21 Marvelous Ways On How To Be Happy Alone

How to be happy alone

While many people like the comfort of their own company, some tend to enjoy more with people they love and cherish. Are you someone who falls under the prior category and have been constantly wondering about how to be happy alone? Have you been surrounded by so many people all the time that living happy alone is not something you are well versed with?

Whatever the reason, be it lack of social circle or even a recent breakup that you are healing from, in order to be happy alone, you need to ensure that you understand the depth of the situation. Ask yourself, is it something what you really want or is it something you are doing for the sake of doing?

If you want to be truly happy alone without the constraints of dependency on another living soul, this article is the one for you. We have culminated a short list of 21 ways that you can indulge in for living happy alone and having the time of your life. Try it out; it’s actually not that bad!

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1. Figuring Out What Makes You Happy


Before I jump into providing you with some cheeky ways that I personally have done to be happy alone, isn’t it better if you find out something that actually does make you happy? It is very important for one to source what brings in positivity and happiness into their life; it could be any kind of activity or even just sleeping if that’s what you want.

It is necessary that one knows there ground of contentment and peace. If you have been dependant on someone for way long that you actually accept in words, it is important that you understand the importance of solitude and enjoying your own company. Try and source what brings you happiness and make your way up from there.

2. Go Shopping


This might seem like an inconvenient option but trust me, it actually is an amazing way to spend some alone time. Worried about your bank account? Who said anything about actually buying anything; indulge yourself in some window shopping if you are on a shoestring budget.

Visit the mall near your home and walk along the various shops. Enter some shops, try some clothes and just get some cute selfies. If you end up liking any of the clothes, might as well get one because why not, right? Going shopping alone is amazing, firstly because you don’t have anyone constantly pestering you to quickly wrap up your shopping spree. You get to enjoy the whole process on your own without any further hindrance.

3. Paint a Room


If your hand at art is good, try painting the bland and lifeless walls in your apartment. This particular way is kind of therapeutic as well and is amazing for people who are recovering from a very bad and toxic relationship. Painting a wall is just an example, you can go ahead and draw on a canvas or just about anywhere that you feel like.

Splash all the colours that you feel like and go crazy with the brush strokes. Channel your entire building rage and heartbreak through this and trust me when I saw this, it actually does help. This is one of the common yet effective ways to live alone happily.

4. Cleaning and Redecorating


Yet another amazing thing to do to be happy alone in life is indulging yourself in some cleaning and redecoration of the house. This not just helps keep your mind engaged, it also aids in renovating the entire house as per your liking. There are often times when people in relationships tend to have their entire surrounding set according to their partner’s likings and wishes. If you are one of them, it is time to completely undo that.

Indulge in some cleaning and redecoration of the house. Move around some things and dust off the persistent layer of dust that has been piling up on the desks and cupboards. Get your favourite vase out and fill it with some beautiful and fragrant flowers. Get rid of clothes that you don’t want to wear. Switch to something that expresses you, your personality.

5. Go For a Walk


This is possibly one of the most cliché way that one could suggest when it comes down to how to be happy alone, but the reason behind it being one of the most commonly suggested ways is because it actually is an amazing way to get some “me time”.

A quick stroll along the park near your home gives boosts you up with a breath of fresh air and an amazing boost to your mental and physical health. It freshens up your mind, lifts up your mood and who knows, you might end up making some friends while walking along the grass fields. If you have any pets, take them along.

6. Expand Your Social Circle


Majority of the people who want to be happy alone tend to either be introverts or are just done with getting their trust played with. It’s being okay alone in life but do you not really miss people you can just hang out with once every while? Making new friends doesn’t really mean that you don’t live happy alone, it’s just a bit of a diversion from the ongoing regularities in your life, a bit of a change if you will.

If you are out having some drinks all by yourself and see someone come to approach you, don’t dismiss the possibility of being friends right off the bat. Expand your social life and maybe they could be the missing piece in your life that you needed filling for. Who knows, right?

7. Read a Book


Reading a book is an amazing touch to your life of one. Delving into the world of fiction and living the characters while reading a book is an amazing experience in itself, one, that every person needs to be part of in their life. Scroll through the dusty shelves in your apartment and get a book from there.

Scroll through the pages and you might find an amazing company within the book itself. Indulging yourself in a good story can actually make you forget the fact that you are “alone” and actually enjoying your own company without having to drag anything out. Make sure that you spend a good time finding a book that’s actually worth your time, a book that you won’t even feel like putting down! That’s the kind of story one needs to read and get lost in.

8. Go Watch a Movie


Watching a movie with friends and family or even your partner can be a fun experience but have you ever bought a ticket just for yourself and decided for you to enjoy it all alone? Not quite often, isn’t it? If you want to be happy alone in life, it is necessary for you to understand the small aspects of happiness, watching a movie alone in a theatre is definitely one of those few.

When you watch a movie alone, you have the complete reign of choosing whatever movie suits your taste. There’s no need of moulding your own wishes because the people you are going with don’t want to watch the movie that you want. And the best part? You can have all the popcorn to yourself! No sharing! Nothing gets better than that, now, does it?

9. Watch People Around


When I mention watching people around, trust me, I am not insinuating it in a creepy way but just in a casual way. Sit on a bench in the park and just soak in your surroundings. While you might feel like there’s not much that one can do sitting alone and idle on a bench, you can actually do a lot.

Plug in some earphones and play your favourite tune and observe the people around you. Get to know their body language and try assessing their personalities. It is often a very good passing time activity that can be added to your list of activities if you want to be happy alone.

10. Become a Volunteer


Volunteering is one of the best and selfless ways to indulge your time in if you want to gain some self satisfaction in living happy alone. While you might be privileged enough to be able to do things that you like doing, there are several people out there in the world who are not and that is exactly where you need to step in.

Source a good charity house near your home, it could be an orphanage, a homeless shelter or even an animal aid, whatever suits your boat. Sign yourself up once a week as a volunteer there and spend some time with people who you know nothing about. Helping them with their hardships makes you value your belongings, your privilege and makes you a better person. Try it, I promise; you won’t regret it in the end.

11. Check Off Your Bucket List


Every person has their own set of goals and aspirations and desires that they wish to fulfill before it gets too late in life. I am pretty sure you have one too, don’t you? Having a bucket list is an amazing way of experiencing your own progress and achievements that you wouldn’t have otherwise. If you already have one, try and start ticking them off the list one by one.

Experiencing the various tasks in life relating to the realms of your own aspirations is something that can help you be truly happy alone. Start with the easy ones and make your way up from there. Acquiring these activities can actually instill a feeling of fulfillment within you which is everything that you need.

12. Solve Some Puzzles


Solving puzzles is yet another amazing way to spend your alone time creatively and be happy alone in life. Get a big puzzle and start by dismantling the pieces to start over with the task. This is one such activity that is not for someone who lacks patience and perseverance in their life. If you don’t like puzzles, it’s okay because there are so many more options for you to do to be happy alone.

Puzzles are a great way to keep yourself distracted which is perfect if you have just gotten out of a bad relationship and need some quiet time for yourself to reflect on your self-care and growth.

13. Indulge In Some Workout


Living happy alone is not just about your mental health; self-care also extends to the realm of one’s physical well being as well. Start off by signing up for some yoga classes or even for any kind of gym membership. If you want an overall ambushing physical activity, gym sounds great but if you are on the lookout for an overall spiritual experience, the yoga and meditation classes are an amazing rendition for your time alone.

Yoga is amazing for people who want to gain some peace of mind all the while ensuring to keep themselves physically healthy. Try this out once and it is bound to bring in the calmness in your life that you possibly have never experienced prior to this. Cherish the quietness of the dawn and lay out a mat on the grass and breathe in the fresh air. These kinds of experiences are not just part of how to be happy alone but something only you can do for yourself.

14. Give Shape To a Hobby


With the stressful life that we lead, making some time for yourself often becomes a chore, doesn’t it? Do you feel really unaccomplished sometimes even though you are pretty content with your job and salary? Happens quite often, doesn’t it? While the routine life that you are leading might keep you content, it won’t be sufficient if you want to be happy alone in life.

Everyone has a hobby that we cover and shelter down under all the workload and lack of time. It is time for you to bring it back to the top and spend some time with it. Culture one of your hobbies and focus on actually doing something for yourself. It doesn’t really matter what kind of hobby you want to indulge in, it could be anything from pottery to cooking classes, just do whatever makes your heart content and your life fulfilled.

15. Practice Self Love


Can you really expect for people to know and love you if you don’t really practice the same yourself? Not really, right? Practicing self love is very important and quite necessary, often more if you want to live happy alone. In such situations when the only company you enjoy is your own, it is necessary that you cherish yourself and love yourself for exactly who you are.

Splurge on yourself, treat yourself to some exotic treatment and understand your own value because the moment you understand and value yourself, what others think of you won’t matter that much anymore and all for the right reasons. Self love and self care are two aspects that are very important when it comes to living happy alone.

16. Focus On Your Freedom


This is specifically for those who have just come out of a relationship and have been extremely dependant on their partners. Instead of wallowing and regretting the time that you have already wasted with the person, this is the time to reflect upon the things that you possibly could have done during the time before you got yourself into a relationship.

Its better late than never, right? So, what are you waiting for? Step out of the house and celebrate the day and the coming days as one of your days of freedom where you actually get to do things that you always wanted to do. Wanted to try an exotic ice cream flavor or wanted to set out on an impromptu road trip? Well, what are you pondering on? Now is the time to achieve everything and have the time of your life living happy alone.

17. Embrace Your Alone Time


It often times becomes hard to have some time to yourself, isn’t it? If you are here pondering on how to be happy alone, start with enjoying your own company that you must have taken for granted. Explore your inner self and get to know yourself better; read a book or simply binge watch some random series on Netflix, the options are literally endless.

Alone time or “me time” as many like to call it is very rare nowadays with the impending stress and competition that we surround ourselves with. If you have the entire evening to yourself and you are here pondering what you can do with so much time to spare, try and indulge yourself in the tasks that you normally don’t have time to do. Start with having a long relaxing bath.

18. Get a Pet


Now, hold and behold, when I talk about being okay alone in life, I expect for you to exclude the probability of having a pet out. Rather, getting cute pets from a nearby rescue home or shelter is one of the best things you could possibly engage yourself in. Get a pet kitten or even a cute puppy if you feel yourself responsible enough (both physically and financially) to spend your days with.

Not just that, having a pet also instills a sense of responsibility within you which is definitely an added bonus. And after all, who doesn’t love a good snuggle with their furry friend, right?

19. Appreciate The Present


One of the most important aspects of being truly happy alone is appreciating what you have right at that moment. If you fail to appreciate the good that you currently have, chances are that you wouldn’t really appreciate anything properly even in the future because of setting your bar of expectations to unattainable heights.

Being content with the little things in life is sometimes the best way of living happy alone. Once you start appreciating things that you wouldn’t have otherwise, life starts feeling a little less complicated and also, it helps you achieve several things that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

20. Go Out and Explore New Cuisines


You can never go wrong with food, now, can you? Get yourself some good food and living happy alone sounds like a cake walk. That being said, try and explore new kinds of cuisines and indulges in the variety of food that you normally won’t.

These kinds of experiences can only be made by you. Why even depend on someone else when you are perfectly capable enough to do so on your own, right? Pamper yourself and step out of the house. Go to a nice restaurant and get their chef’s special. Let yourself be surprised. Who knows, you could possibly find your new favourite dish amongst them.

21. Go On a Trip


The reason why I kept this for the last is because it is possibly the most therapeutic and necessary things that you can do to be happy alone in life. But the only downside is the fact that you need to sort out things before planning a trip. While impromptu trips are possibly one of the best, they are not that feasible (both time wise and money wise).

Don’t let that deter you though! Plan something worthwhile and go ahead and do all the bookings and arrangements and get the much needed quick escape that you must need in the current realm of work and pressure. Visit the calm and serene beaches or even the adventurous and rocky mountains – for that time of the vacation, let loose and do whatever you feel like doing.

Still wondering how to be happy alone or did this article help steer all those thoughts away? If you are here trying to find easy and effective ways to live alone happily, these are the top 21 ways to do so. Live life and make every moment count so when you grow old, you don’t look back at your 25 year old self and regret not doing anything worthwhile.