13 Ways To Release Anger – Harbor Healthy Outlets!

13 Ways To Release Anger Harbor Healthy Outlets

“Anger is the easiest form of self destruction”. Whoever said this was onto something because of how true it is. Not only does it affect your relationships with people around you, it is likely to take a toll on your mental health as well. This is the reason why finding healthy outlets and ways to release anger is the need of the hour.

If you have been struggling to keep your temper in check, it is very important that you take the initiative to learn better ways of doing that. Anger management is very much needed, especially if you don’t want your anger to end up consuming your sanity.

To help you get yourself out of your loop of anger and frustration, we have sorted out some of the healthy ways to release anger.

Healthy ways to release anger

Healthy ways to release angerThere is a difference between being angry all the time and being angry momentarily. Whatever it is that you do, it is likely that both of these will end up affecting your mental well being for the worse.

If you find yourself being frustrated even with the smallest of things, it is likely that you are not channeling your anger the positive and healthy way.

Moreover, bottling up your anger is another negative attribute that further worsens the condition.

If you don’t want to burst out like a shaken bottle of soda, follow these best ways to release anger.

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1. Think twice before you spew something out

Think twice before you spew something outThere could be a lot of instances that could piss you off in a day. The constant traffic, your badgering boss at work or even the cold lunch that tastes like feet.

The list is endless but the way you handle the anger and frustration is in your hands.

When you are faced with someone who is making you angry, it is likely that you might say something in the heat of the moment, not even realizing the kind of consequence it brings along.

If you are angry and you feel like you will burst out anyone near you, just take a moment before you speak. Process your thoughts constructively and analyze the kind of impacts your words could have on someone and your relationship with them.

Take a few moments away from the situation that is making you angry and collect your thoughts.

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2. Practice some deep breathing

Practice some deep breathingYet another one of the positive ways to release anger is by taking some deep breaths.

Deep breathing helps rejuvenate your mind and gives you the buffer time to collect your thoughts in one place before you end up speaking nonsense in the situation.

You will often witness that your breathing does become shallow when you are angry. This is your body’s response to the fight or flight incident.

Instead of giving into it further and reacting in the heat of the moment, one of the best ways to overcome that is by practicing some deep breathing exercises.

Close your eyes and collect your thoughts. Inhale in deeply from your belly and exhale through your mouth. Do this a few more times till you find yourself a little more relaxed than before.

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3. Cry it out

Cry it outIt might not come off as a positive way to handle your anger but it is one of the safest coping mechanisms when you are extremely angry or frustrated.

Crying helps you get a release and you are able to let go of all the frustrations and emotions that you have been bottling up within yourself.

It helps in releasing all the stored up negative energy within you and get a healthy outlet to the constant string of negative thoughts that you might have been experiencing.

Crying helps you connect with the pain better and you get to self reflect on things that you might have been trying to brush aside under the rug.

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4. Subject yourself to a “time out”

Subject yourself to a time outTime outs are not just for the kids who are being naughty. Often times, it is also a very healthy outlet for you to let go of the anger that has been bubbling inside of you. If you have been experiencing a negative impact on your mental health because of your anger, the best way to overcome that is by ensuring that you give yourself some time away from the source of the anger.

This is considered a very constructive and healthy way of projecting your anger.

If someone specifically is making you angry, excuse yourself from the situation and take a few minutes to just think back on this.

Take this time to think about how you will handle the situation.

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5. Handle the situation in a mature way

Handle the situation in a mature way

Once you know that you have calmed down enough from the rush of anger and the constant piss party, it is important that you reflect on the doings.

It is very important that you do release your anger in a constructive way. Instead of lashing out on someone to no extent, it is instead better that you focus on handling the situation in a mature way.

There are a lot of things that we do that are not right.

In such cases, it is very important that you look through the situation first. See what it is that you can do differently.

This itself helps solve a lot of problems.

Instead of just lashing out on someone, focus on finding constructive ways to tackle the same accordingly.

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6. Chant something to take your mind off of it

Chant something to take your mind off of itWhen you are finding yourself in a situation that is making you angry constantly, one of the best ways to release anger is by chanting something to calm your mind.

You can easily do something to take that off of your mind. For the most part, you don’t have to do much. Just focus on reciting something that you know will help you calm down.

Things like “it’s okay, it’s all good” are often considered a good enough option when you are trying to calm yourself down effectively. Just ensure that you do focus on finding something that works for you.

Keep reciting in and close your eyes. Focus on saying that constantly and the rest will effectively fall into place.

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7. Write it out

Write it outOne of the best ways to release anger constructively and in a healthy way is by writing your feelings somewhere.

This might not seem like a lot but trust me, it does help a lot in helping promote better projection of your anger.

To be honest, it isn’t tough at all. All you need is a journal and a pen.

Whatever has been bothering you or is bothering you in the moment, write the same down and let it out in a healthy way.

Writing your frustration out can help promote a better way of handling the anger and lets you self reflect on your emotions too.

This is one of the best ways to practice better control on your anger too.

Often, people who are angry, write in their journal only to end up tearing the pages to further express their frustrations.

This does help some people deal with the constant anger bubbling inside them.

If you have been experiencing something similar and have been looking for healthy ways to project your anger, try this out.

8. Work it out

Work it outYou will often see some people working out or hitting the gym when they are angry. As odd as it might seem in the moment, it is one of the best physical ways to release anger in a healthy way.

Often, if stress is the cause behind your anger, it is likely that you need some constructive way to tackle that for good.

It is not specifically necessary for you to be engaged in something specific. Do what you feel right in the moment and something that can further help channel better management of your anger.

Even studies (R) have found that working out helps in enhancing the endorphin levels in the body which further help keep your stress in check and you in a happy mood.

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9. Practice forgiveness

Practice forgivenessAs saint like as this might seem, this is not a preaching but one of the best advices on how to release anger in a healthy way.

One of the most common reasons behind the consistent anger and frustration is because of the pent up grudge within you.

If you have been cheated or you have had your trust broken, it is likely that you will carry it forward with you. I am not saying that is not justified or it is overreacting but, at one point, you have to let go.

Often, we are so wired up with things that have affected us in the past that we end up taking the grudge and the negative feeling with us forward in our life too.

This is one of the most common reasons that end up making us even angrier and we tend to lose control or inhibition over our own emotions.

10. Find humor in your anger

Find humor in your angerWhen you are stuck in the middle of a heated moment, one of the best ways to diffuse the tension is by finding humor in it.

Instead of taking things out of proportion and magnifying the issues for what they are not, take them in a lighthearted way. This doesn’t mean that you have to laugh in a serious situation; it is how you strike the balance in this is what makes all the difference.

The next time that you find your anger steeping in, think of something fun and analyze the situation from the perspective of an outsider.

Taking things lightly helps you create a better aura around you as well.

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11. Express your anger through a hobby

Express your anger through a hobbySome people like to paint and some like to express themselves via instruments.

It is all on you and the kind of hobbies that interest you.

The best way to overcome your anger and find a positive and healthy way is to take up a hobby that can help distract your mind from the trigger.

All the pent up frustration and the constant negative energy within you that you have been keeping bottled up can be expressed in a beautiful and constructive way via a hobby.

Not only are you translating your negative energy into a positive one, you also do get to work on improving your skill with the days.

There are several artists who have taken up painting as a mode of controlling their anger and frustration. This is actually an amazing escape and a healthy one too.

12. Work on the solution

Work on the solutionWe are more likely going to get angry when we can’t get things to work as per our wish. This is one of the reasons why it is important that you identify the problem in that case.

Once you have the problem sorted out, it does become a lot easier for you to tackle the consequences.

Instead of getting angry and frustrated and ending up breaking things, take a step back and think.

Think of a solution to the problem instead of letting your emotions taking the front load.

When you know what can be done to solve the problem, it is likely that the same will help you overcome the anger that has been bubbling inside of you.

If at all you can’t find things to do and you are stuck in a situation that you can’t control, focus on the things that you do have control over instead.

This might not be a very drastic step but it is something. Start out with smaller steps and then make your way up from there.

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13. Get the help you need

Get the help you need-Often, one of the positive ways to release anger is by talking to a professional in the field. You don’t necessarily have to do a lot of things, just get the help that you need.

Anger can consume you whole and affect your physical and mental well being. This is the reason why it is important that you understand when it is time to seek help for your condition.

While it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and angry every once in a while, it is not okay to have those feelings persistently.

If the feelings of anger and frustrating prevail continuously within you, even without a small reasoning to it, it is better that you seek necessary professional help for the condition.

It is all in those little steps that make all the difference.

Practicing healthy ways to release anger is a necessity. It helps in keeping your mental health in check and even prevents you from lashing out on someone at the moment. The last thing that you want is to experience lifelong guilt about something that you could have possibly averted. Anger management is very needful if you find yourself getting bugged about the smallest of things.