15 Ways To Boost Metabolism – Science Backed Hacks

Ways to boost metabolism

Metabolism comprises of all the possible chemical reactions occurring inside the body. While this is most definitely one of the most important physiological processes in the body, there are often instances when people experience a labored metabolism. There are several ways to boost metabolism.

Instead of relying on supplements and such to get you by, it is always best suggested to ensure that you do opt for the natural means of boosting the metabolism instead of relying on the unnecessary supplements from the get go.

By the end of this article, you will have a fair bit of idea about everything there is to know about how to increase metabolism and keep a steady and healthy well being.

Why Is Boosting Metabolism Necessary?

Why Is Boosting Metabolism Necessary
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As mentioned before, metabolism is what we call all the chemical reactions in the body. It is important to ensure that you do maintain a steady and healthy metabolic rate in the body for an overall better well being.

All that being said, it is very important to ensure that you do work on boosting your metabolism because there are a number of factors involved behind the same.

Some of the reasons why an increase to the metabolic rate is important are because of the following:

  • It helps in losing weight effectively
  • Keeps the overall physiological functioning of the body in check
  • Prevents the risk of several diseases
  • Burns calories and keeps the cholesterol levels in check

These are just the predominant reasons behind why boosting one’s metabolism is important and the same does run deeper than that.

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Check Out These Ways To Boost Metabolism Science Backed Hacks.

How to Boost Metabolism?

How To Boost MetabolismComing on to the primary focal point of the article, it is important we divert our focus on the varying natural ways to boost metabolism. Majority and possibly, all of the methods we are going to be suggesting are science backed.

1. Adhere to A High Protein Diet

Adhere To A High Protein DietWhat if I told you that eating can increase your metabolism? Sounds quite riveting, doesn’t it?

But, the only catch in this is to ensure that you adhere to a healthy eating routine. The thermic effect of food (TEF) is what ends up boosting the metabolism for a few hours. The same predominantly occurs because of the fact that the body needs extra calories to digest, absorb and finally process all the nutrients that we are ingesting.

Studies (R) have found that protein causes the highest rise in the TEF and increases the overall metabolic rate of the body by 15-30% depending on the source of protein you are consuming.

This is the reason why consuming a high protein diet is often advised because not only does it keep you full for a longer period of time, it also helps in boosting the overall metabolism.

2. Eat At Regular Times Throughout The Day

Eat At Regular Times Throughout The DayYet another one of the best ways to boost metabolism is by ensuring that you consume your meals at regular times throughout the day.

Eating your breakfast one day at 8 and then at 12 the next day isn’t going to impose very good impacts when it comes to your metabolism. Given the fact that the metabolism is a process, it does depend on the balance and regularity that you impose it with.

Consuming your food at consistent times is one of the best metabolism boosting methods altogether. Instead of eating just 3 heavy meals throughout the day, try and consume small snacks in 2-3 hours time gap.

3. Jog it out

Jog it outNow, we are not talking about the normal jogging that will help in boosting your metabolism. That is not how it works.

When you are going out for a morning jog, instead of going round in a constant speed across and around, it is best to increase the speed of the run by half a mile per hour for a minute and then return back to the normal speed.

It might not technically seem very effective but it actually is. What it does is help in getting in more oxygen into the body and boost the functioning of the mitochondria to work hard to burn energy all the more.

Enhancing the functioning of the mitochondria has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping boost the overall metabolism of the body very effectively.

4. Keep a Check on Calorie Cutting

Keep a check on calorie cutting
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Calorie cutting is definitely one of those factors that we can often go overboard with. Without even realizing, it is possible that you end up influencing your calorie cutting without ending up affecting your overall health for the worse.

In order to find ways to increase metabolism to lose weight, what many people often end up doing is that they drastically cut down over 1000 calories from their diet at one go. While many may deem this as a good enough thing to do, it technically isn’t.

Dropping out calories at a drastic amount from your diet ends up affecting the overall metabolic rate of the body too. Changes in the calorie intake do have impacts on your resting metabolic rate, thus reducing it by drastic amounts.

Maintaining standard calorie consumption does help a lot in maintaining the resting metabolic rate which has been found to be quite effective in maintaining a healthy weight as well.

5. Turn Down the Thermostat

Turn down the thermostat
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You might not technically realize this but one of the best ways to increase metabolism is by turning down the thermostat. Yeah, technically, maintaining a lower temperature surrounding you can be quite helpful in managing your metabolism and boosting it, for the lack of better words.

A study (R) publishes in Diabetes found that turning on the AC around to lower the room temperature can actually be a lot more helpful in transforming a person’s storage of brown fat in the body, thus making the bad fat in the body burn down to provide you with heat to keep you warm through and through.

6. Fidget Away

Fidget away
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hot many people realize this but fidgeting is actually one of the best natural remedies to speed up metabolism.

You might notice people being averted to the concept of fidgeting but if you want to know how to increase metabolism, this does play a very crucial role in the overall process.

Studies and researchers have found that fidgeters tend to burn around 500 calories a day without even actually knowing about it for a fact. If you make your calculations correctly, then the same does add up to around 1 pound on a weekly basis.

So, while you were tapping away with your foot or even your fingers drumming on the table, you were actively boosting your metabolism, thus contributing to the weight loss effectively.

7. Drink more water

Drink more waterOne of the best natural ways to boost metabolism is to up the amount of water you are drinking now. If you fail to drink the optimal amount of water on a daily basis, chances are that the same will most definitely end up affecting your overall metabolism as well.

Given the fact that 60% of our body is made of water, it is important to maintain healthy levels of the same through and through to prevent any kind of negative impacts on the body.

If you are thirsty and tend to reach out more for the sugar drinks instead of just plain water, it is time that you make that change in your life for the better.

Drinking cold water (R) (R) has been found to be one of the best metabolism boosting methods. The same is because of the fact that it makes the body work around to heat up, thus burning calories and boosting metabolism.

In a conducted study (R), the participants were suggested to drink half a litre of water before their main meals. The researchers found that the same did help in losing over 44% of the weight in comparison to the ones who didn’t.

8. Laugh away

Laugh awayIt is not technically a joke when people say that laughter is the best medicine, because, in reality, it is. Studies (R) have found that laughing your heart out can be very effective in increasing the overall basal energy expenditure as well as the resting heart rate in an individual by 10-20%.

What this entails is the fact that just indulging in 10-15 minutes of genuine giggling can most definitely help you shed off those extra pounds and burn down the calories by boosting the metabolism of the body.

9. Stand up and walk around

Stand up and walk aroundGiven the kind of work that majority of us indulge in, it is not at all surprising that we tend to spend around 8-10 hours of our day just sitting, typing away.

Sitting around (R) does have a very bad impact on one’s health, especially on their metabolism. Not many people realize this but the same has been found to slow down the metabolism and increase the deposition of abdominal fat, thus increasing the weight.

Long periods of sitting do end up contributing to very lesser burning of the calories in the body. If you stuck with your desk job, the best way to combat the condition is by indulging in standing up (R) (R) from time to time to help break through the problem of labored metabolism effectively.

Experts suggest investing on a standing desk too because even that has been found to have beneficial impacts in handling the metabolism in the body.

10. Green Tea Helps too

Green tea helps tooOne of the most common reasons behind labored metabolism is because of the free radical damage in the body. While not many realize thus but drinking green tea has been found to be quite beneficial in helping out with the overall prospect of free radical damage in the body.

Green tea is rich in catechins which is very effective in not just helping prevent free radical damage in the body but also helps in triggering the release of the fat from the fat cells and even promotes the liver’s capacity to turn fats into energy.

In a conducted study (R), in the two groups, one had to drink 4-5 cups of tea on a daily basis followed by 25 minutes of workout and the other group didn’t do any of it.

The researchers found that the group that did end up consuming the green tea were successfully able to shed off around 2 pounds which is definitely one of the amazing results because of the heightened metabolism altogether.

11. Consume More Spicy Food

Consume more spicy foodSpicy food is not always everyone’s favourite but if you are looking for natural ways to boost metabolism, this can definitely help a lot for the same.

Studies (R) (R) have found that the active compound in the spicy food, known as capsaicin, has been found to be quite beneficial in helping enhance and increase your metabolic rate in the body.

It is very important to not overbear your tolerance and effectively handle the same without any kind of issues altogether.

12. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Use extra virgin olive oilYet another one of the amazing natural remedies to speed up metabolism is by using extra virgin olive oil. The healthy fats are very essential for our body and can even help get rid of the problems associated with labored metabolism in the body.

The consumption of good fats in the body has been found to be quite beneficial in helping to reach your satiety faster and has even been found to have beneficial impacts in boosting your metabolism effectively.

The healthy monosaturated fatty acids in the olive oil has been found to be quite amazing in getting rid of the problems associated with the labored metabolism and lack of burning the excess calories from the body.

13. Get a Proper Sleep

Get a proper sleepYet another one of the amazing and effective ways to boost metabolism is by ensuring that you get a proper night’s sleep.

Studies (R) have found that sleep deprivation does have impacts on the overall condition of metabolism.

Not just that, the lack of sleep has also been linked with the increased risk associated with type-2 diabetes (R) (R) which further has the potential to contribute to a lousy metabolism.

If you have been trying to find ways to increase metabolism to lose weight, it is best suggested to get proper sleep because the same is associated with the levels of ghrelin and leptin secretion, thus helping boost the overall feeling of satiety in you.

14. Consume More Broccoli

Consume more broccoliYet another one of the best metabolism boosting methods is by consuming more broccoli. The combination of the calcium along with Vitamin C has been found to be quite amazing in helping boost the overall metabolism in the body.

Not just that, the reason why broccolis are considered best metabolism boosting vegetables is mainly because of the fact that it is loaded with fibers too which have been found to have amazing impacts in increasing the Thermic effect of food, thus helping boost the metabolism of the body.

Not just in helping boost the metabolism, broccoli has also been found to have beneficial impacts in preventing the risks of cancer, especially prostate cancer as found in one of the conducted studies where the participants experienced a 44% decrease in the risks by consuming just 3-4 servings in the week.

15. Include Coconut Oil

Include coconut oilMuch like the olive oil, even coconut oil has amazing impacts in helping get over the complexities associated with the lack of proper metabolism in the body.

Coconut oil is loaded with medium chain fatty acids (R) which have been found to have beneficial impacts in helping boost the body with healthy fats.

In one of the conducted study (R), the researchers found that the medium chain fatty acids did have potential in boosting the metabolism in the body by 12% in comparison to the long chain fatty acids.

This is the primary reason why switching the regular cooking oil with coconut oil is actually quite beneficial in combating the problems associated with the prospects of metabolism.

There is a plethora of ways to boost metabolism. It is important to ensure that you make healthier switches to your diet as well as your lifestyle because at the end of the day, that is what matters to provide with the best of results altogether. In here, we have suggested the 15 best ways to do so, but if required, there are a number of other options to look into as well.