8 Health Benefits Of Standing Desk You Possibly Didn’t Know Of

Health benefits of standing desk
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With the kind of life that we lead, there is no shock why the majority of the experts tend to blame our diet and lifestyle for the major diseases that we contract and suffer from. People who work at a desk job tend to spend 8-9 hours of their day sitting and typing away at a computer. While this implicitly does impact our health, switching to a standing desk can cut the problem short. The health benefits of the standing desk are profound and are gradually gaining importance.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the standing desk benefits that not many people might know of.

What is a Standing Desk?

What is a Standing Desk
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As simple as the wording for the product is, standing desk is a place where you stand and finish your work. Instead of sitting down on a chair for 8 long hours, you stand throughout and take breaks in between too.

This stand-up desk which is adjustable to your need, comforts and requirements is very ergonomically viable and makes it easier for carry on with your work. Not only does it effectively help improve your health, it also does aid in preventing several deadly lifestyle diseases that we are terrified of.

Research concerning the standing work desk benefits are still in the preliminary stages but the same is consistently been worked upon by the researchers to deduce the in-depth benefits associated with it.

What Are The Benefits Of Standing Desk?

What Are The Benefits Of Standing Desk
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As mentioned before, the ongoing research concerning the health benefits of standing desk is still in its stages of infancy. The researchers are still on the lookout for all the possible benefits that the standing work desk brings.

That being said, there are some benefits of the standing desk that are definitely worth a mention.

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Check Out these Benefits of Using Standing Desks At Work

1. Keeps Obesity At Bay

Keeps obesity at bay
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One of the most common ways that the sitting desk jobs affect our lives is because they induce little to no activity throughout the day. Being sat constantly often ends up preventing any form of calorie burning (R) which is associated with the rising risks of obesity.

The standing desk benefits by inverting the proportion of burnt calories to the ingested calories. If the amount you are consuming is more than what you are burning away, it will definitely contribute to obesity.

Standing at the desk (R) during work helps burn off around 170 calories which is pretty impressive.

2. Relieves Back Pain

Relieves Back Pain
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Consistently sitting for longer periods of time ends up affecting your muscle motility, especially that on the back and the lower back.

One of the health benefits of the standing desk is the fact that it aids in getting rid of the signs and symptoms associated with back pain. In a conducted study back in 2011, it was found that the workers who spend around 66 minutes of their time during the day standing instead of sitting and working successfully cut down their back pain by 55%.

3. Manages Blood Sugar Levels

Manages blood sugar levels
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A sedentary lifestyle and lack of proper diet is often two of the most common reasons behind the induction of diabetes in an individual. It is not necessarily uncommon for people to develop this condition owing to the kind of lifestyle we lead.

In a conducted study (R) amidst 10 subjects it was found that the workers who stood and worked for 180 minutes following their lunch break had around 43% of spike in their blood insulin level which was definitely something not witnessed otherwise.

Not just that, even alternatively standing and sitting (R) for around 30 minutes was found to lower the risks of developing diabetes, especially type-2 diabetes by around 11%.

4. Reduces The Cardiovascular Diseases

Reduces the cardiovascular diseases
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The correlations of induction of heart disease related deaths with that of standing have been in practice since way back in history. Back around 50 years ago, researchers conducted a study (R) in which they found that people who worked their day standing had half the risks of developing issues in comparison to the one who did the opposite.

A recently conducted study which compiles the data collected from over 800,000 people successfully claims that the conclusions drawn 50 years ago stand true still to this day. It is believed that the same is applicable mainly because of the fact that standing helps burn the excess calories which boost the heart activity on a whole.

5. It’s Like Running A Marathon

It-s like running a marathon
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Just the mere act of standing helps burn off 0.7 calories every single minute. That’s pretty impressive, right? So, if you calculate, just standing desk benefits you by burning off around 30000 calories in a year. If statistics are to be believed, that is the amount of calories you burn off when you run 10 marathons in a year.

If you are here wondering how is it even possible, well, the activity depends on your level of motivation. Stay motivated and ensure that you don’t steer off and do it once and take it granted for the rest of the year.

6. Boosts Your Overall Productivity

Boosts your overall productivity
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Your health confers the kind of productivity you will contribute or generate. When you usher down the health benefits of standing desk, it helps uplift your overall health and well being which is often correlated to the kind of productivity you have.

If you have a fresh mind and thought process, chances are that the same is going to be reflected on the productivity too.

7. Increased Life Span

Increased life span
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Our lifespan is predominantly dependant on how we are spending our today. If our health is not at its optimal, chances are that the same is going to affect our overall lifespan. Standing work desk benefits by not just impacting our overall health, it also promotes an active lifestyle which is one of the key factors when it comes to increased lifespan.

8. Better Mood And Energy

Better mood and energyIt has been found that people who worked on a standing desk had better mood and energy in comparison to the ones who sat all throughout. It is not just a random saying; it is actually a scientifically proven fact.

In a study conducted for a one week trial, it was found that the subjects who used standing desks in comparison to sitting at their desk all day reported lesser levels of stress and fatigue. In the same study, 87% of the subjects reported having 87% improved energy levels which was an added bonus.

While sedentary lifestyle is often linked with depression and anxiety, standing and being active impacts one’s health oppositely.

Standing Desk Vs. Sitting Desk

Standing desk Vs. Sitting desk
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As mentioned till now, the health benefits of standing desk are profound. If you are here wondering what can be done differently to help ensure better life and productivity, it is best advised to switch the way you work.

Instead of constantly relying on sitting throughout the entire day, it is best advised to stick to standing desks which instil an improved activity and also helps in getting rid of the sedentary lifestyle that could contribute to a number of factors.

How Long To Stand At Standing Desk?

How long to stand at standing desk
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Now that we have more or less discussed the common standing desk benefits, it is the time we discuss the time frame one needs to follow when it comes to working at a standing desk. It is quite important to ensure that you end up taking breaks in between your standing to no aggravate your condition even further.

That is possibly the last thing anyone wants.

Stand between 60-65 minutes at a stretch and then sit down for a few minutes and then stand again. This induces better motility and helps you have better accessibility to the overall body functions.

The health benefits of the standing desk are quite profound. If you have been constantly complaining about varying things in your life relating to your health, it is best that you switch up positions and end up with a standing desk instead of sitting throughout the day for better health benefits.