onto your lashes as if you would do with the mascara
    1. Smooth it out all over the lashes with your fingers and leave it overnight
  1. Repeat this process every night to grow eyelashes longer

2. Coconut Oil for Eyelashes

Coconut oil for eyelashesBefore we even jump to the mode of action of how to make eyelashes to grow with the aid of coconut oil, let us answer the simple question that lingers in many people’s mind. Is coconut oil safe for your eyelashes and eyes?

The answer is yes, it is.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us focus on how coconut oil is beneficial for the growth of eyelashes.

It is believed that the coconut oil, when applied on the eyelashes, penetrate into the eyelash follicles and helps stimulate hair growth there. Not just that, even the moisturizing and healing properties of the coconut oil helps curb any kind of dryness or presence of dandruff in the eyelashes.

The application of coconut oil also helps make them smoother, softer and shinier which is yet another bonus.

What To Do?

    1. Use a cotton swab or a cleaned mascara wand for application; you can even use your fingers
    1. Dip the swab/mascara wand/your fingers in the coconut oil and apply it on the eyelashes and massage it in
    1. Leave it overnight
  1. Repeat this process every night to grow eyelashes fast

3. Olive Oil for Eyelashes

Olive oil for eyelashesThe use of olive oil as a healing remedy is not a new concept. It has pronounced effects on the treatment of several skin and hair related issue.

It is considered as one of the best natural ways for eyelashes to grow because of its pronounced effects in the process of normal hair growth. It stimulates the healthy growth of hair and makes them smoother and shinier. Much like normal hair, it also affects the growth of eyelashes and in a positive way.

With the amazing reserve of vitamins and minerals, the olive oil is considered as one of the best remedies for naturally longer lashes because it provides them with the nutrition that they require.

What To Do?

    1. Much like the above two, apply the olive oil on your eyelashes using a q-tip, mascara wand or even your fingers.
    1. Let it stay overnight
  1. Repeat this process every day if the olive oil is not causing any kind of irritation for you

4. Almond Oil for Eyelashes

Almond Oil for eyelashesThe use of almond oil for hair growth has been here since decades but were you aware of its amazing impacts on the growth of eyelashes? Probably not, right?

Almond Oil is loaded with Vitamin E and that too in a concentration that is 200% more than the normal recommended amount – 100 gms of Almond Oil consists of 60 units of Vitamin E (international units).

Vitamin E is one of the primary contributors to healthier hair growth (R) and thus the application of Vitamin E rich almond oil is an amazing treatment for eyelashes to grow and that too at an alarmingly faster rate.

What To Do?

    1. Clean off any kind of eye makeup (if you have any)
    1. Dip the cleaned mascara wand into the almond oil and apply it on your lashes like you would apply the normal mascara
    1. Leave it on overnight
  1. Repeat this process every night before bed to grow thicker eyelashes

5. Argan Oil for Eyelashes

Argan Oil for eyelashes
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One of the most common reasons for shorter and sparse eyelashes is because of how weak they become because of the lack of proper hydration and moisturisation. Argan Oil is definitely one of those tricks that can help with the growth of your eyelashes and that too, in a record time.

Argan oil is loaded with Vitamin A along with essential fatty acids which are very beneficial to grow eyelashes longer. It helps moisturize the eyelashes and strengthens them to avoid them from being brittle because of lack of hydration.

It is also loaded with all the necessary vitamins which are beneficial for the growth of hair, well, in this case, the growth of eyelashes.

What To Do?

    1. Apply the argan oil with your fingers and massage it gently across the expanse of the eyelash
    1. Leave it overnight
  1. Repeat this every day before going to bed at night to help your eyelashes grow

6. Aloe Vera for Eyelashes

Aloe vera for eyelashesAloe vera is loaded with amazing nutrients and vitamins which come a lot in handy for eyelashes growth. This natural ingredient is not just a soother but promotes the growth of hair as well, especially that of the eyelashes.

The hydrating and moisturizing properties of the aloe vera helps in preventing the drying of the eyelashes which makes them brittle and restricts their growth. The application of aloe vera on the eyelashes restores the moisture and helps grow eyelashes longer and faster too.

What To Do?

    1. Cut an aloe vera leaf
    1. Scoop the pulp out and blend it into a smooth paste
    1. Dip a mascara wand or a cotton swab and apply it on your eyelashes
    1. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes
    1. Wash it off with lukewarm water
  1. Repeat this every night for naturally longer lashes

Side note; make sure to do a patch test before applying it on the eyes. It is also best to use the natural aloe vera leaf and avoid the application of the store bought aloe vera gel because the same can contain chemicals harmful for the eyes.

7. Biotin (Vitamin H) for Eyelashes

Biotin (Vitamin H) for eyelashes
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Biotin, otherwise commonly known as Vitamin H, is one of the most amazing natural ways for eyelashes to grow. The consumption of biotin supplements helps in the healthy growth of eyelashes by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles of the eyelashes.

This helps in not just thickening the eyelashes, but also prevents the eyelashes from becoming dehydrated. Apart from being such a positive influence for the growth of eyelashes, biotin also helps the body to nutrients like that of fats, carbs and amino acids.

What To Do?

    1. Increase the presence of biotin rich foods in your diet like that of bananas, mushrooms, sardines, eggs, peanut butter etc.
  1. If you are relying on supplements to gain similar benefits for naturally longer lashes, make sure to consult it with a doctor first.

8. Petroleum Jelly for Eyelashes

Petroleum jelly for eyelashes
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Petroleum jelly is one of the most inexpensive and effective hacks for the eyelashes growth. The conditioning and moisturizing property of the petroleum jelly helps curb the dryness of the eyelashes which is what is restricting their easy and healthy growth.

The application of petroleum jelly can treat the weakened and brittle eyelashes by making them stronger and healthier because of the conditioning property.

What to do?

    1. Use a clean mascara
    1. Swirl it in a jar of petroleum jelly and apply it on the lashes
    1. Leave them overnight
  1. Repeat this process every day because it helps your eyelashes grow stronger

9. Keratin for Eyelashes

Keratin for eyelashes
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Keratin eyelash lift is a natural treatment that helps in darkening and lifting of the existing lashes without the addition of any synthetic and fake lashes to them. In this specific process, the licensed practioner used keratin mixed with tinted pigment to lift and tint the eyelashes. The pigment is infused into the eyelashes after which the lifting is done.

This treatment results in providing with instantaneous naturally longer lashes and dark ones too. It stays the same way for around 12 weeks after which you need to retouch it for the same kind of effect. It most definitely is an expensive procedure and is always best to keep it as a last resort if all the other remedies fail to work.

10. Brush your Eyelashes

Brush your eyelashes
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Brushing the eyelashes is often a very confusing task to hear about, but trust me, it does work. If you have very curled and short eyelashes, brushing the eyelashes before applying mascara can make them appear naturally longer.

Get an eyelash comb and run it through your eyelashes continuously for a few minutes. This process may not give you long lasting effects but if you want to grow eyelashes longer temporarily and faster too, this is a great hack for the same.

What to do?

    1. Get an eyelash comb and brush your eyelashes from inwards out
    1. Apply your favourite mascara over the eyelashes
  1. Again brush your eyelashes after that to separate them and make them look more voluminous and wispy

11. Lemon Peels for Eyelashes

Lemon peels for eyelashesThe combination of lemon peel and olive oil for the growth of eyelashes is an amazing hack. It sure is a time consuming process but the results are definitely outstanding.

The Vitamin C in the lemon peel helps fight any kind of dryness and oxidative property around the lashes which could be the contributing reason to the weakening of these lashes and thereby their lack of growth too.

The olive oil in this hack helps condition, moisturize and strengthen the eyelashes for them to grow in a faster rate. It consists of Vitamin E which is a prime contributor to hair growth.

What To Do?

    1. Cut out the peel of a lemon and put it inside a jar
    1. Fill it with olive oil till you completely cover the peel
    1. Leave it in the jar for two weeks, making sure to shake the jar every three to four days to extract the most out of the lemon peel
    1. Use a clean mascara wand and dip it into the olive oil and lemon peel mixture
    1. Apply this on your eyelashes and leave it overnight
  1. Repeat this every night before bed for naturally longer lashes

12. Egg Yolk for Eyelashes

Egg yolk for eyelashesNow, I know the thought of application of egg yolk on your eyelashes is definitely gross but results prove that it is one of the best natural ways for eyelashes to grow.

The question is how. The protein content in the egg yolk is what contributes to making the eyelashes stronger and healthier. It helps nourish the eyelashes and makes them thicker which, in turn, ensures that the eyelashes are voluminous.

What To Do?

    1. Separate the egg yolk from the white
    1. Add this to a bowl and add a few drops of almond oil and glycerin to it
    1. Mix all the ingredients together and apply this onto the eyelashes with a cotton swab or mascara wand
    1. Let that dry on the eyelashes for an hour
    1. Wash it off with lukewarm water to get the stench of the egg off the eyelashes
  1. Repeat this process two to three times a week for natural eyelashes growth

13. Shea Butter for Eyelashes

Shea butter for eyelashesBrittle eyelashes are primarily caused because of low maintenance of the eyelashes. As much as a shocker it might be, it is necessary to ensure that you take good care of your eyelashes. Dry and flaky eyelashes are more prone to fall off and break which is what prohibits them from growing longer and wispier.

The good concentration of essential fatty acids along with antioxidants makes this a great remedy for eyelashes growth. Its moisturizing properties helps combat the dryness and nourishes the eyelashes for them to grow long and strong.

What To Do?

    1. Take some shea butter in between your fingers and rub it for a few seconds to slightly warm it up.
    1. Apply this on your eyelashes and leave it overnight
  1. Repeat this process every night before bed

14. Green Tea

Green teaGreen tea is loaded with flavonoids and loads of antioxidants which make it one of the best natural ways for eyelashes to grow. The green tea hydrates the dry eyelashes and makes them stronger and even gets rid of any kind of microbial infestations or possibilities of dandruff (if any).

What To Do?

    1. Make a cup of green tea by steeping the tea bags for a longer period of time
    1. Dip a cotton ball in the cooled concoction and apply it on the eyelashes
    1. You can even place the dampened cotton ball over your eyes and leave it like that for 15 minutes or so
  1. If nothing else works for you, directly place the tea bag over your eyelashes for similar kind of effect

Lifestyle Tips to Grow Eyelashes and Keep Them Healthy

Lifestyle tips to grow eyelashes and keep them healthyWe all tend to expect to have naturally longer lashes but pay little to no heed to take care of them. Something doesn’t add up, does it?

In order to grow thicker eyelashes, you need to ensure that you follow certain lifestyle tips that are beneficial to keep them smooth and strong. Much like how you would take care of your normal hair, even the eyelashes need similar kind of care for them to grow longer.

Some of the common lifestyle tips for growing healthy and longer eyelashes include:

1. Eat Healthily

Much like how your normal diet would affect your hair on the head, the same applies to the eyelashes too. Maintain a very healthy and balanced diet to grow eyelashes fast. Enhance your protein intake along with eating fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants. Eat more fruits including apples, citrus fruits, guavas etc.

Some of the vegetables that prove beneficial for eyelashes include tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, kale etc. Don’t cut down completely on the meats and protein; rather opt for lean meats and other sources of proteins and healthy fats for an overall good health.

2. Remove the Makeup

Many people often have the habit of sleeping in their makeup just because they are too tired to get rid of it. That is one of the primary inhibitions in the growth of eyelashes. If you apply mascara heavily in your lashes, there are chances that the chemicals in the mascara will hamper your eyelashes. Thus, try and avoid sleeping with your makeup on.

3. Pay Heed to Your Lashes

Stop taking your eyelashes for granted because if you don’t take care of them, there are chances that they just won’t grow magically. This is the reason why you need to take good care of your eyelashes and ensure that they stay hydrated and moisturized, rather than dry and scaled which makes them weak and brittle.

How Long Does It Take For Eyelashes to Grow?

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow
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Much like normal hair growth, even the growth of eyelashes are heavily dependent on one’s lifestyle and food habits which is what makes them naturally longer lashes. On a normal time frame, it is believed that the eyelashes tend to take around a month to six weeks to grow out to their full glory.

But, even with that being said, there are chances that it might take more or even less than the said time frame, depending on the person and the rate at which their hair grows.

Eyelashes growth depends on a number of factors which is why it is necessary to ensure that you opt for a lifestyle that helps your eyelashes grow longer and stronger. Patience is the virtue in this regard primarily because of the fact that you possibly won’t get naturally longer lashes overnight. It takes time but the mentioned hacks in this article are definitely going to help you with that.