11 Signs That You’d Rather Pick Solitude Over Company

signs you are happy alone

How many times have you felt confined and suffocated in a room full of people and not because of the lack of ventilation but because you just don’t like being amidst so many people?

Has it happened quite a lot of times? Do you often find yourself cancelling last minute to a pre-planned party or do you find yourself standing in a corner of the room, busying playing on your phone?

These signs don’t necessarily reflect your discrepancy to being socially inept, rather, highlights the fact that you would rather enjoy your own company than someone else’s.

Who says people only face midlife crises? The moment that you realize that you would rather be home alone and watch a movie than step out of the house to go meet your friends, an internal whirlwind of emotion leaves your insides in a wreck. The realization that you would rather pick solitude over the popular weekend party can definitely be a bit nerve wracking but internally soothing at the same time. Why? Because, you come to realize that you don’t necessarily need to depend on anyone to help live this life. The feeling of independency is liberating.

So, while you might be having an inner turmoil of “Am I socially awkward?”; here are the top 11 signs that you are going to be doing just fine being alone.

1. Free Weekends are Your Jam

Free weekends are your jam

And by FREE, I mean, a weekend without any excessive plans, in your own cocoon, away from human interaction. This scenario is not just a made up fantasy but an actual reality. If you like enjoying your own company, it is more likely for your weekends to include your favourite movies, maybe a book and some cheap takeout or some gourmet cooking by you (whatever sails your boat).

You would rather choose a good night out that includes dressing up and posh dining over rugged sweatpants and maybe some Netflix. And there is absolutely nothing wrong in that, quite the contrary actually.

2. Movies are Better Alone

Movies are better aloneBeing alone doesn’t necessarily mean you stop doing fun things in your life. You just do them on your own and experience the fun and happiness all to yourselves, NO SHARING INVOLVED. Sound nice, doesn’t it? If you are someone who likes to stay updated on the new movie launches and new shows, there are chances that you wouldn’t even be coercing your friends to accompany you because you would rather do it alone than have anyone else tag along with you.

You enjoy not having to distribute your attention and focus the entire time on the movie and the little details about it. And to top it all off, you have the entire bucket of popcorn to yourself so it’s definitely a major win-win.

3. Eating Out Alone Sounds Just as Good

Eating out alone soundsFood and having time to yourself, what more could a person even ask for? Just the thought of being with multiple people of the family, initiating forced conversations, eating food you probably don’t even like can definitely be an irking experience. This is the primary reason you enjoy eating out alone. You get to order as you want whatever you want and don’t have to fret about the splitting of bills and the hefty and complication calculations that come along with it.

These are the moments you realize that you are happier than being in a relationship. You are not obliged to cater to anyone’s choices or requirements and can order and whatever or however you want. Well, that definitely has got to count for something, doesn’t it? And after all, it’s sometimes nice to be like Joey and not share food.

4. Social Expectations Be Damned

Social expectations
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The age old stigmas of marriage and settling down and everything that the society expects are definitely not what you are bothered about. You love prioritizing in life and relationships and marriage don’t seem to be a huge part of the scenario. You like to have complete authority over your plans and decisions and not let what people think to deter you from that.

You are the decision maker of your own destiny and you like to ensure that no one ever has an upper hand in it. It is always you who seals the final deal about every single decision of your life which is why the social expectations don’t bother you anymore.

5. Solo Trips Sound Nothing Short of Heaven

Solo trips soundWhile the concept of travelling to a completely new place alone can be a bit nerve wracking for some, it fills you with adrenaline. You like being able to travel and discover new places on your own, without having to worry much about the consequences. And trust me when I say this, it is not being reckless rather the complete opposite of that.

The idea of being able to travel to a new place, explore whatever you want and do whatever you want to is a bit exhilarating to you. You get to create your own itinerary and not be reliant on someone else’s and that itself is more enough of a reason than anything else. And much to the dismay of stereotypes, these kinds of experiences helps you meet new people and possibly, make some new friends as well.

Travelling solo is an experience that teaches, instills and imbibes memories to your life. Yes, the expenses might seem like it’s a bit more than what you anticipated but you know, deep within yourself, that every penny spent is worth it.

6. Sharing Beds? Never Heard of That!

Sharing bedsYou love your personal space and you simultaneously hate it when someone tries to invade it. Unless it’s your pet (if you are a pet lover, that is), your bed is out of limits for any person, even your family. You hate, loathe, despise and every other synonym when someone tries to sleep beside you on your bed. You like having the entire bed to yourself because, let’s be real, you sleep like a starfish, spread out across the bed and you like to cocoon yourself in between the blankets.

Sharing a bed naturally means sharing a blanket and possibly sharing half of your personal space which is definitely not okay with you at all. This is also a reason why relationships are always secondary thoughts for you because they normally mean SHARING and you are just not meant for that. And, none of it is in a selfish sort of way, rather a much more possessive manner.

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7. Neglecting Your Phone

Neglecting your phoneNow, before it gets controversial, this specific point is somewhat of a personal preference. There are some people who like to enjoy their own company and stay hooked to their phone 24×7, enjoying watching funny videos or simply scrolling through their Facebook feed. While, on the other hand, there are people who actually like to stay away from the electronic gadget and just enjoy their “Me Time” investing time in doing something productive that reflects their likes and choices.

There may be lingering evidences in your life that you get so engrossed in your solitude that communication with the outside actual world starts to seem like a chore. You’d rather just ignore everything surrounding you, especially your phone, and just enjoy some moments of quiet and calm.

8. Social Absence Doesn’t Bother You Much

Social absenceAs much you time being missing in action on social media doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother your friends or family that much too. The primary reason? The sparse social media interaction to indicate signs of existence and that itself is more than enough for the world to know that your account hasn’t been left barren and abandoned. And that minimalistic effort is more than enough for you.

Socializing is not the first thought on your mind and you’d rather just be left alone – both in real and reel life – than deal with people’s constant nagging about your whereabouts. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you stay cooped up in your room 365 days of the year, it’s just that you’d rather pick these events occasionally and spend time with yourself the majority of the time.

9. Clingy? Get That Thing Away From You

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Attachments and you don’t mesh well, like, at all. You love having no strings and are able to live your life carefree and without anything holding you back. You despise the constant attention a clingy person devours you with because you would rather have no attention at you than be the centre of someone’s total attention.

You need your own personal space to be able and not need someone constantly invade it with their clinginess. And it’s not about family or relationships, it’s just that you respect your personal space over anything and expect the same in return as well. You have a life that you tame yourself and manage yourself and that is exactly what keeps you fuelled because every outcome is based upon your own decision and life choices.

10. Silence is Your Best Friend

Silence is your best friendMany people often find silence a bit unnerving, not you though. You actually find it soothing and good for yourself? Why, because it lets you enjoy your own company, churn your own thoughts and cherish these few moments of solitude that has almost become like a farfetched dream in this competitive world.

The scenario of silence is a completely different ballgame for you. You enjoy not having to say much and just relinquishing the moments in silent thoughts. As diligent it may sound, it is quite the case when you like keeping to yourself and not overdoing anything. Your creative mind tends to run faster when you are alone and have a lingering silence around you.

11. You are Your Own Problem Solver

own problem solverSince you rarely like to ask for help or rarely depend on someone, there are instances that show that you face your challenges and come up with an effective solution on your own.

You have had way too many experiences of possible failures, incessant crying and then gradual picking yourself up with a determined attitude. That is what helps you keep going because you have your own experiences of finding a solution to a problem rather than just sitting and lamenting about it.

So, what are your thoughts? Can you relate yourself to any or multiple of these above-written points? If yes, then congratulations, because you are one hell of a person and you are going to be doing just fine being with yourself, enjoying your own company without being reliant on other people.