Why are You Feeling Tired All the Time? Here are the Common Causes of Fatigue


Do you always find yourself dozing off at the oddest times? Are the overwhelming stress at work and the impending hyperactivity at home making you feel extreme fatigue? Well, statistics suggest that you are not along in this quagmire.

According to the research conducted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it was concluded that 1 out of 3 adults fails to get the optimum amount of sleep, which results in consistent fatigue in an individual. Want to blame all your tiredness and fatigue on your excessive workload and family pressures? Chances are that there might be several other underlying reasons behind why you always feel tired.

In this article, we are going to be focusing on the causes of fatigue that many people are often not very well versed with. Strap yourself to your seat and scroll up through the article to know more about the reasons you are tired all the time.

What is Fatigue?


Fatigue in an individual is normally described as the state of persistent tiredness in a person owing to several physical or psychological reasons or even illness (in severe cases).

While many people confuse normal fatigue with the fatigue syndrome, it is necessary to understand that there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled for someone to classify their persistent symptoms of fatigue as symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

What are the Causes of Fatigue?


Now that we have walked ourselves through the basic rundown of fatigue and the description behind it, let us focus on some of the causes behind the overwhelming fatigue.

1. Anemia Causes Fatigue


Anemia, otherwise the condition in which the person lacks the necessary percentage of healthy red blood cells in their bloodstream, is one of the pivotal reasons for fatigue. The lack of red blood cells insinuates lack of proper oxygen supply to the cells and tissues of the body which is why you feel like you are tired and lacking the normal enthusiasm in your body.

There can an array of reasons behind you being anemic, the primary being the lowered iron levels in the body which is one of the primary components that promotes the proper development of the haemoglobin molecule. Women who experience excessively heavy flow during their periods are often also found to be anemic.

Some of the common symptoms of anemia related fatigue (R) includes extreme tiredness, weakness, insomnia, heart palpitations, headache and chest pains.

2. Thyroid Diseases Cause Fatigue


Even though your thyroid gland is wee bit in size, much like that of the size of a medium sized pebble, is responsible for the production of hormones that effectively control and regulate the metabolism of your body.

Any kind of disorientation in the functioning and your entire body is in a haywire. There are two possible conditions when I mention thyroid disease, one where your thyroid produces an uncontrolled amount of hormones in excess (hyperthyroidism) and the one where your thyroid produces hormones in scarce (hypothyroidism).

Whatever the condition be, any form of thyroid dysfunctionality ends up being one of the causes of fatigue and why you always feel tired. Some of the common symptoms of thyroid related fatigue (R) include lack of concentration, weight loss, increased heart rate and labored breathing in case of hyperthyroidism and weight gain, lack of concentration, muscle soreness and weakness etc.

3. Dehydration Cause Fatigue


You might not even realize and engross yourself into something on the priority list only to end up forgetting that your body needs the necessary hydration (R) to get you through the work. This is where you start becoming cranky and experience overwhelming fatigue.

Studies suggest that the lack of proper levels of water in the body ends up shrinking the cells in your brain too, thereby causing even further tiredness. Sounds spooky, doesn’t it? And the funny thing is the fact that your body doesn’t necessarily have to be borderline dehydrated for your cognitive abilities (R) to dysfunction. The same can be triggered even with the slightest drop.

Some of the common dehydration induced fatigue symptoms include swollen fingers, dark urine, consistent headache and dry and scaly skin.

4. Depression Causes Fatigue


The mention of depression doesn’t need an introduction as to why you always feel tired because of it. Does it? A person suffering from depression (R) is most likely going to recoil on the simplest of things. Keeping the typical “stereotypes” about depression, this is an actual mental health issue that adversely affects one’s overall lifestyle, from how or what they eat to how many hours of sleep they get – it affects it all.

When you are suffering from depression, the darkness consuming one’s mind prevents them from actually eating healthy and leading a healthy life which is what reflects in the form of overwhelming fatigue.

So, if you are feeling tired all the time and suffer from depression, there are chances it is normal for you because you might lack the proper nutrition and sleep for a healthy energized body. Some of the common symptoms of depression induced fatigue (R) include whacky sleeping patterns, lack of appetite, feeling of worthlessness, lack of enthusiasm and energy and hampered memory.

5. Diabetes Causes Fatigue


If studies and statistics are anything to go by, it is believed that more than 1 million people are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes every single year and that is the portion of people who get diagnosed actually. There is a definite fraction that doesn’t even gets their disease detected, thereby further worsening the condition.

In people suffering from diabetes, the excess accumulation of the blood glucose, it becomes a problem on how the person generates energy. Without the proper fuel to charge the body which is the energy one gets by the breakdown of the glucose molecules, the body lacks the optimum level of energy to function properly. This is why diabetic people are subjected to situations involving extreme fatigue (R).

Some of the common symptoms of diabetes induced fatigue (R) include excessive tiredness, increased thirst, frequent urination, drastic weight loss and consistent hunger and affected vision.

6. Adrenal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) induces long-term symptoms of fatigue which is not common in the acute symptoms of tiredness. This is a condition that brings about persistent signs of tiredness all the time which is not a common occurrence.

The symptoms of this health issue often hamper the normal life activities of the person, abstaining them from carrying on with their day to day activities. If you are actually suffering from this syndrome, then you will notice that feel an overwhelming fatigue with the minimal exertion.

Some common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (R) include weakness, joint pain, muscle cramps, lack of concentration and headache.

7. Poor Diet Can Cause Fatigue


Diet plays a crucial role in the overall maintenance of your lifestyle. A person with an unhealthy diet is most likely going to be feeling tired all the time, the reason being the lack of proper nutrition in their body. If you are just gorging down carbs and not including healthy supplements in its place, there are chances that your body won’t be able to store and produced sustained amount of energy.

When you consistently consume refined carbs, it sure does provide with instantaneous energy but the rapid rise and fall of the energy levels in the body adversely affects the blood glucose levels in the body. The heightened levels of glucose in the body often ends up triggering the pancreas to produce insulin which is one of the primary reasons you are tired all the time.

Eat permissible portions of every form of food to keep your energy levels stable so as to ensure that you combat signs of extreme fatigue (R).

8. Sleep Apnea Can Cause Fatigue


Sleep apnea (R) is a sleep-disrupting problem which leaves the person feeling tired all the time even if they sleep a considerable amount. It includes sudden brief interruptions in the sleep because of abrupt closing of the nasal passage, obstructing the easy passage of air.

The blocked airway often ends up waking the person up from their slumber in order to alert them to breathe again. This break in the sleep schedule prohibits the person to go back to sleep again which is one of the reasons for fatigue.

The common symptoms of sleep apnea include that of snoring, insomnia and sustained tiredness throughout the next day. Many diagnosis often claims that sleep apnea not just causes fatigue (R) but often tends to be the reason behind heart diseases as well which is why you should not take it for granted and actually get it tested out.

9. Sedentary Lifestyle Causes Fatigue


If you are someone like me who didn’t know the meaning of sedentary lifestyle up until 5 minutes ago when I googled it, I got your back.

Sedentary lifestyle (R), in simple terms, is the kind of lifestyle that includes little to no physical activity involved in it. In short, you are a lazy bum.

This kind of lifestyle is one of the most common reasons why you feel tired all the time because your body doesn’t produce the necessary energy to make you feel active and productive. Studies and statistics (R) suggest that the most common excuse used by the majority of the people to avoid exercising is because they are too tired to do so.

Sounds Familiar? Have You Used Something Similar Too?

Not just that, even the signs and symptoms end up being one of the common reasons people lead a sedentary life which showcase the symptoms of fatigue in them.

For providing a boost to your energy levels, opt for including some physical activity in your life. Start exercising and choose a healthier lifestyle. Make a good choice, take the stairs instead of the life, and take a walk every day.

10. Increased Levels of Stress Causes Fatigue


The increased levels of stress often tend to affect one’s quality of life. There are chances that chronic stress can adversely affect your energy levels, thus making you feel tired all the time. Stress is a part of life, owing to the hectic life schedule we are all stuck in.

That being said, it is not common and good if you are persistently suffering from spiked levels of stress, even because of the most trivial reasons. Studies (R) suggest that the increased and uncontrolled levels of stress hormones in the body often tend to be one of the causes of fatigue.

Some of the common symptoms of stress induced fatigue (R) include unwillingness to do any work, dizziness and lack of energy in the body and sometimes even headache in severe cases of chronic stress.

11. Obesity Causes Fatigue


Your body weight, apart from the diet you follow and the activities you do throughout the day, affects your body energy levels. There are chances that your levels of obesity might get overshadowed if you lead a very active life but there are still chances that you will lag in comparison to others.

Having an unhealthy body weight often hinders with the body’s overall metabolism, thereby prohibiting the body from providing it with the suitable amount of energy that it requires carrying on with the normal schedule of work.

Some of the common symptoms of obesity induced fatigue (R) include a feeling of overwhelming tiredness all the time, joint pains, slowed down metabolism rate and lack of energy in the body.

12. Leaky Gut Syndrome Causes Fatigue


Leaky gut syndrome is a “medically unrecognized” syndrome in which the small intestines are damaged to an extent that it can’t perform the step of absorption, rather the nutrition from the diet is “leaked” out through the intestinal walls. These create perforations in the small intestine’s walls and even the toxic substances seep out.

Now if you are wondering how it is related to fatigue and the symptoms of it, let me clear it up. The persistent presence of the leaky gut syndrome results in the development of chronic fatigue syndrome (R) in the patient because of the lack of nutrition in the body owing to the obstruction in the process of absorption.

It is often hard to detect the exact fatigue causes and the reasons you are tired all the time, it could be because of a single problem or sometimes even because of the cumulative reasons or causes. If you have been feeling tired all the time, it is best to reach out to a doctor and get the signs diagnosed before the same converts into something bigger and incurable