A Handy Guide On Effects Of Diabetes And Alcohol Consumption

Diabetes and alcohol
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Diabetes is the 9th most fatal and prominent illness around the world. And whatever we do in terms our lifestyle, let and fitness choices affects diabetes related health impacts. There is a deeper inter-relation between diabetes and alcohol consumption. While its evident that alcohol is not the most accurate choice for people having high blood glucose levels. But there are some factual relevances there in which we must understand. Complications from diabetes can get severe if you consume alcohol without any moderation. Before consuming even a small quantity of alcohol be sure to consult your health care provider for more details.

Facts that correlate diabetes and alcohol consumption answering how does alcohol effect diabetes:

Drinking alcohol can trigger blood sugar levels or even drop them down to considerably low degrees. And both these extremes can take severe forms, thus prevention of alcohol is a must for all diabetic patients. Some effects of excessive alcohol and diabetes include:

1- Even moderate amounts of alcohol can cause blood sugar to rise at a very high level. Excess alcohol on the other side cause sever dehydration in addition to steep decrease in blood sugar levels. Type 1 diabetes can be worst affected with such steep sugar falls in blood stream

Type 1 diabetes
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2- Alcohol dehydrates and thus causes hunger pangs in us. Thus resulting in over eating. Thus these appetizing effects of alcohol can be damaging for a person affected with diabetes. Thus resulting in triggered blood sugar readings

3- Beer and wine have rich carb contents thus they can raise the blood sugar levels to an alarmingly high degree.

4- Alcohol is believed to contain a lot of calories and this it adds a lot of weight on us. Diabetics can not afford any more fat in their body and obesity is the worst enemy for diabetes

5- Drinking too much alcohol can affect the mental situation and thus damaging judgement and causing impulsive food related choices. Which is not fine for anyone suffering with diabetes

Drinking too much alcohol
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6- Alcohol also affects certain diabetes medicines and thus causing drug reactions or slows the effect of those medications. Specially the oral medicines or insulin are worst affected

7- Alcohol in our body increases blood pressure thus creating severe situations for diabetics

8- Alcohol consumption causes an increase in triglyceride levels in our body which is not fine for diabetics

Alcohol consumption
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9- Diabetes causes nausea, dizziness and an increased heart rate which can cause fatal impacts on people with diabetes.

10- There are some worst effects of alcohol and diabetes on your body which include nerve problems, damage to eyes and vision, cancers of pancreas larynx mouth or liver, miscarriage, liver damage and heart related fatalities.

alcohol and diabetes
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11- Never consume alcohol on empty stomach specially if you have diabetes as food slows down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into our system

12- Drink slowly and never rush up as this may cause you dizziness and disorientation. Always have a snack along with alcohol

Drink slowly and never rush up
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13- A glucagon shot may not be effective at all if you have been consuming alcohol as the liver is too busy in digesting the drink.

14- Alcohol effects on diabetes can be reduced under health care guidance and the choice of drink, as not all drinks are that bad for diabetic patients. So to answer your query can diabetics drink alcohol, the answer is yes but in moderation under medical recommendation.

15- Alcohol for diabetes; what is the best one and what is the worst one. Check some non risk posing alcohol for diabetes:

  • Wine both red and white may help your body in using insulin better. If studies are to be believed wine may even make you less prone to Type 2 diabetes. Wine has heart benefits too and the only catch is, consumption in moderation as too much indulgence can cause you hypoglycemia.
  • Be careful of craft beers as they have high count for calories in the,. Also light or low carb are also not what they mean, so be off beer if possible.

16. Cocktails: Margaritas and mojitos can be consumed in moderation. Use sugar free and fresh fruit ingredients in preparing these cocktails. Also, use natural sweeteners if there is any need.

17. Sangria: Sangrias must be avoided as they contain a lot of sugar and soda which can add up the calorie count. There are a large number of fruits and juices involved in preparing sangria so it must be avoided.

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Diabetes and alcohol consumption must not be a routine habit, though moderation is the key but it is safe to avoid alcohol as much possible. The complications of diabetes can trigger fatalities with the consumption of alcohol. Be sure to check your blood sugar levels before indulging in alcohol and consult your health care provider for recommendation son doses and kinds of drinks you can consume and how often

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