How To Manage Anger? 15 Effective Ways to Handle Sudden Rage

How to manage anger

Anger is the bane of our existence, isn’t it? Whatever the reasons be, rage or anger is a very common expression that we end up showcasing. But, how to manage anger?

Any angry situation can end up making you do and say things that you probably didn’t even think of saying. Given the fact that we end up losing our inhibition during these occasions, it is not surprising that we end up repenting our moments of weakness during anger.

By the end of this article, you will know about a few effective ways that can actively help you manage your anger and provide you with a healthy outlet for the same.

How to Manage Anger?

How to manages angerDealing with anger issues isn’t something that is fixed in a matter of seconds. If you want to successfully be able to handle the raging anger, it is important that you have some healthy outlet to work with.

Check Out These Effective Tips For Anger Management

Some of the best anger management tips include:

1. Understand that Anger is an Actual Problem

Understand that anger is an actual problemIf you don’t necessarily understand the fact that anger is an actually problem, it is completely futile if you don’t even realize the fact that your anger is a problem that needs fixing.

The main reason why anger is considered a negative thing in our life is mainly because of the fact that it has the possibility of ruining relationships and putting people in negative social situations as well.

One of the best ways to get rid of anger is to make yourself realize that this is, in fact, wrong and comes with unwanted consequences that no one wants to experience altogether.

2. Take Some Time Before you Speak

Take some time before your speakAnger often stems from disagreements and unwanted misunderstandings. These are the kind of situations that test your patience and test your overall patience level.

If you are finding yourself getting angry, it is always best suggested to try and calm down your mind by playing around with some other subject and distract your mind from the same.

One of the most important factors in anger management skills is to think before you speak. Speaking something out in the heat of the moment is quite easy but the after effects aren’t.

In order to avoid doing that, it is always best suggested to manage your anger in a healthy and constructive way and even find better ways to think before you speak.

3. Recognize the Symptoms

Recognize the symptomsIf you are stuck in a situation that is making you angry, you would know the signs and symptoms of the bubbling anger inside you. The only thing you need to do is recognize them and realize for a fact that you need help to control and deal with the problem.

If you find yourself feeling any of the mentioned points below, it is mandatory for you to bellow out the negative impacts from the same and distance yourself from the situation to be able to successfully deal with the anger issues.

Some common signs and symptoms include:

  • Searing redness on the face
  • Gritting the teeth
  • Fisting your palm
  • Shaking and anxiety
  • Pounding of the heart
  • Being snappy and defensive
  • Being critical of someone excessively

If you feel something like this, distance yourself from the trigger to be able to handle the problem successfully.

4. Don’t Bottle up

Don-t bottle up

One of the major reasons behind the persistent rage in an individual is because of the kind of feelings swirling around in one’s mind.

Bottling feelings up is very common in individuals that make them burst out later.

When you constantly have feelings and pent up frustration bottled up within you, it starts building up within you and when the maximum limit is reached, chances are that you will end up bursting out unnecessarily.

One of the best ways when it comes to how to manage anger is to avoid bottling feelings up. Instead of doing so, just ensure that you have a healthy outlet for all the frustration and irritation that you are feeling inside you.

This will help you handle and manage your anger in the best way possible.

5. Monitor your Anger

Monitor your anger

As unnecessary as it might sound, monitoring your anger and keeping a daily log can actually be helpful in dealing with anger issues and keep the situation under control.

It is necessary to keep track of every single episode of the anger tantrums that you face in your daily life. For each of the problems you face related to your anger, try and keep a log of the same. This will be helpful for you to keep a track of the triggers and the situations that are projecting such instances.

When you have a track of the same, it does become easier for you to keep track of the downsides and also aids in providing with better and much more systematic answers to all your habits altogether.

It helps in training your mind know the negatives and recognizing them which aids in keeping you away from the same as well.

6. Calm Down Before Expressing

Calm down before expressingIn order to be able to constructively handle your anger, it is important you first calm down your anger. You won’t necessarily find useful outcomes when you lash out when you are angry.

It is actually very important to calm down and let the steam blow off before you express what is upsetting you and what is causing the problem in the first place.

It is actually very important to express and channel your frustration when you are finally thinking clear and know what you are speaking. Be assertive and non-confrontational about the situation and be clear about your stance without being hurtful to the one on the receiving end.

7. Identify the Trigger

Identify the trigger

It might not necessarily seem like much but one of the best ways on how to manage anger is by identifying what is causing it in the first place.

There could be a plethora of reasons behind you being angry and while that is common and understandable, it is also very important to ensure that you know what triggered the problem altogether.

Apart from a situation or a person being a trigger, there could be a number of factors that could be influencing this. You could be under a lot of pressure or even experiencing mood swings that could be a factor behind the same.

Whatever the problem is, it is necessary you reflect back on the situation and understand what is causing this in the first place.

8. Inhale! Exhale!

Inhale ExhaleAs cliche as it might sound, one of the best ways of dealing with anger issues is by breathing in an out for three times.

When you are angry and there is something that is frustrating and getting on your nerves, it is very common for your body to become tense and unmoving altogether.

One of the best ways of handling the same is by taking in deep breaths and exhaling the same out. This helps to calm down your anger and aiding in successfully channeling the anger in a constructive way rather than ending up being an omen.

9. Indulge in Some Exercise

Indulge in some exerciseOften times, it might necessarily not seem like a lot but exercise does help in the anger management skills.

It is believed that people who suffer from excess anger issues and even have negative ways of channeling their anger should indulge in some form of physical exercise to be able to successfully channel their anger and frustration.

Exercising does impact the overall stress levels in the body and has been found to have positive impacts in handling it in a constructive way. If you find yourself stuck in a situation that is testing your patience, try and indulge in some run or even just go for a boxing session to get that frustration out.

10. Count to 100


It might not necessarily help you calm down your anger completely but does help in mitigating the situation from getting worse.

When you count and think of something else rather than what is causing you to become angry, it does help in ensuring that you distract yourself from the triggers and hence aids in handling the anger in a positive way.

It also does help you in bringing all your thoughts together and gather yourself better rather than bursting out all of a sudden.

11. Imagine a STOP Sign

Imagine a STOP signImagining a dark red STOP sign when you get angry can actually help in managing your levels of anger.

Many people who try dealing with anger issues have been found to actively have a rubber band secured around their wrist or even have a sponge ball with them at all times.

What this does is help in channeling the anger through these outlets and thus provides you from breaking down right at the first go altogether.

This helps you put things into perspective and prevents you from being subjected to a humiliating situation altogether.

12. Don’t Hold a Grudge

Don-t hold a grudge

Holding a constant grudge in the mind can actually end up being a problem for you in the long run. You might not necessarily realize this but holding grudges do have a very negative connotation on one’s mind.

Being negative about someone or something will end up making you irritated with every single prospect associated with them and make you angry easily.

Instead of holding a grudge, try and move on from the situation and be forgiving because otherwise the negative thoughts will start infesting in your mind and make you even angrier.

13. Talk to Someone

Talk to someoneOne of the best ways on how to manage anger is talking out the problems with someone.

It is very important to talk to someone who would understand the problem and even provide with better opinions on the same. Talk to someone who you trust and who would be able to take the burden off of your shoulders.

The person in question could be anyone, be it a friend, family or even someone who you trust enough to share the problems with.

14. Laugh Instead

Laugh insteadLaughing is actually the best medicine if you look into it.

If you have been trying to calm down your anger, switch the situation to something funny. When you are dealing with someone stuck in a situation of anger, try and engage yourself in a situation that would make them laugh instead.

Handling the situation lightheartedly helps in better anger management and even helps diffuse the anger a lot faster in a constructive way.

15. Write it Down Instead

Write it down insteadOne of the best anger management tips to handling the uncontrollable rage is by trying to write everything down.

What this does is help you have a healthy outlet for your anger and does aid in preventing you from lashing out on someone unnecessarily.

Maintain a journal or such and keep a log of the triggers that is causing your anger and trust me, the rest will fall into place.

How to manage anger is a very commonly asked question. If you are here wondering how to channel your anger in a constructive way, it is best suggested finding healthy outlets for the same. There could be a number of triggers that could test you; it is up to you how you handle the situation and mould it into a positive outcome.