Implications And Complications Of Untreated Diabetes

untreated diabetes
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We have already read that around 50% of the diabetes cases go un-diagnosed. And so these are the untreated diabetes cases which can have severe complications too. Diabetes is a metabolic disease which can only be controlled and not cured completely. Lifestyle changes, proper diet and medications are necessary to keep blood sugar in control and without having diagnosed the situation it is difficult to begin these preventive methods to control. So what happens if diabetes is not treated? well! for most people there will be some or the other symptom which must be tracked and observed. Don’t just let your diabetes untreated rather adopt a routine for balanced intake of food, workout and regular check ups at your health care provider. Always remember prevention is better than cure when it comes to diabetes

Effects of untreated diabetes:

Untreated diabetes symptoms may not be apparent initially but in due course, you will eventually see some of these signs which you must pay attention to. If the diabetes gets untreated for long, it may give rise to complications from diabetes which can even be fatal. Some of the effects of untreated diabetes are:

untreated diabetes
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1- Cholesterol levels rise:

The high level of glucose in blood gives rise to lowering of HDL or good cholesterol levels. Thus harmful blood fats called triglycerides rise. This high cholesterol level can lead to arteriosclerosis and more fatalities.

2- Blood pressure rises:

High blood sugar and poor resistance to insulin causes hardened and narrow arteries which increases blood pressure. Around 70% of diabetic people suffer from high blood pressure too.This may be a factor in leading up to cardiac arrest or stroke

3- Vision deteriorates:

Retinopathy is common in people with diabetes, this is a condition where damage occurs to light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. High blood glucose levels cause damage to delicate blood vessels of the eyes. But initially this may not be found, after a few years of having diabetes blurred vision and other eye problems start coming in.

4- Nerves fail:

High blood glucose causes nerve damage, and around 50% of people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes develop it. At first there may not be any symptom but eventually there will be tingling and numbness and thus digestive system issues and weakness follows

5- Kidneys slows and eventually failure:

High level of blood glucose thickens and scars the nephrons in kidney.These nephrons filter the impure blood and when they get scared you have protein leaking into the urine. Over 50% people who’s diabetes is untreated will get kidney failure over a period of 10 years. And around 40% may require dialysis or even kidney implant

6- Foot shape changes and even you may love afoot:

The high levels of blood sugar causes damage to nerves between brain and lower limbs. The muscle tone slackens and the shape of foot changes. Bunions, flat feet and other deformities can be very common, and with a slight injury and numbness the wound may go un-noticed. Poor circulation from blood vessels eventually results in slowing the process of healing. This infection gets severe and can take form of fatal injury which needs amputation. Around 60% amputations are among people with diabetes.

7- You are more prone to heart attack or cardiac arrest:

Diabetes and heart diseases are related, it can lead to higher glucose levels in blood which causes damage to arteries, veins and heart muscles. This can lead to cardiac arrest and even death. Diabetes doubles the risk of heart attack and there is more four times the risk of getting a stroke. Heart attack factually is the number one fatality cause for people with diabetes. The severities of death and paralysis are alike and you can even be disabled and paralyzed for life if diabetes untreated on time

8- Your life span shortens:

An earlier death is more likely if diabetes is untreated. The other complications which lead to severe life threatening implications are more likely to cause fatalities sooner than later. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death worldwide and without diagnosing the diabetes it is more likely to cause sudden demise

9- Metabolic emergencies arise:

Ketoacidosis is a rapidly progressing condition which results from high blood sugar levels. Low insulin causes sugar accumulation in the blood. The body then breaks down fat for energy and fuel thus resulting in accumulation of byproducts called ketones. This lowers blood pH levels and leads to vomits, nausea, confusion, dehydration, trauma and stress too.

Symptoms of untreated diabetes:

Symptoms of untreated diabetes
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Untreated diabetes symptoms vary and usually may not be that apparent at first. Some of these symptoms must be checked and taken up with your health care provider:

  1. Eye and vision problems
  2. Extreme thirst
  3. Too much urine production
  4. Increase in appetite and eating a lot more
  5. Weight loss
  6. Dental problems
  7. Numbness and tingling of limbs
  8. Sores and injury taking longer to heal

Check for the above Implications and complications of Untreated Diabetes as this can be fatal and cause shortening of your lifespan. Check with your healthcare provider and pick a healthy lifestyle

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