What Happens When You Stop Eating sugar?

What happens when you stop having sugar

Every time you look for a healthy diet and lifestyle, you are asked to take low sugar foods. Keeping a check on your sugar can keep you away from doctors like apples does. If you want to know how low sugar or no sugar diet can benefit your body then here it is. Not just the knowledge but you can put it in action. Do you know What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar?

It seems simple to control sugar in diet but it can also be an overwhelming change. If you are new to this practice of not eating sugar then do it with guidance. Before starting a particular diet, you must know if your body is ready for it. So, if you want to cut off sugar then also know what happens to your body post it.

Ofcourse, you have several benefits of not eating sugar. But knowing the reactions of your body for not eating sugar can help you achieve your goal. You will know how much sugar is too much and why no sugar diet is a boon. Taking up the popular diet might not be the need for your body. It could be just reducing the added sugar or salt. If you want to if your body is in need of sugar detox then these particulars can direct you efficiently.

Things that happen to your body when you stop Eating sugar?

1. You’ll lose weight

Youll lose weight

Is there a loss of extra kilos with a sugar free diet? Then it is a quite common and positive change that happens after quitting sugar. And if you notice, there will be fat burn around your belly. What happens is-added sugars in your diet raise the levels of blood sugar and spike up insulin which accumulates in fat at the abdominal region. This kind of fat is termed as visceral fat that produces adipokines and adipose hormones which increase inflammation and cause heart diseases. These hormones can also be a cause for cancer.

If you are on a low sugar or sugar free diet then you will see the change and above is the reason. It is an important change and a progressive mark for the people who set weight loss goals.

2. Your sleep pattern will change

Your sleep pattern will change

Once you stop eating sugar which is refinding, it increases the energy levels during the day and helps you sleep better at night. For people whom it is going in reverse can try hooking the sugar intake and check for this healthy change.

Everyone may not experience the same with a sugar free diet. If some are happy about the changes in their body with no sugar foods, some people might find it difficult to fall asleep. It depends on your mental and physical states. Hence, sudden change in your diet can never give sustainable results neither is it advised to do so.

3. Cravings

CravingsStop eating sugar diet can fluctuate the up and down of cravings. For some, not eating sugar but nutritious food with vitamins and proteins puts a stop to the cravings.

For few people, not eating sugar can also increase the cravings for pasta, bread and potato chips which is another change that you must notice with not eating sugar at all.

4. You may experience mood swings

You may experience mood swingsSome people may have mood swings after cutting down on sugar. They may also experience depression due to low levels of dopamine. If you are doing a changeover sugar free diet then it can trigger your anxiety and make you feel moody. Morevower, a sudden shift from sugar to no sugar diet may come along with nervousness, irritability.

On the other hand, eating less sugar can help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. And the recent research shows that sugary foods cannot improve mood. Also it says, over the time of excess sugar consumption can result in mood disorders in males and recurrent mood in both males and females.

5. Less headaches

Less headachesAnother significant change that you may notice is fewer headaches as you reduce refined sugars. You can blame diabetes for frequent headaches as it is one of the symptoms. The fluctuation in blood sugar and glucose can cause headaches.

5 ways to replace sugar and enjoy your meal

  1. Add protein to your diet

What can stop you from grabbing the sugar foods? Maybe something that makes you feel filled can reduce your sweet cravings. Try adding healthy protein sources with a needed portion. You can take the foods that are less in carbs and high in proteins for a tasty sugar free meal. Unsweetened yogurt, tofu, eggs and nuts are the best source of protein.

2. Include natural sugars

Next way to make your sugar free diet healthy is to add natural sugars. You have fruits, maple syrup, coconut water and dates. Always, you must look for the substitutes are jaggery, honey. These ingredients can be part of your dessert recipes.

3. Add spices

As it is a sugar free diet you find less substitutes. You can sprinkle the spices to your meals as a replacement of sugars. Some of the spices are cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon. Spices also give you the large amount of nutrients and energy that compensates for your non sugar diet.

4. Focus on whole foods

The one who is on no sugar diet must eat whole foods to make it all healthy. Processed foods again show the negative effects like inflammation, obesity and many other health complications. Eating whole foods in small amounts for each meal can help you with controlling your cravings. This is a healthy and amazing way to make your sugar free meals tasty as well.

Benefits of sugar detoxification

a. Clearer thinking

Natural sugars that contain berries, oranges, and coffee can be supportive to stay alert. It is because sugar is the fuel for your brain that produces glucose. But do not go for table sugar which is unhealthy again. You can have fruit juices to sharpen your short term memory and thinking ability.

b. Supports more energy

As we said previously, sugar generates glucose to utilize for energy. To gain the dose of energy, you can add healthy sugars in your daily diet. Shuffle the dry fruits, nuts and fresh fruits to gain all the nutrients.

Basically, sweetened foods are high in calories which make you feel dormant after eating. The detox of sugar can keep you light and let you be more active when compared to a sugar included diet.

c. Prevents type 2 diabetes

Added sugar may indirectly cause type 2 diabetes. Eating too much sugar is not the trigger for diabetes but when your body fails to convert food into energy. Excess sugar consumption can disrupt this normal functioning. Not only a sugar free diet but a lifestyle accompanied with regular exercise and complete healthy eating can prevent diabetes. (R)

d. Prevents obesity

Obesity has become the pandemic by showing an increase from past years. One of the most main elements that is letting obesity grow is sugar consumption. (R) Daily eating of added sugars is a health hazard in the long term as it develops high blood sugar levels. Prolonged high blood sugar is a reason for weight gain. Also the added sugar foods make you feel less filled which calls you for more cravings whereas it is impeccably high in calories. All these risk factors of eating sugar can result in obesity.

e. Fewer inflammation

Studies proved that lowering sugars in your can reduces inflammation. The inflammation caused by refined carbohydrates can lead to heart diseases, diabetes, liver disease and certain types of cancer. A clear advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) is to consume sugar less than % for energy purposes. Above this can be over consumption which leads to many health problems. So, a low sugar diet is a great help for a healthy lifestyle.

How to Start the Detox Sugar from your body?

#1. Clean out your fridge & Pantry

While you walk around the racks of the grocery store, you pick the sugary foods to stock up in your fridge. The pantry full of unhealthy sugars leads to health disasters. So, remove all the refined sugars and look for healthy options.

#2. Plan your meal in advance

The best way to stay away from sugar foods is to plan your meal. When you are ready with your options to eat, you don’t divert but follow the plan. The main reason for carb cravings is skipping your breakfast and then your body needs instant energy which comes from sugar foods. To stop this whole process, you need to be a little advanced.

#3. Replace the foods

You can just swap the refined sugars with natural sugars which include fresh fruits. It is good to take low fat dairy products which energize you enough for the day. Eat the foods which add vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your meal.

#4. Snack healthy

If snacking is your daily dietary habit then you can still continue doing it with a sugar free diet. TYou just need to choose non sugar snacks like hummus, pop corn, nuts and seeds, dry berries. You can opt unsweetened yoghurt with coconut.

#5. Choose beverages smartly

Smart eating during a sugar free diet includes healthy beverages like green tea, chamomile tea and other herbal teas. You can leave the coffee habit behind as you are on no sugar diet and make a habit of having tea. These herbal teas consist of antioxidants which improve your overall health and wellness. Besides this sugar filled drinks deteriorate your health with a bad impact.


You have seen what it is to practice a sugar free diet. It has its own pros and cons based on the health conditions and other factors. Stop eating sugar or eating sugar, both are not advisable. If you want to go sugar free then let your body understand your changes. A rapid change in your diet and lifestyle is never as easy as said. So, control it in smaller steps and don’t ditch natural sugars as your body needs it in a reasonable amount. And always remember to balance your diet with natural sugars, healthy fats, fewer carbs, plenty of vitamins and minerals which makes a healthy dietary habit.


Is it okay to stop taking refined sugar?

If you are not eating refined sugar then you are doing good to your body.

Do we have any effects on our body?

People on a sugar free diet may experience dizziness, lightheadedness and low energy as an effect.

We shall take any preventive measures before sugar detox?

As you need to prevent the cravings, swap your food options with proteins.

What are the regular habits we have to plan when we detox the sugar?

You must eat a good amount of nutritious foods and staying hydrated can help you adjust to the diet.