Important Benefits of Balloon Exercises

benefits of balloon exercises

Balloons, which are an essential part of any party or function, can also be highly helpful in providing various important health benefits to you, according to the experts. Experts suggest that regular practice of blowing balloons helps you in keeping yourself healthy and fit. Balloon exercises have suddenly become a trend since it was found that it helps in getting important health benefits without providing any damage to your body. Benefits of balloon exercises not only consists of physical health but it also helps in increasing your mental strength.

The most common balloon exercise, you lay down on your back on the floor and keep your feet on the wall so that it makes a 90-degree angle with the floor. Then, you keep a balloon or a ball n between your knees to activate the better stimulation in the muscles of pelvic area and to get better stability.

balloon exercise

Other balloon exercises also help you in getting control over your breathing which, in turn, helps in increasing the lung strength. To do this exercise, just inhale through your nose for around 4-5 seconds and then blow the air into the balloon for 6-8 seconds. You can add this exercises in your daily yoga session which will help you in getting various important health benefits.

To explain more on the balloon exercise benefits, we have made a list of important benefits of balloon exercises, which you can consider performing to keep yourself away from diseases.

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Important Balloon Exercise Benefits

Balloon Exercise Benefits

1. Breathing gets better

Experts says that regular practice of balloon exercises helps in continuously activating your diaphragm as well as transversus abdominus or more commonly known as TVA. It is a deepest layer of your abs. Balloon exercise also helps in increasing the strength of your TVA and allows them to work at their maximum efficiency. This practice helps in providing healthy respiratory system.

According to the experts, eventually, healthy breathing process entirely depends upon your diaphragm. Practicing balloon exercises daily helps in optimizing the contractions of your diaphragm and triggers proper breathing process.

2. Increases lung capacity

As mentioned earlier, one of the important benefits of balloon exercises include the healthy diaphragm. An increased strength of your diaphragm also leads to the increased abilities of your lungs, according to the experts. This occurs due to the main role of diaphragm is to pull the air into the lungs. Due to balloon exercises diaphragm gets contracts to its highest limit and hence it helps in pulling more air into your lungs.

It has been found that even smokers can make their respiratory system strong by doing balloon exercises. These exercises will help in repairing the damage done to the respiratory system due to smoking, which makes it weak. Damaged lung capacity can lead to poor breathing and it makes hard for you to exercise.

This has also been proved in a study conducted by a reputed organization. It has been found in the study that balloon exercises contain the ability to reverse all the negative impacts on the respiratory system. When the participant told to perform three sets of exercises along with taking breaks for more than a minute in between, it was found that these exercises helps in improving lung functions as well as capacity. This has been found even in elderly smokers, according to the reports.

3. Improves posture

Experts says that many people are not aware with the fact that many breathing muscles are also involved with your body posture. TVA, diaphragm as well as pelvic muscles are few examples of it. These muscles play an important role in providing stability to the spine along the with lumbar region.

According to the experts, when you take a deep breath, your diaphragm also gets contracted on the center. At the same time, the TVA also gets contracted off the center. When you exhale, exact opposite of it occurs. While the diaphragm gets contracted off the center, the TVA gets contracted on the center.

While performing balloon exercises, your diaphragm as well as TVA gets strong as you need to exhale and inhale continuously for doing the exercise. It also offers a great stability to your pelvic floor along with spine, according to the experts. This results into getting a firm posture for your body.

4. Pain relief

One of the major benefits of balloon exercises also include relieving pain in the muscles. Just like various other exercise, balloon exercises too help in providing strength to your muscles. As it helps in making the muscles active, it releases the tension in the muscles, according to the experts.

Sometimes, it has also been found, that lower back pain is linked to poor breathing as well as posture. This problem can be solved by doing balloon exercises regularly. Experts says that sometimes few injuries can affect negatively the on the lower back which connect to your pelvis pain can develop. Regularly performing these exercises helps in getting rid of that pain.

5. Raises quality of life

Apart from providing important health benefits, balloon exercise also helps in providing you a mental stability and reduces stress. As the lung capacity gets increased by performing balloon exercises, it also increases your overall body benefits and enhances your confidence. This will help in removing pain as well as fatigue in respiratory system.

Doing balloon exercises also helps in doing all your everyday activities easier. This also helps in making yourself healthier. You will feel ease in every work from playing with your grandchildren to walking upstairs, according to the experts.

All these important changes make your life happier and helps you in leading a healthy lifestyle which is a key factor in keeping yourself away from health emergencies, according to the experts.

Doing balloon exercises

No one has ever though that a small thing such as balloon can prove highly helpful in providing important health benefits. Anyone can get the benefits of balloon exercises as balloons are highly cheap and highly easy to find as well. To get even more health benefits, practicing yoga and meditation can help. It also helps in getting good control over breathing.

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By Prajakt K.