Why I Cry For No Reason? 6 Possible ‘Reasons’ Behind The Condition

Why I cry for no reason

How often in a month do you cry? Is it once, twice or way more than that? Do you find people calling you an “easy crier” and then you sit down and think, “Why I cry for no reason?” Is this something that you can relate around with?

It is not uncommon for people to cry. Instead, it is often suggested that crying is good for you. The main reason behind the same being the fact that crying provides with a healthy outlet for channeling out your frustration and an unnecessary negative string of thoughts that you have been struggling with.

By the end of this article, you will have a fair good amount of idea as to why you are crying for no reason and how one can rectify that said problem without any kind of issues whatsoever.

What are You Crying Randomly?

What are you crying randomly

For every action, there is an explanation behind it. Even if you don’t technically realize this, it is important that you know what is causing the uncontrollable crying for no reason. What this will do is help you cope better with the situation altogether.

1. Anxiety

AnxietyAnxiety and anxious behaviour is often times one of the most common reasons behind the prospect of “Why I cry for no reason.”

Not just for the moments of anxiousness, people who tend to suffer from anxiety disorder are often on the edge and tend to suffer very bad episodes of self acceptance and such. If you have been consistently suffering from pressure and the overwhelming feeling of nervousness, chances are that you are going to end up wanting to cry for no reason.

Some of the symptoms of uncontrollable crying because of anxiety include:

  • Being excessively worried about something
  • Being on the constant edge or being irritable time and time
  • Enhanced muscle tension
  • Constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue
  • Facing difficulty in concentrating on any task
  • Insomnia or having trouble getting quality sleep

2. Depression

DepressionDepression is yet another one of the common mood disorders that do have the capability of ending up making you crying for no reason at all. Well, technically, not “no reason” but sometimes the ones that you are often not even aware of.

This condition concerning your mental health does have the capability of ending up causing issues with one’s emotional state of mind, thus resulting in the uncontrollable crying for no reason.

If you are wondering why I cry for no reason, chances are that you are depressed and feel lost within your own mind. It is often very common for people to struggle through, owing to the fact that the condition makes you find no pleasure in the activities that you are indulging in.

Often times, some of the common symptoms of your crying being associated with depression include:

  • Constant state of sadness or gloominess
  • Constant presence of a low energy
  • Constant feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness about one’s self
  • Constant problems with focusing one’s concentration on a certain activity


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Bullying can often take a toll on one’s conscious state of mind. While the victim might become numb and very stand offish at the site where the bullying is happening, chances are that the constant feeling of “I feel like crying for no reason” often stems from the constant unrest in the school or where the bullying is taking place.

Every single person struggles with their fair share of insecurities and bullying tends to intensify them, thus further making one’s state of mental health even worse, without you even knowing the same.

If you have been having a constant battle with your bullies who are tearing you down both physically as well as mentally, chances are that you are going to end up wanting to cry for no reason at times during the day.

4. Pent up Frustration

Pent up frustrationBeing frustrated with a situation or happening is common, crying a constant stream of tears because of the same is common too.

With the kind of stressful lifestyle that we lead, it is not surprising that more and more people are finding it hard in them to tame their constant string of frustration within themselves. What this does is end up creating overall issues with one’s sanity.

Many people tend to have the habit of bottling things up which when gets out of hand is when the problem of crying starts to happen. You must have heard the term, “cry it out”, which means to let go off of the string of pent up frustration and letting go of everything.

5. Pseudobulbar affect

Pseudobulbar effect
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Not many people are aware of this but showcasing sudden signs and symptoms associated with sudden crying, anger or even laughing, for that matter, could be indicative of the Pseudobulbar effect (PBA).

PBA is a condition of an involuntary neurological state which is caused by the inflicted injuries on the varying parts of the brain. Disturbances in any parts of the brain are what are believed to be the main reason behind the same.

The condition is often referred to as emotional incontinence in which the uncontrolled emotions tend to start taking a toll on the minds of the people involved.

This condition is often considered to be common in people who have:

  • Suffered from a stroke
  • Suffering from Parkinson’s disease
  • Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease
  • Suffering from Multiple sclerosis

6. Lack of Self-Confidence

Lack of self confidence
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Lack of self-confidence is often considered to be one of the most common reasons behind why I cry for no reason.

People who lack proper self-esteem tend to be very fragile mentally and emotionally, which is why, any kind sudden outburst and such tend to have a very taxing impact on one’s mind, making it hard for them to go through the scenario without ending up crying through.

Additionally, a study (R) did find that women are prone to crying more in comparison to men. The main reason behind the same being the fact that testosterone has been found to be a possible inhibitor for the process.

Having a soft and fragile personality could very well be a reason behind the condition of uncontrollable crying for no reason.

How to Overcome this Situation?

How to overcome this situation
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Training your mind to become strong is definitely something that’s in your hands. You won’t even realize this but having healthy ways to fight through can actually be quite effective in getting rid of the problem of crying randomly in a very effective way.

1. Let it all out

Let it all outThe popular phrase “let it all out” often does work amazingly in handling the condition associated with you wanting to cry for no reason.

Even if you feel like there are no reasons behind your constant string of thoughts, chances are that your mental health isn’t at it’s optimal, thus resulting in such a hassle all along.

Crying it all out does help in bringing forth better relaxation to one’s mind, thus helping ensure that you don’t have to struggle along with the problem of having your emotions concealed within.

2. Seek Professional Help

Seek professional help
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Getting the required professional help can definitely be a lot helpful in fighting through the problems related to “Why I feel like crying for no reason.” It is quite extensive and if you are wondering what it means why you cry for no reason, chances are that your therapist will know the answer better to that than you do.

Professional help provides with a healthy way of handling one’s emotions which is definitely something that you can’t get over. If you are here wondering as to how to seek the best person to help you, make sure that you take your time to research or look up the best one around the area.

3. Get Social Support

Get social support
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If you are struggling to find answers for why I cry for no reason, chances are that you are struggling through the process of lack of social support around you. If you are living through a traumatic event or even struggling with your thoughts, chances are that the same can be handled effectively if you have people around you.

Getting help from friends and family and confiding in them does help in building and rebuilding the constant string of negative thoughts that is littering your mind and thereby helps in getting rid of it for good.

4. Try and Distract Your Mind

Try and distract your mindThere will always be something wrong in one’s life, mainly because of the fact that nothing is constant in anyone’s lives. All that being said, it goes without saying that the best way to overcome the same is by ensuring that you do try and distract your mind effectively by indulging in something better or something that you love doing.

What this does is help in getting rid or flushing out the constant negative thoughts in the mind and helps in getting rid of the problems associated with the reason behind the uncontrollable crying for no reason.

When it comes to finding answers for why I cry for no reason, the list of the same is quite extensive. There are a number of factors that do influence this and in order to overcome it better, it is very important to ensure that you find ways that will constructively help you get over the problems in an effective way altogether.