14 Secret Traits Of A Happy Person That You Can Adopt Effortlessly

14 Secret Traits Of A Happy Person That You Can Adopt Effortlessly

Are you trying to find the happy version of yourself? The worldly matters, personal and work stress are the culprits that suppress your happiness. It could be that you forgot the “happy you” which needs to be embraced with your old traits. The valuable traits to be a happy person are simple to learn and be it in reality.

Sometimes, you just need a gentle reminder as you fall into the pool of busy life. The most unwanted feeling is not knowing the reason for your sadness. I wish, the people who deserve happiness get it without too much struggle. Hope the wishes come true but not to forget to bring out the hidden traits that let you be a happy soul.

These traits are not only to be a happy person but also to let others be happy. How amazing is it to brighten someone’s day with a heartfelt greeting or a wide smile. It is only when you are happy from within so be it. An initial note is to always look at the bright side of your life.

Traits Of A Happy Person That Everyone Can Adopt

1.Focus on present moment

Focus on present moment

Wandering around the past and analysing the future are the culprits that steal your happiness. If you want to be happy person then follow Traits to be a happy person and you must focus on the present moment. Think how to make the present movement productive which builds a bright future for you.

Of course, you must be mindful of your present actions but don’t revolve around the past and future as it gives you anxiety and stress.

Your memories may take you back to the past for which you don’t have to blame your poor brain. It is quite natural to remember and be stuck with the past but find a way to pull yourself out of it. There would be situations that wake you up about the future for which you must be prepared with actions rather than just worrying. Once you give your best then leave the rest and live the present moment wholly.

2.Self confidence

Self confidence

A secret but not a secret of happiness is self confidence. Be confident about your capabilities, choices and decisions. For instance, you may choose a career path but you would see many hurdles while reaching the goals. It could be a test of your self confidence and self esteem. Go through the testing times with self confidence, believe in yourself. When you are not self confident, the right path can become miserable.

When you are confident, even a challenging goal can become a simpler one. Lack of self confidence can make your life vision complicated for you. This can impact your happiness as well so gain your confidence to hit the milestones.

3.Expression of gratitude

Expression of gratitude“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness,” said author Amy Collette. We must agree with the author as gratitude is truly a boost for happiness. It doubles your happiness when you express gratitude in life. Spending an evening in the backyard with your loved ones, affording your favorite clothes and delicious food can be the reasons for your gratitude. You are privileged to live a healthy life when things are uncertain around the world.

We may not be the reason for our own happiness, it could be someone else. Even then you must take a moment to thank that person, express your gratitude. A moment of gratitude for you and the other person can strengthen your bond.

4.Optimistic in nature

Optimistic in natureAccomplishing your goals and expecting a positive result is a fuel that keeps you going in life. You must have the hopes of winning as you deserve it.

You may fail and fall after several attempts but being an optimistic person is the secret for your happiness. You may come through the testing times in life where optimism can save you and push you forward. Traits to be a happy person believe in developing optimism and remember it at every step of their life. That is how some people are happy even when they fall but they definitely reach their point with this positivity.


AdaptabilityCan you assure your happiness wherever you are? If it’s a no then you are not adaptable to the places and situations. If you want to be happy and create a harmonious atmosphere then you must learn to be adaptable.

Imagine you have migrated to a new place and you are not happy with the surroundings. It may not go with your living standards but you cannot complain about it. You have to adapt to a happy and healthy lifestyle, culture and duties. You can escalate it when it is bothersome for your safety and health. Either change or adapt but don’t be upset with it. This is how you can be a happy person wherever you are.

6.Finding humour

Finding humourHumour is another way to be happy! You may not find a great reason to be happy but it takes the silly jokes and funny moments. Having fun filled times with family and friends where you can generate and find humour. During such blissful moments with your people, you get to laugh over and over again. Laughter is a stress buster and relieves the mental tension in hectic life.

If you want to be happy with yourself then start smiling and laughing. Be a reason for someone’s smile which gives you immense happiness. Appreciate other humor and be surrounded with people who appreciate humour.

7.Have less expectations

Have less expectationsIf you are emotionally upset then it could be your expectations. The high expectations from people and a situation can disappoint you to the core. It is understandable but you must affect your happiness with an unexpected result or reaction. The best thing that you can do to yourself is not having expectations.

It is impossible to have no expectations at all. So, you can expect but let it be practical and keep it to the minimum. Having practical expectations cannot disturb your life much for sure. It is applicable in every other aspect of life.

When you have no expectations from a person or a particular situation then you will experience less heart breaks. Most of the time, people tend to carry expectations which may sometimes go wrong. So, be prepared to face it, show your boldness of fighting the situation rather than just escaping with sadness.

8.Be your first priority

Be your first priorityBring self priority to your mind no matter what. We forget the mistake over time but not the regrets that leave a mark. So, when you don’t give yourself the first priority, you will be left with a mark that becomes hard to go. At least, you must realize this fact before it’s too late for you.

Prioritizing others, their wellness is important too. Being selfless while giving importance to self is possible. A life of regrets can never spread happiness.

9.Follow your dreams

Follow your dreamsIf you are in search of happiness then fact check whether you love what you do. You may want to reach some other destination but still take the wrong path. It could be your career, relationships, living or a lifestyle.

Doing something you love will never be a burden but it gives happiness in abundance. It is right that you cannot shift your career instantly or change your lifestyle on the spot. But start with small changes to make it a loving life that you are living. Then happiness becomes all yours.

And again, it doesn’t mean that a loved work or life wouldn’t have any hurdles. Life is uncertain and sometimes, uncontrollable so it is common to have ups and downs. But you will tackle it with all will and wish to make it right when you love your life you are living. It is unexplainable but an overwhelming feeling when you put it in practice.

10. Give importance to little things

Give importance to little thingsMost of the time, you will be looking for happiness while it’s around you. It is hidden in the little things of your life, your relationships and the attachments. It could be a small walk with your friend, sharing a coffee with your partner or fulfilling the wishes of your near and dear.

The pleasure of life is always linked to smaller things more than the materialistic aspects. It is not always about financially securing your life or your family’s life. It is to love, support and be fortunate to get it selflessly. Recognise this kind of happiness before it turns away from you.

11. Value what you have

Value what you haveHuman psychology is complicated! Having said that to yourself to be happy with what you have, you may fail to do it in real life. What you do is a reminder or a check if you are valuing everything you have in life before asking for more.

When you are not happy with what’s in your reach then you end up complaining. This becomes a toxic habit and finally it changes your perspective on life. I call it extreme thinking or an unhealthy habit that hampers your happiness.

Rejoicing and utilizing what’s already there is simpler than just struggling for something else. Of course, you must dream big but let it be progressive. When you are not happy with yourself then it is not progressive. Ultimately, you are just complicating it.

12. Don’t carry ego

Dont carry egoHolding ego from an argument or conflict often happens. But carrying ego is harder than just letting it go. It is a mental stress to carry ego which also affects your happiness. It can ruin relationships, bond. In fact it does nothing good to you.

So, what’s it like if someone is expecting you to tolerate unfair treatment? You should never be expected to tolerate such treatment, behavior. Walk away for your happiness knowing the difference between ego and self respect. When it’s for your good, you can accept it. But not to stay if it’s hurting you.

13. Let the child in you be alive

Let the child in you be aliveWe all are grown up after a childhood phase which remains within. You may indulge in making a successful life but it is worth going back to your childhood. You were stress free, happy as a kid. Giggling without reasons, laughing for silliest things and waiting for the play time. The dreams were simple too as a kid. When you are feeling empty, bored and depressed, you must reveal the child in you.

You may cry like a child but it is quite relaxing to become a child again. I would say, let that childishness be your quality to be happy. However, the grown up version of yours cannot escape from the routine so let the child in you do it for you. This is how a few people are stress free, chilling and they bring smiles to others which is simple.

14. Give it a break

Give it a breakYour consistent hard work following mental illness is not how you progress your life. Losing your mental and physical health to continuous tasks is an unfair treatment of yourself. And firstly, I appreciate your efforts to reach your goals and determination. But how effective are your efforts?

You are not asked to ditch all your ambitions and aims but you need to give yourself a break. Take a short pause to relax, have some self love, spend quality time with your dear ones. Design your day or a week with balancing the actions, duties and your health, well being. Doing all these in a sequence or as per your convenience, still you can have a break that adds happiness to your day. You are full of glee!

15. Have a broad perspective

Have a broad perspectivePeople with broad perspectives are the happiest of all. They mind less about others’ mistakes and they are more forgiving. And most importantly, they don’t bother others with their opinions. These people are also less judgemental which is a good quality.

All they want is to keep it simple without grabbing too much attention or creating a mess. When your thinking is broad, life seems calm, pleasant and less dramatic. You will have control on your emotions.

Wrap up: You might be filled with happiness or may have many reasons of a Traits to be a happy person. But you must be ready to identify the reasons to be happy. Facing ups and downs is natural but should lead your life while paying attention to every small and big valuable moment without measuring its worth. Secret of happiness is no longer a secret or it is not hard to be.