Why Does My Belly Button Smell Very Bad

Why Does my belly button smell

Ever wondered why your belly button smell, and how to treat the smelly belly button. Well, there are some reasons which lead up to the smell in your belly button and hygiene remains the topmost cause. There maybe some more underlying reasons which cause the belly button to smell. Belly button may also produce a smelly discharge which makes it stink like poop.

There is an outward popping belly button and an inward popping belly button, and for 90% of us, it is an innie. This inward belly button is more prone to bacterial growth and these cause the foul odor. Also, oil and dirt may accumulate in addition to sweat, around the belly button area.

But even after repeated cleaning if the smell stays on there maybe fungal or bacterial infection underlying. Also, it may point to some health issues like diabetes or even pregnancy. In some cases, ultraviolet light exposure also causes the poopy smell of belly button.

Why Does my Belly Button Stink So Much Despite Cleaning it Every Few Hours:

There are ample reasons which can lead up to belly button stinks and these must be identified to treat effectively. Belly button smells bad as most of the time it stays covered and sweat, infections, and medical conditions also add up to the bad and displeasing odor.

The bacterial infections around the belly button area can be caused due to poor cleaning and washing of the area. These cause yellowish brown discharge also adding up to pain and discomfort and itchiness. This can be prominent if you see a lot of sweat around the navel area.

Fungal infections can be because belly button is a perfect breeding ground for all sort of infections. As it is dark and damp, mostly stays warm and is not cleaned that frequently. These may cause redness and itchiness in addition to bad odor.

Why Do Belly Button Stink Despite Not Having Any Bacterial or Fungal Infection:

bacterial or fungal infection

There can be ample more reasons like diabetes and pregnancy which trigger stinky belly button. Belly button smells bad especially in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Diabetes makes our body prone to infections. And these infections are difficult to heal, depending upon severity and duration. These may cause a smell as if cheese gone bad or fish rotten.

During pregnancy, there are ample hormonal and other bodily changes in addition to physical, emotional, and biological transformations. The hormones trigger metabolic activities to high levels and cause increased perspiration. This extra sweat also accumulates around belly button and causes bad odor

Causes of Smelly Belly Button:

Smell from your navel is not a severe cause of worry though the smell from you belly button causes immense discomfort and mental trauma. Let us first understand the causes of belly button smell:

1. Dirt or Debris in Inward Belly Button Area:

A build up of dirt around our belly button area and triggered by sweat discharges adds to the foul smell from the navel. This infection may proliferate further and make the belly button smell like poop

2. Body shape:

Some people have larger belly buttons which are more prone to infections and thus more invitation to dirt, bacteria and dampened sweat

3. Sun Tan:

Exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun causes suntan and this sun tan in belly button area gives rise to bad odor. It damages the skin and makes it spread to the entire area causing it difficult to wash or clean

4. Inflammations:

Skin inflammations around belly button area are prominent and anaerobic bacteria may cause infections to bring bad smell all around the area

5. Skin ailments like eczema and sebaceous cysts:

Skin deformities around navel area may also cause bad odor. As they trigger discharges and dead skins to give rise to fungus and bacteria causing the smell.

Why is Inside of My Belly Button Red:

Ever wondered why my belly button smells and appears red. Well, redness inside the belly button may be due to rashes and skin infections. The dry and itchy instances make the belly button area red.

These add further to bad odor and discomfort.

Why Do Belly Button Smell Like Poop:

The poopy smell of the belly button can be caused by infections or skin conditions. Yeast infection is very popular and known as fungal infection too. These give rise to foul odor or stink bad. Candida Albicans is a fungus that resides in warm and moist areas such as the belly button and these give an unpleasant belly button smell like poop. Also, a foul smelling discharge from umbilical could cause the poopy smell.

How to Get Rid of Belly Button Smell Naturally:

belly button smell naturally

Getting rid of belly button smell can be simple but needs regular cleaning of the navel area. Home remedies for getting rid of smelly belly button are simpler and safer as compared to using harsh chemical based cleansers.

There is diagnosis for knowing the exact cause of belly button smell. First, we need to examine why this smell or poopy discharge is around the belly button. Then treat the underlying cause first in addition to cleaning the belly button area properly

Take medicines for infections, prevent sun tan and treat diabetes to get rid of the smelly belly button.

Treatment for Belly Button Smell Can Be:

  1. Surgery must be done to rectify the problem of patent urachus. It will help in getting rid of infection causing odor
  2. Apply anti-fungal creams to get rid of fungal or yeast infections in the navel area.
  3. Use anti-bacterial creams to clear of the bacterial infections in the area.

How Do You Clean Out Your Belly Button:

Cleaning the belly button is a very important part of our personal hygiene and needs some careful steps to proceed. There are ample substances which can help in cleaning the belly button which include astringents like rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, baby oil, salt water, tea tree oil, warm compress and also mild body wash

Steps for cleaning belly button:

  1. Collect all the supplies like water, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, baby oil, and body wash
  2. Use a cotton swab to dip in any of the above solutions
  3. Now start poking around your navel region in circular motions
  4. Use a dry Q-tip to wipe it clean
  5. In addition, you may apply warm compress and leave it for minutes to clear off the infection and itchiness
  6. Use antibacterial cream or anti-fungal cream every night until the infections clears
  7. Use your fingertip to clean the belly button every time to take shower

Home Remedies for Belly Button Smell:

Home remedies for belly button smell

Belly button smell is embarrassing too, in addition to providing discomfort and stress. There are some home remedies which can help in getting rid of belly button smell. These home remedies are easier and can be proceeded without much preparation

  1. Use saline water to clear off the infections. As saline water absorbs moisture and making it difficult for infection to proliferate further
  2. Tea tree oil is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This helps in containing the infections and also healing the fungal or bacterial infections too
  3. Use warm compress for redness and discharges from belly button area
  4. Use a clean damp cloth and apply rubbing alcohol on it. Now using your index finger under the cloth clean the belly button area to clear off the smell and infections.

The above compilation on why does my belly button smell is to help you get rid of bad pungent odor smelling like poop or fish from your navel. Be sure to check with your health care provider first to get a proper diagnosis of underlying causes. Maintain proper hygiene and proceed with natural remedies for keeping the belly button area fit and clean.

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