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20 Potent Home Remedies For Treating Hot Flashes

20 Potent Home Remedies For Treating Hot Flashes
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How often have you found yourself in a position where you experience too much warmth on your skin, especially around the neck, face and chest area?

You could be sitting in a normal environment with no direct exposure to heat but feel like your skin is burning up in certain areas.

If this is something you have encountered before, you are more likely experiencing hot flashes. These kinds of situations accompany reddening of the skin and even persistent sweating.

If you are pondering on getting more details and insights about the topic along with the causes, symptoms and natural remedies for hot flashes, then, keep on reading!

  1. What are Hot Flashes?
  2. What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like?
  3. How to Get Rid of Hot Flashes?
  4. Home Remedies for Hot Flashes
  5. What are the Causes of Hot Flashes?

What are Hot Flashes?

What are hot flashes
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Hot flashes, in simple words, are the sudden feeling of warmth in certain parts of the body, especially the skin, neck, and face. It is characterized by heated skin and reddened spots around the area. Not just that, it also propagates sweating which further tends to make one feel uneasiness and restlessness at the same time. It is primarily seen and witnessed in women who have attained their menopause.

The time frame of the persistence of hot flashes is kind of non-cohesive because of the fact that it varies from woman to woman. While it can last for a few hours in some, the same can prolong for even more than a week for the others, recurring several times within the week. All of it technically varies on the physiology of the person who is experiencing the problem.

What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like?

What do hot flashes feel
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Hot Flashes are categorized as a vasomotor symptom which accompanies the sudden sensation of warmth and hotness in select regions of the skin on the body. It is often experienced in different intensities and time duration, based on the kind of physiology that a woman has. It is often witnessed around the areas of the neck, near the face and sometimes around the chest area too.

Although there are little to no concrete reasons behind the actual cause behind the problem, there a number of ways that one can opt for to treat hot flashes. Many women who have encountered such instances of hot flashes seem to claim that they feel multiple numbers of signs and symptoms while experiencing hot flashes.

In order to make it easier for people to characterize a hot flash, we have mentioned all the possible symptoms that accompany hot flashes:

  • Sudden warm sensation in certain parts of the body
  • The sudden rushing of blood from the bottom part of the body to the head
  • Feeling very hot followed by feeling chilly
  • Heart palpitations accompanies with increased pulse rate
  • Perspiration
  • Dizziness and headache
Symptoms of Hot Flashes
Symptoms of Hot Flashes

How to Get Rid of Hot Flashes?

How to get rid of hot flashes
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The initiation of the treatment of hot flashes normally starts with the person either standing in front of an air conditioner or a fan. This is the basic start to the line of treatment or prevention. It is often preferred to stick with the normal home remedies first and then opt for the other methods of treatment if the prior ends up being of no use.

One important aspect of hot flashes is the fact that it is often triggered by an agent – it may be a situation or even a health ailment. Identifying the trigger itself can be of immense help in controlling the recurrence and the symptoms of hot flashes that can adversely affect the health of an individual. Even if this won’t necessarily eradicate the occurrence of hot flashes completely, it helps in relieving hot flashes by a certain percentage.

To make it a bit easier, here are some of the tips that can come in handy when you are experiencing hot flashes:

  • Wear layers of clothes, so that you can adjust the body temperature depending on your hot flashes
  • Relying on cotton bed linens as well as cotton fabric for clothes for the night time
  • Sipping on ice water during the start of a hot flash
  • Directly being in front of a fan or air conditioner to cool the body down temporarily
  • For supplements, consult a doctor first before hooking yourself up with one

Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

remedies for hot flashes
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Home remedies can readily come in handy for relieving hot flashes. If you have been consistently feeling uneasy because of hot flashes, it is time to get a grip on and include some of these natural remedies for hot flashes in your routine and see how they work for you. Most of the times, expert suggest that a normal hot flash can last for 5 to 10 minutes whereas, if the situations are adverse, the same can recur for more than 20-30 times an hour.

The outcomes of hot flashes can heavily impact one’s life which is why it is always advised to either adhere to the preventive measures or directly consult a physician for getting prescriptions for supplements that can help stop hot flashes or at least suppress them.

Now, coming on to the home remedies, we have amalgamated the top remedies that can effectively cure the signs and symptoms that come along with hot flashes.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Basil Seeds
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Baking Soda
  5. Bananas
  6. Vitamins
  7. Flaxseed
  8. Ginger
  9. Garlic
  10. Black Cohosh
  11. Sage
  12. Evening Primrose Oil
  13. Essential Oils
  14. Coconut Oil
  15. Juices for Hot Flashes
  16. Teas for hot flashes treatment
  17. Passion Flower
  18. Wild Yam
  19. Magnesium
  20. Omega 3 fatty acids

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
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While you have been fretting about the symptoms of hot flashes, it was possible that the remedy was just about lying around in your kitchen cabinet. Yes, you got me right. We are talking about the very versatile Apple Cider Vinegar which has cemented its place in the category of home remedies with its amazing benefits.

It is one of the most opted for natural remedies for hot flashes which effectively provides you with momentary relief from the burning and unflattering sensation that is brought along with hot flashes. It effectively reduces the intensity of not just the hot flashes but the night sweats as well. All you have to do is mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink that twice a day for the effective results.

2. Basil Seeds

Basil Seeds
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Basil seeds and even the leaves have an amazing cooling property which is exactly what’s beneficial for the treatment of hot flashes. It helps in toning down the excessive warming sensation and even calms and soothes the mind just with the mere inhalation of the smell of the crushed seeds.

If you want long term relief, it is always best to opt for the various kinds of basil seed teas or the mere basil tea that are available in the market. Steep the liquid and drink it cool, not hot because the same can aggravate the situation of hot flashes even further.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraIf you didn’t go through it already, the primary reason of hot flashes is believed to be menopause. If that’s the case, there are going to be a lot of issues with the hormonal balance in the body which often causes the issues related to hot flashes.

Aloe Vera is the best remedy for hot flashes because of the fact that it is rich in phytoestrogens which tend to mimic the functions of normal estrogen in the body and thereby cater to the decreased levels of estrogen that could be causing the signs and symptoms related to hot flashes.

Consumption of half a glass of aloe vera juice (fresh, if possible) can help in cutting down the signs and symptoms and even the appearance of hot flashes by restoring the hormonal balance of the body.

4. Baking Soda

Baking SodaWhile baking soda itself might not be that effective in minimizing the symptoms of hot flashes, pair it with apple cider vinegar and you have got yourself a winner. The combination of apple cider vinegar with baking soda helps alkalise the pH of the body which is very beneficial when it comes to treating the signs and symptoms related to hot flashes.

One of the best things about this specific natural remedy for hot flashes is the fact that it helps cure the symptoms related to the hot flashes in just about 24-48 hours, all the while ensuring that the same doesn’t make a comeback anytime soon. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a 1/4th teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it one daily.

5. Bananas

BananasBananas are one of the most beneficial fruit when it comes to talking about treatment for hot flashes. Hot flashes are often characterized by increased blood pressure, heart rate, sweating and the sudden sensation of warmth. Banana, which is low in sodium and high in potassium content helps keep the blood pressure in check which tends to not just stop hot flashes but also prevent risks of any kind of cardiac issues.

If you have been consistently undergoing instances of hot flashes, it is best to consume one or two bananas a day to keep the symptoms at bay.

6. Vitamins

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Vitamins are yet another supplement that works wonders for fighting the reasons for hot flashes. It enriches one’s well being when they are undergoing menopause. If you weren’t aware before, the menopausal symptoms accompany a number of changes in a woman’s body and that starts with the lack of hormones along with the essential vitamins too. This is the primary reason why one needs to make up for the lack of vitamins by replenishing the same from external sources.

Now, let us focus on the individual essential vitamins and their roles in relieving hot flashes.

I. Vitamin C

Vitamin CVitamin C, which is often scientifically termed as ascorbic acid is an effective remedy for the treatment for hot flashes. It is often inculcated along with hesperidin to help get rid of hot flashes. The inclusion of a good quantity of citrus fruits in your diet will not just help you stay hydrated but also replenish the lack of vitamins in your body, thereby helping with the cure for hot flashes during menopause.

Vitamin C also boosts the production of collagen in the body which is an added bonus when it comes to relieving hot flashes because it helps combat the dryness and itchiness that often comes along as an after effect of hot flashes.

II. Vitamin E

Vitamin EYet another great anti-oxidant vitamin that works wonders for hot flashes include Vitamin E. There are often instances when women under menopause have complained stating the fact that hot flashes and night sweating hit them hard and it becomes unbearable for them to withstand the symptoms. Since, the hormonal level further gravitates down during the night; there are chances that are what the reason is for your hot flashes being worse during the nights.

Vitamin E is an amazing alternative to the artificial supplements that many women often rely on. If you want to adhere to one of the natural remedies for hot flashes, stick with consumption of sweet potato and even almond butter which are natural sources of Vitamin E. Consult your doctor if you plan on opting for supplements.

III. Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9
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Yet another amazing treatment for hot flashes lies with the consumption of Vitamin B9 or folic acid. It helps to treat the signs and symptoms that come with hot flashes and helps replenish the body with the lost nutrients that help maintain a proper body balance of the nutrition and hormones. Increase the intake of soy products in your diet if you want to ingest natural sources of Vitamin B9.

7. Flaxseed

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As mentioned earlier, one of the primary causes of hot flashes is the lack of hormonal balance in the body. Flaxseed is said to contain a minimal quantity of estrogen like compound in it which helps in maintenance of the hormonal balance in the body. This is what aids and promotes eradicating the signs and symptoms related to hot flashes in women undergoing menopause.

8. Ginger

GingerMenopausal hot flashes are best cured with ginger. While ginger is known for its amazing medicinal property for the treatment of cold and even nausea, this tuber has pronounced effects on the treatment of hot flashes too.

It is believed that it is the combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with the presence of gingerols and shogaols that contribute to stop hot flashes.

As for dosage and consumption, ginger can be consumed as supplements or even drank with the tea. Whatever the mode of administration is, it is necessary to ensure that the consumption of the same shouldn’t surpass 4gms per day.

9. Garlic

GarlicOne of the primary reasons for hot flashes is the lack of estrogen in the body because of menopause. This is not something one needs to fret about because this is natural and not unnatural. That being said, the persistent presence of it is often not that of a pleasurable experience.

Garlic, which is rich in phytoestrogens, is an amazing remedy for relieving hot flashes. With the presence of estrogen like compounds, it helps to treat the hormonal misbalance which is often caused because of menopause.

Consume 1-2 cloves of raw garlic in the morning or even just have it in your food. Consumption of excess garlic doesn’t have many side effects except for bad breath which is why it can be consumed in good amounts.

10. Black Cohosh

Black cohoshBlack cohosh is a herb that has pronounced effects on the treatment of menopause. It mimics the function of estrogen and helps treat hot flashes. Even though there aren’t much scientific studies to back the claims up, this actually has proven benefits in the treatment of the signs and symptoms related to menopause.

As for dosage, it is advised to consume 20-40 mg of black cohosh supplement capsules twice each day. It has been reported that more than 900 mg of black cohosh intake results in overdose, so ensure to stay wary of that and not overdo the consumption.

11. Sage

SageEven though the claims don’t come backed up with proper research or studies, the same has been seen to be beneficial for curbing a few signs and symptoms of menopause, especially hot flashes during menopause.

Sage can easily be used as a dried herb or infused into the soups and other food varieties to get the maximum benefits of the herb.

12. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oilOne of the most important factors for healthy living is to have a balanced level of nutrients and other forms of fatty acids. Evening primrose oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids which are the two ingredients which are responsible for the proper functioning of the brain.

Another amazing thing about evening primrose oil is the fact that it is not just anti-inflammatory but helps fight the signs and symptoms of menopause as well.

The dosage of evening primrose for treating hot flashes should always be consulted with a doctor first before you jump head first into consuming it orally.

13. Essential Oils

Essential oilsEssential oils are yet another amazing treatment for hot flashes. The application of specific essential oils on certain parts of the body can help calm the symptoms of hot flashes. The topical application or even inhaling the scent of some of these essential oils can effectively help in reducing the hot flashes.

Some of the most common types of essential oils for hot flashes include:

I. Clary Sage Oil

  1. Apply this around the back of the neck and massage it in gently
  2. Pour 3-4 drops of the clary sage oil in a tissue and napkin and inhale it. It has anti-depressant like effects on the body which helps cool down the symptoms of hot flashes

II. Peppermint oil

  1. Pour 3-4 drops of peppermint oil in a tissue and inhale the scent. The cool and calming scent helps cool down the signs and symptoms of hot flashes.
  2. Menthol like properties aid in reducing the discomfort that one faces during hot flashes. You can even apply the oil topically for better results.

III. Lavender Oil

  1. Add a few drops of lavender oil on a cold compress and place it on the perineum. It helps relieve the discomfort around the perineum if you are feeling any. Keep the compress for 30 minutes for pronounced results.
  2. You can even pour a few drops in a tissue and inhale the smell. It relaxes your mind and helps calm you down.

IV. Basil Oil

  1. Basil oil is much more than a garnish at the top of your pasta dish. It has amazing effects for the treatment of hot flashes.
  2. Apply a few drops of basil oil under the feet or across the neck for better results

V. Geranium Oil

  1. This oil has been used for the treatment of menopausal symptoms since a long time. Add a few drops to a tissue and inhale the scent for momentary relief and relaxation.
  2. You can even mix a few drops to your bath for further measures.

14. Coconut Oil

Coconut oilCoconut oil is said to have cooling properties when applied topically. Several women suffering from menopause have claimed that the application of coconut oil in their scalp before going to bed helped them keep their hot flashes and night sweats in check. It is thus considered an amazing remedy to get rid of hot flashes.

Apply a good amount of coconut oil in your scalp and massage it in. It will help keep the scalp cool than normal and help curb the symptoms of hot flashes.

15. Juices for Hot Flashes

Juices for hot flashesSometimes, apart from the hormonal disbalance, there is sometimes even the lack of hydration that contributes to hot flashes. If you are tired of just fending off of water for hydration, here are the top three variants of juices that are amazing for relieving hot flashes.

I. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the most sought after natural remedies for hot flashes. Studies have claimed that the antioxidant property of lemon helps with the various symptoms of hot flashes and helps get rid of it.

Drink 3-4 glasses of lemon water every day to not just keep you hydrated but to also keep the night sweating and hot flashes at bay.

II. Tomato Juice

Tomato is an amazing remedy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety and even resting energy expenditure. It is believed to be the slight acidity and the nutrients in the tomato that helps replenish the hydration and lack of moisture in the body.

Drink 1-2 glasses of freshly extracted tomato juice every day for pronounced effects in reducing night sweats and hot flashes.

III. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is an amazing remedy for the treatment of menopausal signs and symptoms, primarily like that of hot flashes and night sweating. It has natural hormone balancing properties which are what makes it one of the most favoured remedies to stop hot flashes.

Drink 1-2 glasses of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice every day. Make sure to stick to freshly pressed juices because the over the shelves ones contain a number of additives and preservatives which are not good for health.

16. Teas for hot flashes treatment

Teas for hot flashes treatmentNow, it is common for you to think how does a hot cup of tea help with hot flashes, right? It is the nutritional values of this liquid that works wonders and not what temperature you drink it in. The tea can easily be consumed in cold temperatures for better effects.

I. Ginseng tea

Ginseng is an amazing herb that has been seen to provide an individual with amazing relief from the pre and postmenopausal side effects, hot flashes and night sweating. Consumption of this herb in the form of tea is not just relaxing for the mind but also helps in curbing the discomfort that one experiences because of hot flashes.

Drink 2-3 cups of ginseng tea for hot flashes during menopause. Try and drink a cup an hour before bed at night to fight the symptoms of the night sweating.

II. Green tea

Green tea is loaded with amazing antioxidants which is what makes it one of the most convenient options in the treatment for hot flashes. There are evidences that the excessive consumption of the same can even worsen the condition of hot flashes, so it is best to stick to something mellow and a cooler temperature rather than drinking it piping hot.

Drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily. Try and eating iced green tea if you are specifically drinking for relieving hot flashes.

17. Passion Flower

Passion flowerPassion flower has GABA promoting properties which help increase the levels of GABA in the body that helps inhibit the depression inducing cells during the menopausal days. It is also very effective in the treatment of a number of vasomotor functions like that of hot flashes and night sweats.

For the dosage instructions, it is always best to rely on the doctor’s recommendations and not blindly trust any random information because much like any other natural herb, even this, has its fair share of side effects.

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18. Wild Yam

Wild Yam
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Wild Yam has estrogen like properties which helps fend for the lacking levels of estrogen in a woman suffering from menopause. This is what helps maintain the hormonal balance, the lack of which is one of the primary reasons for hot flashes.

You can boil and eat wild yam as a part of your meal or even just mash it up and add it to your morning smoothie for amazing results.

19. Magnesium

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The altered levels of magnesium in the body are sometimes one of the primary reasons for the menopausal signs and symptoms, the primary one being hot flashes and night sweating. The properly maintained levels of magnesium in pre and post menopausal women helps fight the discomfort that comes along with hot flashes.

The permissible dosage of magnesium supplements should never cross the 310-350 mg per day because that often ends up inflicting negative impacts on the body. Instead on simply just relying on the supplements, try and include more magnesium rich food in your diet for similar effects.

20. Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids
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One of the most pronounced benefits of omega 3 fatty acids lies with the treatment of menopausal symptoms, the primary ones being depression, hot flashes and night sweating. It is abundantly found in a number of fishes and can help boost the entire well being of a woman undergoing menopause.

If you are relying on supplements, consult a doctor first before relying on just the directions written on the label of the container because the same can inflict negative impacts on the body that can worsen the condition of hot flashes even further.

What are the Causes of Hot Flashes?

Causes of Hot Flashes

It is often times hard to understand the reasons for hot flashes but it can easily be concluded for a fact that it is the cumulative inability of the body’s hormonal regulation that causes hot flashes and night sweating. This is the primary reason why many women undergoing menopause tend to experience such symptoms.

That being said, there are chances that you might experience hot flashes while being pregnant. Why? Because, even during those days, the hormonal balance of the body is a haywire. But, that necessarily doesn’t mean that hot flashes are an indication for pregnancy. It is necessary to get it tested out to know for sure before you jump into conclusions.

With that, let us jump straight into the possible causes of hot flashes which are:

  • Menopause
  • Hormonal Disbalance
  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
  • Wearing extremely tight clothing in a hot weather
  • Consumption of excess alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Eating spicy food
  • Caffeine
  • Pregnancy
  • Hyperthyroidism

Hot Flashes are primarily noticed in women who have attained their menopause. If you are experiencing such similar symptoms, there are some other possible triggers that have also been mentioned under the causes section of the article. Much like any other disorder, never take hot flashes lightly because it is not just the sensation of warmth but the accessory symptoms that you need to be aware of.