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Cosmic Energy Meditation and Its Benefits- Feel Connected To the Universe

Cosmic Energy Meditation and Its Benefits- Feel Connected To the Universe

Meditation has always been helpful to get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings from your mind. Although many a time we feel stuck, or something just doesn’t feel right, constantly get the feeling that something is wrong with us and get those vibes where we tend to feel that something is missing in our life. Have you experienced these thoughts? That is when it is a sign that we need to Practice Cosmic energy Meditation.

Cosmic energy is present everywhere near us, it is a type of healing meditation. It helps to heal our minds and body in various ways. This Cosmic energy meditation helps us to maintain the strong connection between our mind, body, and spirit. In this article we will discuss in detail all about Cosmic energy meditation and how you can practice it. As you know there are tons of benefits both mental and physical which you will understand about those in the article today. Are you excited to learn about it? Well, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find all about it.

What is Cosmic Energy Meditation

What is Cosmic Energy Meditation

Cosmic relates to Cosmos or the inconceivably vast universe. It is the energy of Consciousness. This energy is valuable to maintain the life order and to expand your consciousness. Cosmic energy is the life force that’s present everywhere. It is the energy that rules the functioning of the entire universe or the cosmos.

It is present in the cosmos, between the galaxies, in the atoms, the space, the molecules, and everywhere. The structural similarity between the cosmos and the human being is referred to as macrocosm and microcosm, everything is filled with cosmic energy.

You see that our human body constantly receives some kind of cosmic energy every time. It can be during sleep, when there is total silence, and in the peace of your mind. Cosmic energy has its own worth and significance in human life. All of us are constantly utilizing this energy but because of our day-to-day things, most of the time our mind remains distracted with thoughts of past and future, rather than of the present we are unaware of and that stops us from getting the most out of it. 

If we want to have more positive cosmic energy and invite it into our life, to avail it is said that first, we need to have a strong focus on our minds. Meditation is said to be one way that helps to focus human beings on their mind. Meditation lessens unnecessary thoughts, brings peace to our mind and that is how we are able to get the abundance of cosmic energy from the universe within us. It is the state of mind that leads its way to peace, love, and joy in the person’s life. Cosmic energy is reclaimed by the person at peace with one’s own self and by living in the present moment of life.

Benefits of Practicing Cosmic Energy Meditation

Benefits of Practicing Cosmic Energy Meditation

Here are some of the Physical and mental benefits of practicing Cosmic energy meditation

  • Cosmic Energy Meditation supports healing cardiovascular diseases.
  • We humans in day-to-day life go through many psychological issues like anxiety, depression, and irritability primarily caused due to stress. Cosmic Meditation helps in treating these issues.
  • When you do Cosmic energy meditation it regulates the blood flow to your heart and protects it lowers the stress.
  • Cortisol is a primary stress hormone by practicing Cosmic energy Meditation aids in reducing cortisol and glucose levels in the human body. Both these things affect your mental being and are connected to it.
  • Our body generates free radicals, we need antioxidants to get rid of them, and practicing Cosmic energy meditation does the work for you by eliminating free radicals from your body.
  • When you meditate your mind works well and enhances the memory function of your mind.
  • Your body is constantly going through some changes, it generates blockages when you have too many cholesterol particles in your body. Cosmic energy helps in relieving these blockages present in the body. You can become a channel of energy once you are aligned with cosmic energy because of meditating.
  • As a human being, your mind revolves around your life, your thoughts, your own family, your own little world. When you meditate it helps to focus your mind through techniques like meditation, deep breathing, etc., You connect to the Divine Consciousness as you receive Cosmic energy. That makes you calm and your thinking widens as you become much wiser.
  • It is said that the greatness of a human being lies in what good he does to himself and others. Being selfish and thinking about your own happiness may not work in the long run and you may not succeed in life. How much you give back to others matters. When we are open to Cosmic energy, we start thinking about others and what good can be brought to them that feeling gives us internal happiness.

How to Practice Cosmic Energy Meditation

How to Practice Cosmic Energy Meditation

To practice Cosmic Energy Meditation here is a guide that can help you to allow the energy to flow in your mind and body.

  • Open your mind, body, and spirit

Firstly you need to go outside of your limitations to let your mind and spirit communicate with the cosmic energy apart from just experiencing it physically so that this magnificent connection can help you to experience a deep transformation at all levels with regards to mind body spirit and soul.

You can experience this energy by being consistent with your meditation. It will definitely help you to be able to reach another level and a bigger level of relaxation. The more often you practice it the more cosmic energy you will receive through your meditation, you will feel more open and connected to the universe and your life will be improved and seem much better. As cosmic energy meditation is for everyone. Anyone can benefit from this power full of energy. It will also be helpful to heal you from any mental issues.

  • Take control of your thoughts

Whenever you start your meditation, it is important to take control of your thoughts. What your mind is thinking matters when you practice meditation. Your mind can have so many thoughts that many a time it can be impossible to just shut them, especially when it comes to negative thoughts. If you let your mind take control of you when you are having negative thoughts it can be even harmful to your mental health.

Instead, remind yourself that you are an amazing human being and you can achieve anything that you desire. Never let your mind or anyone tell you otherwise. When you are meditating you have to stop and reduce all these negative thoughts, empty your mind by eradicating these thoughts which are stopping you from connecting with the Cosmo and not allowing it to flow within you.

  • Say affirmations to get rid of negative thoughts

The next step is to focus on your affirmations to get rid of all the negativity from your mind. The reason why you are so focused on negativity is that you fail to allow positivity back in your life and to bring that, you need to eliminate negativity completely first. So the right step is to use the affirmation which truly resonates with you and the situation. We will guide you by listing a few basic affirmations which you can use while meditating until you become better with these affirmations by yourself. Say these affirmations in present tense always.

I was born to do something great

I am Worthy

I am unique

I am proud of myself

I am grateful for all that I have in life

I love myself

I have the potential to change the world

I believe in myself

I deserve the love

I trust myself to make the best decisions

  • Decluttering Space
Decluttering Space

Once your mind is in control and set in the right place, now it’s time to look around your surroundings as well. Decluttering the area where you are going to sit will be beneficial, it is not just about being practical but it will also clear your mind as well. When you clean the space you meditate it also makes your mind feel lighter and more positive which is a good thing while meditating.

At the same time, the other areas in your house require a bit of cleaning as well. Make sure to focus on decluttering the space where you spend most of your time sitting or working, it can be your work office, your living room corner, or your study area. These places can attract a lot of energy and so these energetic areas need to be cleared out once in a while. Cleaning will help you in becoming more and more in tune with yourself. Cleaning the space is as important as cleansing your mind.

  • Living in the present
Living in the present

Being present in the moment is the key to mindfulness. It helps you to monitor your current situation and stops you from dwelling in the past or constantly feeling agonized about the future. It keeps your mind more focused, so when you are more focused it will help you to connect with the cosmic energy.


If you want to attract positivity in your life, Cosmic energy meditation will help you to bring it. Also, you will feel connected to the universe and within yourself on a deeper level. Allow yourself to heal with this meditation. Hope this post has helped you to understand the benefits of Cosmic energy meditation and how it can change your life in a good way. Thank you for reading.

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