Important Tips To Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Level

normal blood sugar level

Diabetes is proving to be one of the most dangerous diseases nowadays and is getting highly difficult for people across the globe to keep themselves away from it. Diabetes not only affects your entire health but also creates a way for other diseases to enter into your body, which deteriorates the situation even further. In this disease, proportion of sugar in your blood increases abnormally and creates various health issues. To counter diabetes in an effective way, it is highly important to maintain normal blood sugar level.

There are certain ways, through which you can control blood sugar levels in your body. According to various physicians, following healthy eating habits as well as spending good time on exercise helps you to maintain normal blood sugar level and stops it from increasing.

We have brought you the list of few important tips to maintain normal blood sugar level so that you can counter your diabetes in an effective way.

Tips To Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Level

Follow Mediterranean Diet

Various studies have found that the risk of developing diabetes in people following a Mediterranean diet is twenty-one percent lower than the people who doesn’t follow it. Mediterranean diet is completely based on plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, olive oil as well as whole grains. In this diet, while fish and chicken are consumed on daily basis, red meat, butter and sweets are not allowed. Olive oil, according to the experts, helps in curbing inflammation, while phytonutrients and fiber in the plant helps in controlling sugar level in your blood.

Eat Berries

Experts says that eating berries filled with anthocyanins, a substance which provides bright red and blue color to it, helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Eating berries on regular basis not only helps in keeping blood sugar levels at bay but also helps in lowering your body mass index.

Consume healthy breakfast

There is a reason why breakfast is called as an important meal of the day. Having a healthy meal at the start of your day helps in providing better energy to your body. Eating breakfast helps in stabilizing blood sugar level for the entire day. Eating breakfast with nice blend of proteins, fat and complex carbohydrates helps in maintaining your blood sugar level, according to the experts.

Start Exercising

Exercising is one of the great ways to maintain normal blood sugar levels. According to a study, people who spend minimum two and half hours for cardio and one hour for strength training are at the lowest risk of developing diabetes than the people who do not exercise. According to the experts, after exercise your muscle consumes more glucose and as you become fit your body also becomes more sensitive to insulin, according to the experts.

Start Walking

Continuous working in sitting position may increase your blood sugar levels. Experts says that getting 2 minutes walk for every 20 minutes sitting work helps in countering sugar level spikes. Getting a walk after eating also helps in controlling blood sugar levels, according to the experts.

Get Yourself Checked

It is important to take proper information about your blood sugar levels for accurate diagnosis. Get yourself checked on a regular basis helps you in knowing your blood sugar level as well as the risk of diabetes. Taking regular advice from the expert physician on your reports is also recommended by the experts.

Check Your Medicines

Taking few medicines to control asthma as well as to lower blood pressure levels may increase blood sugar levels. It is important to ask your doctor to get proper medicines without any such side effects to maintain your blood sugar levels. Having a close eye on medicines you consume also helps in avoiding any other health issues, experts says.

By Prajakt K.