Top 11 Tips On How Not To Treat Diabetes Wrongly

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Diabetes is almost an epidemic which continues to affect over 40% of people and despite all progress in medicine, we are still unable to cure it completely. There are good chances that many people are not diagnosed with diabetes until 8-10 years of having diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic condition where our body either does not produce adequate insulin or does not use insulin to digest sugar. Thus blood sugar levels stay high for people with diabetes. Let us look at some mistakes which prompt us how not to treat diabetes wrongly

Top 11 tips on How Not To Treat Diabetes Wrongly:

Diabetes can occur at any age and to anyone. There are no known causes and no cures yet. There are three kinds of diabetes which affect us, type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. All three have similar care instructions but differ in the way they affect an individual. Check some mistakes to avoid when treating diabetes:

1- Not Checking the blood sugar daily:

The biggest mistake when you are treating diabetes is, not checking your blood sugar levels regularly. This is the most basic step to treating diabetes effectively. As it helps us in understanding where we stand and how far we need to go.

Not checking the blood sugar daily
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2- Not keeping the record of diabetes:

It is very important to maintain a log for diabetes. Every reading you get must be recorded and also try and formulate a pattern there in. Feeding which foods make your blood sugar levels to rise and which foods cause them to stay unaffected. Specially this may be true for people having other health conditions.

3- Do not stay off carbohydrates completely:

Carbohydrates are not always bad, you just need to pick those foods which are fine for you and necessary too to maintain energy levels adequately. Be sure to visit your dietitian for more details on which starch foods you can consume and how much to take in a feeding

4- Do not stay hungry for long:

Skipping meals and staying hungry for long can cause severe impacts for people suffering from diabetes. This can cause internal stress in your body and may even trigger blood sugar levels.

Do not stay hungry for long
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5- Do Not Go on a Crash Diet:

Diabetes and crash diet do not go together. This can be the most damaging step for your health and wellness. Crash diet would starve you and eventually cause more damage than benefits. Diabetic people need to lose weight but in a balanced way.

6- Do Not Go for rigorous workouts:

Rigorous workouts not just hurt your body strength but also can be fatal too. It may speed up blood pressure and even cause a heart attack or stroke. Avoid it before it turns into complications from diabetes.

7- Not Visiting Your Care Provider Regularly:

This can be severe and fatal as you need to be in touch with your doctor to monitor your progress. Many times we may think all our efforts at workouts, diet, and fitness are going smooth and even the diabetes check at home may seem fine, but there are some elaborate details which need to be monitored and checked by health care provider every few months.

8- Stop thinking that medicine can cure it all:

Diabetes is a noncurable condition which just stays on but the extent to which it affects can be controlled. So stop dreaming about curing diabetes with medicine, as there is no drug yet which can treat diabetes completely.

Stop thinking that medicine can cure it all
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9- Not going for walk every day:

Walk is probably the most important exercise for diabetics, and not going on your daily walk can be fatal. It’s not just about reducing weight but giving an adequate workout to the body as well. The walk helps in streamlining the blood pressure, heart rate and pipes in pure oxygen for healthier body functions.

10- Not picking a healthy lifestyle:

Just following a diet plan and not improving your entire lifestyle is just like causing both positive and negative effects on our body. So make sure to stick with better lifestyle choices and avoid cigarettes, booze, caffeine and sugar laden foods.

11- Taking two or three forms of medicines or alternative medicines:

Many people take prescription drugs and add further with alternative forms of medicines like homeopathy or Ayurveda, be sure to check with your doctor and these may interfere with one another. And even some may have reduced impacts for other drugs counter their effects.

The above compilation on Top 11 tips on how not to treat diabetes wrongly are the mistakes which we do knowingly or unintentionally. For treating diabetes correctly we must follow the above details and make sure to stay positive. A Large part of the treatment depends on how strong and determined we are, as the journey ahead can either be easy and smooth or too stressful. It is how we choose to stay put and conquer it all

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