7 Effective Ways To Cut 500 Calories A Day

ways to cut 500 calories

One of the best ways to lose your weight is to burn the calories you consume through physical exercises or through proper diet as well as taking proper nutrition. There are few effective ways to cut 500 calories per day. According to the experts, you can certainly cut down 500 calories from your intake every day, which can result in burning of over a pound of calories per week. This helps you in getting your weight loss in line and helps with providing more.

Weight loss not only keeps you fit but it also keeps you away from various diseases which can sometimes prove life-threatening. We have brought you a list of the most effective, but simple ways to cut down your calorie intake for a perfect weight loss.

1Ways To Cut Down 500 Calories A Day

2Control nut consumption

Control nut consumption

Although nuts are highly helpful for heart and contains various food fat, which helps in improving heart health, it also contains calories in huge quantities. Nutritionists says that a one handful of oil-roasted nuts contains 175 calories and 3 handful contains 525 calories. Experts recommend that although cutting consumption of nuts altogether can save more than 500 calories, considering the fact that nuts are essential, you can eat pistachios, whose 2 handfuls only contain 159 calories. Most importantly, shelling of those will lower down your munching.

3Don’t eat food in front of TV

Don’t eat food in front of TV

Nutritionists say that eating in front of TV, results into the consumption of 288 more calories, which can imbalance whole structure of your diet. To avoid this, you should eat your food on the table and should leave the TV switched off. Taking a walk after having a meal also consumes more than 520 calories, according to the experts.

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4Restrict salad toppings

Restrict salad toppings

Even though huge salads have been considered as a great health product, toppings on salads takes calorie consumption to an entire new level. Experts says that salad toppings such as caramelized nuts, avocado, bacon, cheese crumbles, croutons, dried fruits as well as vinaigrette contains huge calories. You can save up to 500 calories by adding just one topping with low calorie.

5Limit whipped items

Limit whipped items

Various whipped products, such as creams and dessert-like coffee collection are high in about 670 calories and consuming them can create problems in your diet. You should avoid having large sizes of whipped milk, syrups as well as whole milk. If you cannot control much, just try a shot of espresso, which contains on 40 calories and you can save up to 640 calories, according to the experts.

6Serve you food for yourself

Serve you food for yourself

It is another hack for burning calories while taking food. Serving your food for yourself will make you sit up from the table and go to the kitchen to take food from next rounds. This will help in cutting down your calorie consumption as well as burning calories in the body. Experts says that you can burn up to 100 calories by just bringing your dish on the table before eating.

7Control eating of pasta

Control eating of pasta

Although it has been found that one cup of pasta contains only 220 calories, eating pasta like a dinner in home or restaurants can be 480% larger than that. This has been found in a study conducted by a prestigious university. This pasta can contain calories up to whooping 1,056. You can get less calories by eating even noodles for two cups. Two-cup noodle consumption saves you 616 calories, nutritionists says.

8Don’t eat food with too many guests

Don’t eat food with too many guests

According to the experts, eating with more than seven guests will result into taking 96 percent more foods than your normal diet. This can prove highly harmful for your body. Eating this much of the food is just like doubling your dinner. Experts also says that you can save up to 500 calories by eating your meal with fewer guests.

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By Prajakt K.