15 Ways to Stop Eating Lots Of Sugar – Manage Your Sweet Tooth!

Ways to stop eating lots of sugar

Sugar makes up for a quintessential component in our diet. More or less, we do end up indulging in amount that we shouldn’t. Wondering about ways to stop eating lots of sugar?

On a global level, statistics suggest that the number of people with diabetes has increases from 108 million people in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. This is what WHO (R) suggests. The alarming factor in this is that the numbers are on the constant rise as well.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of how you can indulge in ways to reduce intake or sugary foods for a healthier life ahead.

Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad For You?

Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad For You
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While you just read the title of the article, chances are that you might even have a question lingering around in your mind.

“Why Is Sugar Even Bad For Me?”

We often have encountered people say in the beginning that fats are bad for you, so why target sugar now? Why is it bad for your health?

Sugar is not just a taboo for someone who is diabetic.

The impacts of these actually do have negative impacts on the overall metabolism and body functions. Doctors suggest that majority of the pre-diabetics are not even aware of them being pre-diabetic which is what ends up being a problem in the long run.

Sugar not just have impacts in increasing the overall glucose levels in the body, it also does have the possibility of causing unrest in the fat levels in the body.

It is very risky if you already suffer from diabetes and the associated issues if sugar is a part and parcel of the diet.

Given the fact that sugar is high in calories, the high fat levels along with high sugar levels does end up impacting the overall functioning of the heart as well. It is always best suggested to either keep the levels of consumption in check or cut it down for good and replace it with low glycemic index fruits and foods that won’t necessarily alter the body functions.

Health Side Effects of too Much Sugar

Health Side Effects of Too Much Sugar

Now when we have walked ourselves through the common prospects of why too much sugar is bad for you, it is time we discuss about the side effects of too much sugar and why you need to find ways to stop eating lots of sugar.

1. Induces Premature Ageing

Induces premature ageing
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Given the fact that we already have an altered lifestyle with heightened stress and lack of an active lifestyle, it is not surprising that the heightened consumption of sugar further contributes to premature ageing.

The main reason why the same is caused because of the fact that the excess sugar consumption ends up impacting the overall collagen, elastic and skin proteins which ends up forming wrinkles and loose skin prematurely.

In females, the excess consumption of the sugar ends up causing an imbalance in the hormonal levels (R) which could be the primary reason behind the development of acne on the face.

If you suffer from eczema or skin conditions like that, it is always best suggested to stay clear off of excess sugar.

2. Hyperglycemia

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Yet another one of the common immediate side effects of too much sugar is the fact that it causes an upsurge in the glucose levels in the bloodstream.

It is very important to ensure that if you suffer from diabetes that you maintain a healthy level of sugar consumption. The spikes in the blood glucose levels often tend to impact the pancreas to secrete insulin into the bloodstream and can even end up inducing the condition of insulin resistance in the body.

3. Weight Gain

Weight gain


Weight gain is possibly one of the most common side effects of too much sugar.

This is mainly induced with the consumption of the sweetened beverages that we often drink. Given the fact that they are already high in calories, they also impact the body in varying ways too.

The main reason why it imposes negative health effects of too much sugar is mainly because of the fact that the fructose in them is often related to heightened hunger and cravings.

The persistently high levels of fructose from the sweetened drinks in the body are associated with leptin resistance (R). Leptin plays a crucial role in maintaining hunger and satiety. When the body becomes resistance, it becomes harder for you to understand when you are full and one ends up overeating which is the primary cause of weight gain (R).

4. Lowered Energy Levels

Lowered energy levels


While sugar and carbs are often considered as a good component for energy production in the body, they are also associated with lowered energy levels.

The main reason behind the same is because of the fact that the produced energy is not sustained and peaks and then crashes down just as fast.

When we consume sugar, the body releases insulin which metabolizes the glucose to produce energy in the body and once that is used up; the body requires more sugar to keep the cycle in function.

5. Impacts the Immune System

Impacts the immune system


The excess sugar consumption has been associated with the altered functions of the immune system in the body.

Bacteria and the other microorganisms inside the body does feed off of sugar and when you are literally feeding them more, chances are that it helps them spread and divide better. This ends up making the condition worse further rather than helping in curing the condition from within.

The persistence in their presence can often end up contributing to the formation of infections in the body which affects the immune system badly.

6. Heightened Risks of Heart Diseases

Heightened risks of heart diseases

Yet another one of the common side effects of too much sugar is the fact that it ends up impacting the overall risks of heart disease (R) in the body.

Sugar is loaded with calories which have the potency to increase the levels of fats and triglycerides in the body. If the body produces more fats and triglycerides than it metabolizes, chances are that it will end up clogging the arteries which impose risks of heart diseases.

Clogged arteries impose risks of development of atherosclerosis which has been believed to be one of the most common heart diseases that majority of the people often suffer from.

How to Stop Eating Lots Of Sugar?

How To Stop Eating Lots Of Sugar


Wondering how to stop eating so much sugar?

Given the fact that we don’t necessarily have a lot of insights on how to reduce sugar intake, it is not surprising that we end up consuming things that is doing our body bad than good.

It is very important to find ways to stop eating lots of sugar and we have some ways for you to look into.

1. Cut Down the Sweetened Beverages

Cut down the sweetened beverages


Been reaching out for a drink after every meal?

If you want to reduce the intake of sugar, it is important that you stop doing that for good.

It goes without saying that the sweetened beverages that most of us reach out for is one of the primary reasons that your body is not feeling well.

The high fructose levels in them are bad for the body, especially for diabetics.

We understand that drinking just water can often be boring and bland so, try switching up these high calorie and high fructose drinks with that of infused water that’s derived from natural means.

2. Know what is right

Know what is right


Once many hear about the health effects of too much sugar, the first instinct of many is to wash out everything from the diet. That is not how everything works.

There are two categories of sugar – the permissible and the harmful ones.

While the naturally occurring sugar like that in the fruits and veggies are actually good for you, it is the added and refined sugar that you need to stay away from.

In order to get your answer to how to stop eating lots of sugar, it is important for you to ensure that you educate yourself in this matter and make yourself aware.

You need to cut down the foods that contain added sugar but the foods that contain natural sugars shouldn’t necessarily bother you that much.

3. Combine Your Foods

Combine your foods


It is not uncommon for you to be stuck on a craving, something that’s not good for you and might end up impacting your health, especially the blood glucose levels in the body.

If you have been craving something unhealthy, instead of just scribbling it off, try and pair it up with something healthy that would cut down the negative impacts.

If chocolate is something you are craving, pair it with a banana or munch on some chocolate chips and almonds instead of delving in a whole lot of the same.

This helps in ensuring that you curb your craving and also at the same time, get the essential nutrients in the body which is beneficial for better metabolism of the consumed sugar.

4. Make Healthier Choices with Desserts

Make healthier choices with desserts


Desserts are a weakness for many and have the maximum potency of spiking your blood glucose levels.

If you have been looking out for ways to stop eating too much sugar, it is on you to make healthier choices when it comes to the desserts.

Instead of blindly picking up a tooth achingly sweet dessert, try and switch it up with a healthier variant of the same, be it yogurt and fruits or even just a healthy bowl of fruit salad instead.

Try and include cinnamon in your desserts too because studies (R) (R) have shown that this spice has the potency of lowering the blood sugar levels in the body.

5. Stock Up on the Fruits for the Week

Stock up on the fruits for the week


If you have been trying to reduce intake of sugar in your daily diet, chances are that you will be finding for replacements for those sugary treats.

Fruits make up for an amazing replacement for you to look into. It is important to include a good amount of natural sugars in the body because even carbs in this form is essential for the body.

Not just that, keeping your pantry stocked with fresh fruits also helps in ensuring that you have something healthy to combat your sugar cravings with.

6. Cut out Everything Once and for all

Cut out everything once and for all
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Going cold turkey with sugar is not really hard. It depends on the person and the kind of determination they have with the process.

If you have been seeking answers on how to stop eating so much sugar, the best and possibly the toughest way to do so is by going cold turkey.

Majority of the experts and people who have tried this suggest that the first one two days are hard and might make you feel dizzy and bad all throughout but it is quite effective when we talk about its impacts in the long run.

Once you stick to the “no sugar” rule, you will find that it becomes a lot easier for you to handle your cravings and even get over them for good with every passing day.

7. Avoid Sauces

Avoid sauces


How many times have you said, “But, it’s just tomatoes?”

It is important to understand that when it comes to finding ways to reduce intake of sugar, the possibilities of the same even extend to the sauces as well.

Sauces tend to have a high concentration of sugar and additives which end up affecting the overall blood sugar levels in the body.

If you want to successfully execute this, it is important to ensure that you avoid sauces as well and not treat them as something that’s okay to consume. Just a single tablespoon of tomato ketchup contains 4 grams of sugar (R) in it. Do the rest of the calculations.

8. Dried Fruit isn’t your ally

Dried fruit isn’t your ally


It is very common to think that dried fruits are an ally when it comes to treating and managing sugar cravings.

But, in reality, they are not.

Majority of the dried fruits tend to be of the fruits which have a high glycemic index and drying the fruit out further concentrates the sugar concentration in the fruit. That is the last thing one needs to have when it comes to managing their sugar consumption.

If you are consuming naturally dried fruits, which don’t necessarily contain any additive and refined sugar, it is best to consume the ones which have a low glycemic index to keep the glucose levels in control.

Steer clear off of the canned variants of the same because they are high on sugar and have additives to enhance their shelf life.

9. Look out for the portions

Look out for the portions


All of us love indulging in some sugar treats from time to time. It goes without saying that it is not always possible to avoid the cravings and there are possibilities that you will end up giving in to them.

That’s perfectly okay as well.

The only thing that one needs to do is to ensure that you watch out for the portion sizes you are consuming.

Instead of eating a big bar of chocolate, try and binge eat a small bar of dark chocolate which is not just good for you but will also help in managing your sugar cravings.

Concentrate on consuming small amounts instead of going overboard with the same. That is where the majority of people go wrong.

10. Stick to Whole Foods

Stick to whole foods


We are often binge eating grains and processed foods all the time.

If your end goal is to find ways to stop eating lots of sugar, it is high time that you cut out the unwanted refined grains from your diet.

These processed foods tend to have high sugar levels in them along with additives which do you bad than good. If you have been trying to manage the sugar intake, it is best to stick to whole foods instead of these unhealthy versions of the same.

Start by cutting out the unwanted refined grains in the bread and cheese (R) and stick to the variants that actually do contribute to your health in the long run.

11. Make Healthier Switches

Make healthier switches


Having post-meal dessert cravings are normal. The only thing to ensure is to look out for the kind of choices that you are making.

It goes without saying that the possibility of reduction of the sugary food intake depends on how much control you have on yourself.

If possible, try and much on some healthy fennel seeds because not only are they sweet without having any sugars, they also helps curb the unnecessary dessert cravings following a meal.

And the best part, fennel seeds are good for digestion and prevent signs of stomach bloating after a heavy meal.

12. Eat on Time

Eat on time


Eating meals on time is one of the easiest ways to stop eating too much sugar.

When you have a long gap in between the meals, chances are that you are going to be hungry unnecessarily and end up binge eating something that will do your body no good.

Instead of letting that happen, it is better to ensure that you eat your meals on regular time and even include healthy snacks in between to ensure that you don’t end up giving into your sugar cravings.

Make sure that you are not skipping out on any of the meals and eating healthy and regularly on time.

13. Drink Some Tea

Drink some tea


Sugar cravings can be quite frequent and unnecessary.

One of the best ways to stop eating lots of sugar is to successfully trick your mind into thinking something else.

Instead of eating something sweet, fix yourself a cup of herbal tea that can bring down the cravings.

Flavours like chamomile, lemon or even ginger help in calming your senses down which has been associated with effective management of the sugar intake in the body.

14. Don’t be Fooled with the “Healthy” Snacks

Dont be fooled with the healthy snacks


Majority of us often rely on the healthy protein and granola bars to curb our hunger pangs, thinking that they would be helpful enough to keep them down.

While we do have this unwanted premonition that it is good for our health and blood sugar levels, they are not necessarily the complete truth.

They might be sold as “healthy” but until and unless you are making them yourself at your home with précised quantities of ingredients, chances are that they are loaded with refined sugar that you have been steering clear of.

Avoid eating them and if required, make them from scratch yourself.

15. Watch out for the Dairy Alternatives

Watch out for the dairy alternatives


Often times when we are reaching out for a milk alternative, it is important that we reach out for the unsweetened variant of the same.

Majority of them tend to come in two variants, the one containing added sugar and all the natural one.

It is always best to opt for the all-natural one if you are finding ways to stop eating lots of sugar.

When it comes down to the ways to stop eating lots of sugar, it is important that you stay motivated and determined throughout the process. Making this lifestyle change can actually end up impacting the overall functioning of your body without a speck of doubt. In order to keep the blood sugar levels in check, keep an eye out on what you are eating and avoid a sedentary lifestyle altogether.


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