How To Overcome Self Doubt? 18 Ways To Boost Your Confidence


“Your self-doubt doesn’t define who you are even what you are capable of.” This is one of those quotations that is not over the top and actually true. Still wondering how to overcome self doubt? I got you.

In this world of vivid competition, floundering confidence is very common. If you have been struggling with your confidence levels, it is time that we work together to make some changes, shall we?

In this article, we are going to share some amazing tips for overcoming self doubt and get rid of it with gradual steps for a better mental well being.

How To Stop Doubting Yourself?


The process of building up your confidence is not something that happens with the snap of the fingers. It is actually a work in progress, one that takes time to nurture and finally produce favourable results in the end.

Here, we have shared some easy ways, practicing which can help boost your confidence and get rid of self doubt one at a time.

1. Put A Halt To The Thoughts


Overthinking is the root cause behind the extended realms of self doubt. While you won’t even realize that you have been overthinking, it casually creeps into your brain, making you assess everything in detail. When you feel like there is a bubbling build up of the self doubts inside you, start by putting a halt to these thoughts.

Say No!

Don’t let these streams of negative thoughts spiral out of control from where you can’t bring them back. These negative implications and thoughts often tend to start off much like a whisper which can become loud voices consuming your trail of thoughts. You need to nip the bud right at the initial stage and prevent it from becoming what it shouldn’t.

Chant No and stand against those thoughts and the results can actually help you heal better.

2. Confide To Someone


Majority of the times what we fail to do is understand that we are not alone. Even if your mind is washing away with crippling doubt, all you have to do is take that step forward and talk to someone about the problems that are consuming you every single day.

Even if you don’t have a friend, a family works too. Sometimes, even strangers tend to have an amazing way of showing reassurance that stays with you and impacts your thoughts. Confiding into someone (R) (R) actually helps you feel light and when you know that there is someone to listen to your rants and rambles, the feeling of overwhelming loneliness shatters and is one of the best ways on how to stop doubting yourself.

3. Stop The Comparison


If you are someone who struggles with self doubt, the very first that you need to do is stop comparing yourself with everyone around – be it friends or even family or random strangers walking past you. If you are consistently trying to compare your achievements (R) with something that you saw on Instagram, crippling doubt about your achievements are bound to come up.

You know what you can do otherwise? Start by comparing yourself to yourself. Instead of comparing your achievements with someone else’s just do so with your own. Find out how far you have come along and how you have progressed to what you have been in the past.

The knowledge of how you have achieved success, grown and kept going will actually help you get rid of self doubt gradually without having imposed the negative implications of them.

4. Reflect On The Past


Your past is like a blackboard for you to look into. If you have been consistently trying to put everything behind and put a dump over it, it is most likely that you will end up not moving on from the same which is equally destructive and can prevent you from overcoming your self doubt.

It is an important look back in time and actually question yourself how many times your self doubt were actually true? Did they amount to anything eventually or was it just your mind running 1000 miles per hour just for no apparent reason?

If the answer is the latter, you need to keep that mind and move on from this and not let the same bring you down every single time without any constraints. Assess how much you have grown since the past has been trying to tear you down and you will find that speck of self doubt gradually fizzling away.

5. Stop Thinking About People


One of the main answers to what causes self doubt is thinking about people’s perception of you. This is exactly what tends to prohibit you from doing and achieving what you could have otherwise. It is most likely that the group of people that you just saw behind you, giggling, were not even talking about you.

If you have been questioning, “Why do I doubt myself?”, it is most likely that you are way too worried about what other people are thinking about you and that’s where the crippling doubt seeps in.

When you constantly keep thinking what people are going to think about something you do, that is when the problem starts. If you are not close to these people in question, it is time to stop thinking about their opinions and let them live their own opinions about you. And do you know the strange thing? For the most part, the majority of the people don’t even care what you are thinking or doing.

6. Be Optimistic About A Situation


It is quite common for people with self doubt to be very pessimistic about situations which are actually very common because for them, failure is synonymous to anything they try to do. If you are practicing ways of overcoming self doubt, it is important that you start your day and thoughts with optimism rather than the complete opposite of it.

If you are looking for ways to help you boost along the way, just spend some time with someone with a positive outlook, or even just listen to some influencing podcast and let that feeling of positivity and optimism flow into your mind and overall body.

If you feel like there are going to be challenges along the way, it is best to simply just start with thinking constructively on how you can overcome the same and rise above the wall of self doubt.

7. Learn From Your Set Backs


The worst thing that someone with crippling doubt can do is simply give up when they are faced with a setback. If you are someone who is constantly withering because of the persistent failures that you are facing, it might be because of the kind of outlook you have on your life and possible achievements.

Instead of just giving up from the setbacks, the best way you can easily overcome them is by fighting back and learning from them. If you are faced with a failure, it is most likely because you did something wrong in the process. Identify the flaw and give your best game the next time to excel in the task the next time around.

8. Forgive Yourself First


You really can’t expect to move on from a situation if you are still stuck thinking what was it that you did wrong. Forgiving yourself is quite important because not only does it help you learn, it helps you grow too.

One of the most common ways of handling self doubt is by being angry at yourself, even if it is not your fault. This consistent grudge often takes a shape of that from where it becomes quite hard to come back. Start with being forgiving to yourself (R) and stop beating yourself up about a situation that is either done with or has no impact in your coming life anymore.

Move past it and let it go.

9. Hone Your Skills


Every single one of us is blessed with some form of skills only they can do best. While you are subduing yourself in the self of self doubt, it is time you identify your skills that you are good in and polish them for the best kind of results. If you have been sitting here trying to get everything catered to you, it is how it’s going to work.

If you have any kind of presentation that you need to present, it is best you practice it in front of the mirror multiple times to feel confident enough to not fumble with your words. It is always in those little changes that help in overcoming self doubt.

Sharpen and hone your skills, which are the way you can achieve success.

10.Celebrate The Smallest Victories Too


People who often struggle with lack of self confidence in what they do end up feeling so mainly because of the consistent downgrades that they have had to face all throughout their lives. This is why it is important to celebrate even the smallest of the victories and not let the fear of failure succumb your actions.

Failure is a part of the process and if you are here worrying just about it, chances are that you will not appreciate when you actually end up achieving something. So, drop everything and even if your achievement is not groundbreaking, celebrate it with pomp and joy. It is important you do so because then you will understand the extent you have come forth.

11. Let The Plan Take Shape


Many times, we plan something ahead of time and when the same ends up being unsuccessful, we tend to curse ourselves for the process. It is quite common for a plan to not work out in the end which is why it is sometimes nice to let the time take its course and not let plan everything ahead of yourself.

Planning everything ahead often times end up becoming a lot draining and can ignite the self doubt again in you. Indulge in a bit of a rough planning and let the time take its course and see what you have coming in front of you. This lets you jump out of your comfort zone which is quite beneficial when it comes to how to deal with self doubt.

Embark on some new experiences and just enjoy the ride as it goes ahead.

12. Set Immediate Goals


Just like the gif above, don’t let your life stomp your over. Set immediate goals and start working on achieving them. It might seem like a lot in the beginning but trust me, the end results will leave you shocked and that too, in the best way possible.

It is not always about the long term and close to “impossible” goals but the short term attainable goals that make an impact on your life. These short term goals are often achieved faster and at rapid successions which help you feel accomplished and can help get rid of self doubt for good.

13. Be In Company Of Right People


People with self doubt seek appreciation and encouragement and if you are surrounded by people who are consistently doing the complete opposite of that, it is time you take necessary actions and make some changes to the kind of people you keep around yourself.

If you want to get rid of the crippling doubt, it is necessary that you take charge and seek out the company of the people who will actually end up encouraging you (R) and boost your confidence. Start distancing yourself from the people who are consistently dragging your down and adding in an unnecessary dose of pessimism that you don’t really need in your life.

14. Face Your Fears


Facing your fears is important and very beneficial when it comes to overcoming self doubt. The moment you let your fears and self doubt consume you and lead your personal life, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to achieve anything substantial.

Self-evaluation is the best way on how to stop doubting yourself and tackle whatever is thrown your way. The moment you make up your mind about facing whatever is thrown your way irrespective of the consequences, that’s when you can easily get over your self doubt.

If you are constant letting your fear take control, chances are that you will never be able to taste the actual success which is the last thing you want. Once you start facing your fears, overcoming the trail of negative thoughts becomes quite easy.

15. Do Something Productive


Don’t let your thoughts stay empty and idle because that’s where the problem arises. When you have nothing to do and have a lot of time to think and possibly, overthink, times like these end up triggering your negative thought process and affects the way your brain functions about the perception of you.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, start with distracting yourself and stop letting the demons in your mind consume you. Instead, start doing something productive or even indulge in some form of extra-curricular activity to keep yourself distracted from the running thoughts in your mind.

16. Gratitude Journals Help Too


If you are wondering what gratitude journals are, they are nothing but the list of things that you were thankful happened that day. It might seem like a little to extra but it is very effective in overcoming self doubt.

When you have a good count of the good things that have happened all along the way, it makes it easier for you to have a better perception of the good things happening in your life and can actually take the course of the crippling doubt away from you and that is exactly what you need in your life.

17. Calm Your Mind


The best way to have a grip over your mind is to tame it with your inner well being. If stress is something that has been consuming you whole in the process, it is best if you let off of those negative thoughts and indulge in any kind of practice or activity that helps boost your spiritual awakening.

Yoga and meditation are the best way to tame and calm the rushing thoughts (R) (R) in your mind. If you have want to help get rid of the consistent flow of negative stream of thoughts, you can do so effectively with a daily dose of active meditation every single day.

Make sure that you stick to the schedule and do it regularly for the kind of positive results that you are actually seeking out for.

18. Rise Above Your Self Doubt


As mentioned before, boosting one’s self confidence and getting over the constant stream of self doubt is not something that happens within a moment – it is a work in progress and it is important to ensure that you don’t let your crippling doubt get the best of you and rather, fight back against it.

Be determined with your thoughts and achieving actually does become a lot easier than what you would have thought.

Self doubt and lack of confidence is not something that you need to be ashamed of. Every single person, at some point in their life has undergone similar circumstances. It is how one rises above these negative thoughts and setbacks and make a complete recovery and achieve new heights is what makes all the difference. Are you one of them too?