How Are Diabetes And Heart Diseases Associated

diabetes and heart diseases
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Diabetes and heart diseases are organically linked in terms, data and research there is a direct proportional relationship between having diabetes and heart ailments. Many people who have high sugar levels have an inherent risk of cardiovascular disease too for the blood flow is affected along with blood glucose triggers. Statistics show that heart diseases and diabetes are related to a very high extent.

A study stated “Around 68 percent of people age 65 or older with diabetes die from some form of heart disease; and 16% die of stroke. Adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely to die from heart disease than adults without diabetes. The American Heart Association considers diabetes to be one of the seven major controllable risk factors for cardiovascular disease”

Diabetes Heart Disease and Stroke; how are they related:

Heart Disease and Stroke
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Diabetes brings with it extreme vulnerabilities too. People with high blood sugar levels tend to develop heart diseases and are more prone to heart attacks and stroke. People suffering from diabetes are more likely to have risk factors that triggers the chances of having heart disease, stroke, hypertension and high cholesterol levels too.  But in a way if you follow diabetes management tips, you will be controlling and regulating the heart health too, also managing the blood pressure and cholesterol depositions in the body.

Understanding the science behind diabetes, stroke and heart diseases link:

diabetes, stroke and heart diseases link
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The science behind the relationship diabetes has with stroke and heart diseases is; that high blood glucose levels damage our blood vessels and nerves which control the functioning of heart and blood vessels. If the sugar levels in diabetes are not controlled or managed effectively then it is possible to have heart diseases for long. Statistics show people suffering from diabetes will have heart ailments from a younger age than the other people. Also records show the fatalities in adults with diabetes are largely due to heart diseases and stroke. The adults with diabetes are twice more likely to die from heart diseases and stroke then their peers without diabetes. But if we adopt a healthy lifestyle, workout regularly and stay off cigarette and other bad habits; we will also contain the heart diseases and stroke related ailments along with regulating blood sugar levels.

The connection between diabetes and heart disease has everything to do with high glucose levels in the body. Diabetes in itself is not a disease or a problem, but the high glucose levels of blood, are the biggest problem. This high glucose causes ample other ailments in the body. Blood vessels of entire body get damaged with high glucose levels in the body. This high glucose level is the sole connection between heart and diabetes. It damages nerved throughout the body as the same blood circulates throughout the body. The thick blood full of high glucose levels is sticky and deposits to veins and arteries causing blockage. Each blood vessel is hurt and this results in deformities of vital organs like heart and brain functions. Organ and circulatory problems are caused which results in death too.

If the diabetes is not controlled then there are double chances of getting heart ailments early on in life. People with diabetes have comorbidities which increase the risk of heart diseases and stroke greatly. These comorbidities include high glucose, high BP and cholesterol. Thus if you can manage the blood sugar levels in your body the heart diseases and blood pressure along with cholesterol levels gets managed easily.

Are Diabetes heart diseases or stroke more likely if i have diabetes:

Diabetes does not directly put you at a risk of heart ailments but in away it does affect the chances. If you do not manage diabetes properly and your blood sugar is not in control then yes, you are at a higher risk of stroke and cardiovascular ailments. It is not diabetes but the way you manage diabetes that decides whether or not you will develop any heart ailments or stroke.

If your blood sugar levels stay elevated constantly then you may not be able to avid the fatalities. Just keep a check on your blood sugar, A1C cholesterol numbers and workout daily to avoid all these fatalities resulting from complications of diabetes.

Tips on protecting Heart when you have diabetes:

A small effort in keeping the daily routine intact with healthy lifestyle choices, makes all the difference for someone suffering from high blood sugar levels. Some ways to contain the blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes and cardiac diseases are:

  • Be active and workout daily:

Be active and workout daily
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A 30 minute of aerobic exercise along with a few minutes warm up is sufficient to balance your blood sugar levels. The American Diabetes Association recommends not to involve in sedentary works, and getting up to walk every 30 minutes to keep up the activities in a day. This will help in improving blood sugar levels.

  • Balanced and healthy diet:

Balanced and healthy diet
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Avoid high saturated fats, trans fat, cholesterol foods, salt, junk, fried, spicy and other fattening foods. Eat more of vegetables and low sugar fruits along with fiber. Include salads and soups in all your meals and do not starve. This will help in managing diabetes effectively.

  • Low dose of aspirin everyday:

Low dose of aspirin everyday
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The American Heart Association recommends a low dose of aspirin everyday, as this may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Aspirin thins the blood and prevents it from getting sticky. Take health care advice before adopting this routine as aspirin may not be suitable for everyone.

  • Pick a weight loss plan:

Pick a weight loss plan
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Obesity can be fatal for diabetic people. Every pound that you lose helps in managing your blood pressure and blood sugar level. Thus giving you a heart healthy diet too. Also when you lose those extra weight layers, your chances of heart diseases or stroke reduces greatly

  • Monitor your blood sugar levels closely:

Monitor your blood sugar levels closely
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The right range for your body would be given by your health care provider and keep a record of your blood sugar daily. Also check effects of various food items on your blood sugar counts. And maintain the given range for blood sugar, use a handy device at home and get blood sugar levels checked at least twice a year at a lab.

  • Maintain blood cholesterol levels:

Maintain blood cholesterol levels
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LDL (bad) cholesterol should be below 100; HDL (good) cholesterol should be higher than 40 or more. Try and contain the bad cholesterol levels and keep checking the same for any abnormalities.  This will prevent you from cardiovascular ailments.

  • Manage blood pressure:

Manage blood pressure
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Keep your blood pressure checked daily and anything above or below normal range must be taken up to the health care provider. Use healthy diet, proper lifestyle choices and a workout routine to control your blood pressure levels.

  • Quit smoking:

Quit smoking
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Smoking can increases the chances of complications from heart ailments and stroke. Use a proper plan to quit smoking and seek help from your healthcare provider.

  • Stay off alcohol:

Stay off alcohol
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Drinking alcohol can trigger your blood sugar levels or even drop them down considerably low. And both these extremes can cause severe forms for heart and other body organs. Prevention of alcohol is a must for all diabetic patients

  • Take medicines on time:

Take medicines on time
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Doctors may prescribe you medicines which will prevent you from complications resulting into heart ailments and stroke. Just stick with those drugs and never miss a dose.

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