Heightened Risks Of Back Pain For Diabetics, New Study Suggests

ImageSource: www.netdoctor.co.uk

Staying away from sweets is what is mainly the warning and precaution majority of the diabetics are provided with. If you are someone who is suffering from Diabetes, chances are that you might even develop higher risks associated with back pain and such. Given everything, it is important to ensure that you look out for the risk factors and opt for ways that would actually help in managing a healthy life.

A new study (R) conducted by the researchers from the University of Sydney have depicted for a fact that diabetes patients have 35% heightened risks of experiencing lower back pain and around 24% heightened risks of neck pain in comparison to the non-diabetic people.

These findings were based around the findings from the meta-analyses of several studies that have been linked with diabetes resulting in back or neck pain in the patients. The findings of this study were published in PLOS ONE.

Lower back pain along with neck pain is quite a common phenomenon that every other adult faces during their lifetime. If statistics are to be considered, over 382 million people suffer with Type-II Diabetes which is the more prevalent form in between the two.

Manuela Ferreira from the University’s Institute of Bone and Joint Research, who is the Associate Professor and senior author of the study, stated that there were not much relevance and evidence that could be used to establish a casual relationship between Diabetes along with neck or back pain. Keeping that aside, the findings of the analyses further warrant the investigation into this subject all the more.

Ferreira further exclaimed stating that they think that Diabetes and Lower back and neck pain are associated. There are no evidence as to why the same is happening and does require further and indepth research on the topic.

In order to push back better explanation on the matter, Ferreira stated saying that the relation between Type-II Diabetes as well as lower back pain do have a strong correlation when it comes to obesity along with lack of physical activity. In order to provide with concrete evidence regarding the same, it is important to examine the available data more and scrounge through more possibilities regarding the same.

This specific analysis contributes to the fact and evidence that weight control along with physical activity is what ends up playing an important role in managing the risks associated with back and neck pain in diabetics.

Furthermore, the study has also found that a potent reason behind the induced pain could be because of the consumption of Diabetes medication. The rate of cases concerning Diabetics and neck and back pain are on the constant rise as of now. If you have been consistently suffering from all this, it is best suggested to ensure that you opt for better modes of screening to keep the levels in check.