How To Get Lucid Dream? 10 Health Benefits Why It Is Good For You

How to lucid dream

How often do you dream and are your dream something you remember the next day when you wake up? Chances are that if you do, those are lucid dreams. Many people have this thought on how to get a lucid dream because the benefits are often amazing.

If you are on the same boat thinking about the ways to induce lucid dreams, you are in for a ride because we have sorted through some of the best ones in the lot. It is important to ensure that you do keep some of the factors behind it in mind and not make it worse for yourself.

By the end of this article, you will have a fair idea of the best ways to start lucid dreaming and how it can benefit you along with the possible side effects as well.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

What is Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the state of mind in which the dreamer is aware of the kind of dream that they are having.

During the course of the lucid dream, the dreamer does have a well formed grip and control on what they are dreaming and the characters and the narrative involved in it. But, it isn’t necessary that the same would be a deciding factor behind whether or not the dreams are lucid or not.

Health Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Health Benefits of Lucid DreamingWhen it comes to the lucid dreaming benefits, they are quite extensive which often does end up confusing people to no extent. It is important to note that the benefits of these dreams are actually imposed on your health which is why it is important that you do know about them.

Let us take a look at some of the dreams, shall we?

1. You have control on your dreams

You have control on your dreams

One of the most important factors about lucid dreaming that beats the rest is the fact that it allows you to have complete control of the dream that you are experiencing. What this does is ensure that you don’t struggle through with the kind of dreams that you are having.

Having the full liberty to manipulate and channelize the characters and the environment can help ensure that you prevent the dream from getting negative or turn into a nightmare which allows you to not wake up with a scare but with a good mood instead.

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2. Exhilarating Feeling of Freedom

Exhilarating feeling of freedomWe often portray and subject our dreams as a source of escape from the daily struggles in our day to day lives. With so many prospects inside, it does come into consideration that when you get lucid dreams, you are going to experience an exhilarating feeling of freedom that one often tend to miss out on from their real life.

This feeling of freedom further boosts the general prospect of well being which further helps bring about better calmness and peace to one’s mental health that you must have been missing out on from your real life.

3. Helps Overcome Fears and Phobias

Helps overcome fears and phobias

Given that we all have some sort of implanted fear and phobia within us, lucid dreaming has been found to have better impacts in helping overcome those without you even knowing, at times.

If you are scared of heights, when you are lucid dreaming, there is nothing that will stop you from indulging in some bungee jumping to get over that fear. This is one of the primary reasons why it is considered as one of the best ways to overcome one’s instilled and ingrained fears and the problems of phobias that come along with it.

Given that you have complete control of what is happening, it does make it a lot easier to swerve through the problems without backing down from them.

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4. Lets your Creativity Flow

Lets your creativity flowYet another one of the best factors of lucid dreaming is the fact that it helps in channeling your creativity without any sort of constraints whatsoever.

If you have been looking around for a safe space to channel your creativity and go crazy with the flow and without any sort of obstructions whatsoever, it is best suggested to ensure that you do opt for lucid dreaming to keep that prospect checked off as well.

5. Helps with Making Better Decisions

Helps with making better decisionsWhen you come to familiarize with the scientists and the experts, you will definitely come to know that lucid dreaming induction can help in your decision making skills that you possibly had no idea about at all.

If you have been stuck with any sort of problem, chances are that you can most definitely fight through it in your dreams which you couldn’t do in your real life. This is the primary reason why the lucid dream benefits in helping you make decisions in life that you didn’t think were fortifying or good enough, for that matter.

While dreaming, there are possibilities that the brain ends up making brand new connections that you yourself had no idea about at all. This is what has been found to have positive impacts in helping you make better decisions in your life leveraging your dreams altogether.

It is often believed that you can successively plant any kind of question or such into your mind, especially to your subconscious mind to bring in better results in the long haul.

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6. Improve your real life skills

Improve your real life skillsEvery single one of us is blessed with some form of skills that help make us into the person that we are today.

The best when it comes down to the lucid dreams, it is mainly of the fact that it helps in improving the existing real life skills that we have.

Often times, people do practice their real life skills in their dreams to better and perfect them and you will be surprised to know that the same does actually happen and is not a myth at all.

You can actually boost your real life skills within the dreams that you have on a daily basis. It drives you to do better which is definitely something that helps shape up your skills and helps you perform better than before.

7. Helps in Grieving

Helps in grievingEvery single one of us at some point have lost someone important to us and the process of grieving is never the best which is why the process of grieving is often made easy when you do so in the lucid dreams.

When we lose someone close to us, there are chances that we will always feel like there is some sort of unfinished part played from their part. The best way to overcome that is to get lucid dreams. It does help you reconnect with the person or the people you lost, thus helping you gain a better insight into how to grieve through the process without having to be in pain all throughout.

This is actually an amazing way to battle through the grief and find better ways to overcome the pain and the loss of witnessing the death of a loved one.

8. Better Sleep Quality

Better sleep qualityOne of the lucid dreaming benefits is that it helps in promoting better sleep quality without any kind of issues whatsoever. If you have been having a hard time getting some quality sleep, the same can effectively be changed with the lucid dreaming.

If you aren’t a very heavy sleeper, this is actually one of the best ways to keep the same into place by inducing better sleep with content and peaceful mind that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

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9. Helps Overcome Nightmares

Helps overcome nightmaresNobody likes to experience nightmares and if you are stuck experiencing the same, it is best suggested to ensure that you induce lucid dreams to overcome that issue altogether.

You wouldn’t technically realize this but it has been found that the lucid dreaming does help in preventing the problems associated with the conditions of nightmares altogether.

Given that you have the capability to have control over your lucid dreams, if it takes turn towards a nightmare, you can have full control over it and be able to handle it effectively as well.

10. Helps you Discover a Personal Meaning of Your Life

Helps you discover a personal meaning of your lifeYou wouldn’t technically realize this but lucid dreaming has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping discover the personal meaning of life without any negative purpose to it.

It is important that you do know not just the meaning but the purpose behind your life as well and lucid dreams have been found to have beneficial impacts in helping to do so.

With lucid dreaming, you can actually be able to evolve the true meaning of your life without any kind of added struggle altogether. This real-time analysis further helps you interact and then question with your own subconscious.

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How to Have Lucid Dreams?

How to have lucid dreamsWhen it comes to the ways to induce lucid dreams, there are a number of factors that do go into the process altogether.

It goes without saying that you can’t necessarily experience the symptoms if you don’t assess the surroundings and the environment accordingly. To help you out with the same, we are going to state the best ways to start lucid dreaming.

1. Arrange your Bedroom Accordingly

Arrange your bedroom accordinglyYou can’t necessarily have a good and constructive lucid dreaming if you don’t necessarily make your bedroom accordingly.

The dreams technically come during the REM part of the sleep which is why it is quite important to ensure that you have a restful sleep as the REM is the last part of the sleeping cycle.

It is important to ensure that you do indulge in keeping your bedroom perfectly aligned for the best sleep altogether because that is what helps in creating lucid dreams that are amazing and long-lasting.

2. Maintain a Journal

Maintain a journalYou wouldn’t technically believe this but maintaining a journal for your dreams can help in keeping track of them and even provide you with a string of better perspective when it comes to the kind of dreams that your mind is subjected to.

If you don’t want to write things down, there are several applications available as well which can further help you with the same as well.

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3. Recognize the Signs

Recognize the signsOne of the best ways to start lucid dreaming is by reading through the journal on a daily basis. What this does is provide you with a better perspective into things that you didn’t know about.

It is also best suggested to ensure that you recognize the similar signs with the dreams because that is yet another thing that helps in keeping a better track of the things that your dreams are triggered with.

4. Leverage the MILD technique

Leverage the MILD technique

Also standing for Mnemonic Induction to Lucid Dreaming, the MILD technique is yet another one of the best ways to help yourself with the process of how to lucid dream.

In this, all you need to do is chant to yourself the phrase of “I will dream tonight” or keep it something similar along the lines of that and that has been found to influence the mind in a way that makes you have lucid dreams all the more.

By constantly repeating this, all you are doing is encouraging your brain to be aware but also dream through the same that further helps keep things in track through the time.

5. Induce sleep paralysis

Induce sleep paralysis

This is possibly one of the scariest things to do but if you want to trigger lucid dream induction, inducing sleep paralysis can help with the same.

In this condition, all you need to do is keep your mind alert but not your body. This isn’t something that you can do easily which is why it is often considered as the last resort and not something that you should meddle around with because the consequences can be pretty shocking and tragic for you.

6. Prolong the dream

Prolong the dream

While you are having a lucid dream, you are likely to experience things associated with the dream. If you want to keep it going, the best way to do so is by ensuring that you hold onto the same and find ways to prolong the dream without any perspective.

This has actually been found to have beneficial impacts in helping with not just the induction but even with the overall prospect of being able to keep the dream going on.

How To Control Lucid Dreams?

How To Control Lucid Dreams

When it comes to the ways in which one can control their lucid dreaming, the process depends on bringing back your consciousness through the process. You just can’t expect to gain better hold of your reality if you are not in the real world itself.

Thus, the best way to overcome or control your lucid dreams is by ensuring that you bring forth your control back to your reality and find better ways to ground yourself into reality.

This might not seem like much but it definitely does help in bringing forth a better sense of grip to your life and get rid of the problems associated with you being stuck in your dream or having a prolonged dream that you have no control over.

How To Wake Up From A Lucid Dream?

How To Wake Up From A Lucid Dream

There are several ways that you can use to wake yourself up from lucid dreaming.

If you know how to lucid dream, chances are that you do it on a regular basis. If that is the case, the best way to overcome that is by ensuring that you do indulge in the following tips that we mention.

  • Keep your alarm set for every morning at the same time
  • Keep the curtains opened in the bedroom
  • Try and blink when you are dreaming
  • If possible, try and jolt yourself awake from the dream
  • Fall asleep in your dream because that helps in jerking you out of your dream

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Side effects of Lucid Dreaming

Side effects of Lucid Dreaming

When it comes to the dangers of lucid dreaming, the possibilities aren’t that extensive. For the most part, given the fact that dreams are often in your control, they are quite better than the vivid dreams that the majority of people tend to struggle with.

Even with that, some of the possible and the common risks associated with lucid dreaming includes:

  • Sleep paralysis
  • Nightmare
  • Unable to control the activities

When it comes to explaining how to lucid dream, the process isn’t that extensive or tough to deal with. On the contrary, it is quite easy and comes easy with the routine that you have set around with your bedtime. It is always best suggested to ensure that you leverage the same method all throughout because that is what helps keep things aligned altogether.