21 Benefits of Pistachios for Skin, Hair and Health That You Need to Know About

pistachios for skin

Nuts definitely leave a rich aftertaste on your palate, doesn’t it? Especially something like that of pistachios, which have a very unique taste to them. Considered as one of the most versatile nuts in a number of cuisines, this specific nut is definitely not just good on your taste buds but the benefits of pistachios on overall health, skin and hair is very profound.

While many people tend to find the taste of pistachios different in comparison to other nuts, it is most likely not known by many that these small green nuts have beneficial effects on one’s overall health which is what makes it one of a kind.

In this article, we are going to walk ourselves through the common pistachio nuts benefits for health, skin, and hair that not many people are actually aware of.

What are Pistachio Nuts?

What are Pistachio nutsThe Pistachio “nuts” are technically the fruit of the Pistacia vera tree which is primarily grown and sourced in not just parts of Western Asia but also in several regions in the Mediterranean regions. Loaded with amazing proteins, nutrients and fat and essential antioxidants, these nuts are beneficial for one’s overall well being.

The Pistachios are considered a nut even though it’s a fruit is because of the fact that the hard outer shell is torn apart and is not edible and we normally eat the seed which is found encapsulated within.

Health Benefits of Pistachio

Health benefits of PistachioWe are more or less aware of the fact that the nuts impose amazing benefits on one’s health, so let us delve into the ones exerted on by Pistachio.

Check Out the Most Popular Health Benefits Pistachios

1. Benefits of Pistachio for Antioxidant Properties

Pistachio for Antioxidant properties
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The presence of antioxidants in the body is beneficial for maintaining the overall health and well being. Pistachios are high in antioxidants, comparably more than a number of other mainstream nuts. Even study (R) has claimed that people who consumed healthy amounts of pistachios on a daily basis had a higher level of lutein and γ-tocopherol in their body in comparison to people who didn’t.

The higher levels of antioxidants in the body help fight the presence of free radicals and curbs the presence of oxidative stress which is responsible for a number of health ailments. Not just that, pistachio benefits the eye and vision (R) of an individual because of the high concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin in it which help in a fight any kind of macular degeneration. The two other forms of antioxidants in pistachios (R) include polyphenols and tocopherols which help protect the body from risks of cancer and heart diseases.

2. Benefits of Pistachio for Weight Loss

Pistachio for Weight LossWhile many people might think nuts as one of the most common sources of fats and calories, it is one of the most common misconceptions and myths. Pistachios have been believed to be one of the most effective contributors when it comes to aiding in the process of weight loss. Even with the limited amount of studies conducted in this regarded, the available resources are enough to back these claims.

Pistachios are loaded with essential nutrients, proteins and fibers (R) which helps reach your satiety faster and thus aids in making you feel full even when you haven’t consumed a lot of food, thus aiding in weight loss.

A conducted study (R), in which the subjects were fed with 53 grams of pistachios every single day as an afternoon snack experience a whopping decrease in their body mass index which itself is a lot telling. Apart from these findings, it is also believed that the one reason why pistachios help in weight loss (R) might be because of the factor that the fat (R) from these nuts don’t get absorbed into the body completely.

3. Benefits of Pistachio for Diabetes

Pistachio for DiabetesMany often resent the possibility of pistachio health benefits in the prevention of diabetes because of its high carbohydrate content. With that being said, pistachios tend to have a very low glycemic index which means that they don’t cause a rushed spike in the blood glucose levels after its consumption.

Not just that, it is also loaded with phosphorus which has beneficial effects in aiding in the prevention of Type-II Diabetes. The presence of permissible levels of antioxidants and fibers (R) also helps in making a person feel full which is yet another contributing factor to reducing the risks related to the induction of Diabetes.

Several studies (R) (R) have even shown impactful benefits of pistachios in helping manage and possibly prevent the possibility of diabetes in an individual.

4. Benefits of Pistachio for Reducing Cholesterol Levels

Pistachio for Reducing Cholesterol Levels
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Pistachios have amazing cholesterol lowering properties which is definitely beneficial in reducing the risks of heart diseases and other health issues. There have been multiple studies (R) (R) (R) that showcase the beneficial cholesterol lowering properties of the pistachios.

Studies have also claimed that the consumption of pistachio nuts help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body (LDL) and enhances the levels of HDL or the good cholesterol in the bloodstream. Apart from being a convenient beneficial factor in reducing the levels of cholesterol, it also helps in reducing the risks related to cholesterol dependent heart diseases.

5. Benefits of Pistachio for Brain Function

Pistachio for Brain FunctionPistachios are loaded with Vitamin B6 which is one of the primary vitamins that play a crucial role in the overall functioning of the nervous system. Not just that, the presence of Vitamin B6 in the pistachio benefits by aiding in boosting the overall production of the haemoglobin in the blood which is one of the most crucial factors that contributes to one’s brain health.

The more the levels of Vitamin B6, the better protection of the neurons and thus better functionality of the brain. Not to mention, that the pistachios are also loaded with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants (R) which further contribute to improved functions of the brain.

6. Benefits of Pistachio for Reducing Blood Pressure

Pistachio for Reducing Blood PressureOne of the primary reasons behind heightened blood pressure is often because of the increased levels of cholesterol in the body, especially the bad cholesterol. The consumption of pistachios help in reducing the levels of cholesterol (R) in the body, thus regulating the blood pressure in an individual.

It is witnessed from several studies that pistachios tend to have better benefits in lowering the levels of blood pressure just as significantly. A conducted study (R) in which the subjects were fed with pistachio nuts found a reduction in the upper limit of the blood pressure by 1.82 mm of Hg and the lower limit by 0.8 mm of Hg.

7. Benefits of Pistachio for Better Heart Health

Pistachio for Better Heart HealthHeart Health is dependent on a number of factors, the levels of cholesterol and antioxidants being two of the most important two factors. The consumption of pistachio nuts help in enhancing the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body, which is what helps in the salient transfer of the cholesterol molecules in the body.

The presence of higher levels of cholesterol (R) is what often times contribute to the worsened heart health because of improper blood circulation throughout the body. Vitamin B6 is also one of the major nutrients sourced in the pistachios which boost the production of haemoglobin in the body which further contributes to improved heart health of an individual.

Even the rich presence of antioxidants ties everything together to protect one’s heart (R) and prevent the risks associated to it.

8. Benefits of Pistachio for Boosting Fertility

Pistachio for Boosting FertilityPistachio is one of those super foods that have an amazing benefit in boosting one’s overall fertility and even libido. Since it is loaded with amazing proteins, nutrients, fibers and fatty acids, it has contributing benefits to one’s fertility.

Not just that, it is also loaded with amazing amounts of potassium which is a beneficial ingredient which contributes to one’s overall sex health, be it in production of the germ cells or even the associated hormones that play a pivotal role in the overall condition of fertility.

9. Benefits of Pistachio for Health Blood Circulation

Pistachio for Health Blood CirculationPistachio health benefits also include in boosting the quality of blood flowing throughout the body. The combined antioxidant properties along with the ample presence of Vitamin B6 in the pistachios play a very crucial role in maintaining the healthy composition of blood.

While the antioxidant properties (R) of the pistachios help get rid of any kind of lingering presence of free radicals in the bloodstream, the Vitamin B6 in them aid in healthy production of haemoglobin which is beneficial in aiding the transportation of oxygen to all the parts of the body.

10. Benefits of Pistachio for Healthy Nervous System

Pistachio for Healthy Nervous SystemThe primary factor in the pistachios that positively affects the nervous system is the vivid presence of Vitamin B6 in it. While the amines are the messenger molecules for the neurons, there are a number of other factors that affect the functionality of the amines, the amino acids being the primary ones.

The amino acids are activated by the presence of the Vitamin B6 in the body, which is present in surplus quantities in the pistachios. The Vitamin is dependent for the development of a myelin sheath around the neurons which facilitate in transferring of the signals from one neuron to the other and healthy transmission of the nerve impulses (R) through the neurons.

11. Benefits of Pistachio in Promoting Healthy Immune System

Pistachio in Promoting Healthy Immune SystemThe primary factor that hampers the functionality of a healthy immune system is the excess presence of free radicals in the body. The excess levels of oxidative stress in the body often ends up hampering and affecting the healthy cells in the body which is exactly what adversely affects the immune system of an individual.

The pistachio nuts are effectively loaded with surplus concentration of healthy antioxidants (R) like that of tocopherols and polyphenols which help in lowering the presence of free radicals in the body which tend to adversely affect the body. This also helps in rejuvenating the cells and promoting the overall immunity of an individual, thus helping in fighting any kind of diseases that could attack the body.

12. Benefits of Pistachio in Cancer Prevention

Pistachio in Cancer PreventionThe presence of good levels of antioxidants as well as the amazing levels of Vitamin B6 has pronounced effects in preventing the possible risks related to cancers (R). The antioxidants help lower the levels of free radicals in the body, thus protecting the healthy cells and tissues from destruction.

The good levels of Vitamin B6 (R) not just promotes the healthy production of haemoglobin but it also helps in the production of white blood cells in the body which also help combat any kind of infections or such.

13. Benefits of Pistachio for Eyesight

Pistachio for EyesightMacular degeneration is a very common aging related eye problem which can even cause vision impairment in old people. In this kind of vision problem, the consistent attack of free radicals (R) in the eyes is what causes the macula to gradually degenerate and hinder with the eyesight.

Pistachios are loaded with antioxidants, especially lutein and zeaxanthin (R) which contribute to the overall protection of one’s vision by fighting the presence of excess free radicals in the body, thus preventing the onset of macular degeneration as well.

Pistachio Benefits for Skin

Pistachio Benefits for Skin
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Healthy Skin is something that every person wishes and aspires for and while the over the counter remedies can give you what you want, isn’t it better to get a smooth and healthy skin with the easy natural ways, especially with the consumption of pistachios?

In this section, we are going to be walking through the common benefits of pistachio for skin.

14. Benefits of Pistachio for Acne

Benefits of Pistachio for AcneAcne is one of the most common skin issues that people face on a day to day basis. The excess secretion of sebum along with clogged pores is what causes the inflammation that we often refer to as acne on the face.

Pistachio (R) is loaded with Vitamin E which is beneficial in regulating the levels of sebum secretion which is what helps keep the possible presence of acne at bay. It is also loaded with antioxidant properties which have amazing contributing benefits helping unclog the pores and for better cleaning of the pores to cure acne.

If consuming pistachio nuts is not something you are good to do, opt for using the pistachio oil and that should do the trick just as good.

15. Benefits of Pistachio for Healthy Skin

Pistachio for Healthy SkinHealthy skin is vehemently dependant on one’s overall diet and lifestyle and revolves around the healthy consumption of nutrients that we introduce to the body. Pistachio is one such nut that has amazing effects in providing one with beautiful and healthy skin (R).

The Pistachios are loaded with Vitamin E which is a fat soluble antioxidant that helps keep the skin cells healthy and rejuvenated. Not just that, it also contributes by providing the skin with protection from the harmful rays of the sun as well as the associated problems of skin cancer and sunburns.

16. Benefits of Pistachio for Glowing Skin

Pistachio for Glowing SkinThe primary factor that helps contribute to the pistachio health benefits when it comes to healthy skin is the fact that they are loaded with beneficial fatty acid chains which have impactful effects in providing a natural glow from within.

Not just that, it is also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals which further provide with enhances skin quality of an individual. For improved results, try and include some green apples in the everyday diet and you are good to go.

17. Benefits of Pistachio for Delaying Aging

Pistachio for Delaying AgingThe primary culprit responsible for the aging process is primarily because of the presence of excess free radicals in the body which affects the healthy cells, thereby causing their destruction which is what contributes to the early signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Pistachios have a wide range of antioxidants (R) in them which help in neutralizing the presence of the free radicals in the body which is what helps in keeping the overall skin healthy and delays the signs of aging.

18. Benefits of Pistachio for Moisturizing Skin

Pistachio for Moisturizing Skin
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In cases of skin moisturizing, it is not necessarily the pistachio itself but the pistachio oil (R) that plays amazing benefits in hydrating the skin and leaving behind the dryness and scaly appearance of the skin.

The pistachio oil is loaded with demulcent properties which help moisturize the skin from within and helps smoothen its appearance. If you have tried an array of over the counter remedies for skin moisturisation, only to be disappointed, try and switch it up with some pistachio oil and that should do the trick.

Pistachio Benefits for Hair

Pistachio benefits for HairMuch like the pistachio benefits on the skin and overall health, it also has amazing benefits on keeping the hair strong and healthy. Both the pistachio as well as the pistachio oil has pronounced benefits in ensuring that your hair roots are strong and healthy.

19. Benefits of Pistachio for Hair Loss

Pistachio for Hair LossHair Loss, in both men and women, can be a matter of concern. If you have been consistently witnessing more hair in your comb that your head, it is time to take things seriously. It is believed that the deficiency of biotin in the body plays a very crucial role in the reduced levels of hair on the head.

Pistachio (R) has considerable amounts of biotin in its composition which plays a crucial role in helping prevent the persistent hair loss that one is going through. The regular consumption of these small nuts can effectively help combat hair loss.

20. Benefits of Pistachio for Hair Growth

Pistachio for Hair Growth
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Hair growth is one of those things that are majorly affected by one’s diet and the kind of lifestyle they lead. It is believed that the consumption of pistachios help promote healthy hair growth. The primary reason behind the same is because of the presence of healthy fatty acid chains in it.

Not just that, the benefits of pistachio for hair growth (R) is also visible in how it helps strengthen the hair roots which further prevents in the unprecedented loss of hair, which ensures that the hair grows to become smoother and much stronger.

21. Benefits of Pistachio for Moisturizing Hair

Pistachio for Moisturizing HairNot just skin, even hair needs time to time moisturisation so it doesn’t appear rough and unruly. Opting for a hair mask using pistachios and other moisturizing agents effectively help in not just moisturizing the hair but also aids in nourishing the hair roots from within.

This helps in keeping the hair healthy and strong.

Side Effects of Pistachio

Side effects of PistachioNow that we have reached the penultimate topic of discussion, let us walk ourselves through the common side effects of excess consumption of pistachios.

Much like every other nut, even the excess consumption of pistachio end up causing a massacre in one’s body which is why it is advised to always consume these nuts in considerable quantities – one that wouldn’t adversely affect one’s health and well being.

1. Weight Gain

While the considerable consumption of pistachios can effective promote weight loss, the excess of it in one’s body can inflict the complete opposite effects. Pistachios can only serve their purpose in weight loss if eaten in moderation, the excess of which can inflict complete opposite effects on the body.

2. Hypertension

The natural form of pistachios contains a little amount of sodium in it (0-2 mg) which is little to nothing in comparison to what we eat on a regular basis. The roasted form of these nuts is often seasoned with hefty quantities of salt to enhance their taste. This can be a potential contributor to the heightened levels of blood pressure because of the excess sodium in these nuts.

3. Gastrointestinal Problems

Yet another side effect of excess pistachio lies with the excess consumption of fibers that is present in the nut itself. The excess fibers end up causing gastrointestinal problems like that of constipation and irregular bowel syndrome. With all that being said, pistachios also contain a compound “fructan” which affects the gastrointestinal functions by causing allergies and such. Some of the symptoms of this problem include diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, flatulence etc.

4. Nut Allergies

Nut allergies are very common so if you are not aware whether or not you are allergic to these small green nuts, make sure to stay wary of them and keep a safe distance from them. If you are normally allergic to foods, especially different variants of nuts, it is best to avoid the consumption of pistachios because that same can cause allergies in your body.

5. Kidney Problems

While the presence of potassium in the pistachios can actually be very beneficial in a number of aspects for the overall well being of an individual, the same can have completely adverse effects on the body functions of an individual who suffers from kidney issues. Excess potassium in the body is bad for the kidneys because they are unable to effectively get rid of them from the body. If you are suffering from kidney problems, ensure to stay wary of how much pistachios you are consuming.

6. Kidney Stones

Not just the overall facet of kidney diseases, the excess consumption of potassium increases the risk of kidney stones as well. The primary reason behind the same is because of the excess presence of oxalate in the pistachio which ranges from 10-25 mg per ounce.

7. Aflatoxin Allergy

Many a time, the pistachio is often contaminated with aflatoxin which is a harmful carcinogen that is produced by the fungus Aspergillus flavus either during the growth or the storage of the nuts. If you end up consuming these infected nuts for an extended period of time, there are chances that it can cause cancer in the long run.

8. High Manganese Risk

Much like the one associated with the excess presence of potassium in the body, even the excess of manganese in the body ends up causing problems. The manganese overdose in the body can result in a number of negative implications in the body, some of which include Parkinson’s disease, Polycythemia and even a number of chronic liver diseases.

Nutritional Value of Pistachio Nuts

Nutritional Value of Pistachio NutsPistachios are loaded with beneficial vitamins, fatty acids, protein and fibers which are what makes it an ideal snack that aids in providing with an overall boost to one’s health. But, in order to shed some light on the overall nutritional aspect of the pistachio nuts, I have culminated a proper chart to make it easier for understanding.

Sl. No.CompoundAmount (per 28 grams)
1.Calories156 Kcal
2.Carbohydrates8 gms
3.Fiber3 grams
4.Protein6 grams
5.Fat12 grams
6.Potassium8% of RDI
7.Phosphorus14% of RDI
8.Vitamin B624% of RDI
9.Thiamin16% of RDI
10.Copper18% of RDI
11.Manganese17% of RDI
12.Vitamin E22.60 grams


The benefits of pistachios are overwhelmingly effective in providing with the very best when it comes to one’s overall health, skin as well as hair. These above mentioned benefits are actually very effective and not something written off for the sake of it. The only thing one needs to ensure is to maintain the levels of consumption and not overdo them because the same can end up in a number of side effects as mentioned above.