11 Promising Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in Morning for a Better Well Being


How many of you have opted for natural ways of losing weight? Tried lemon water in the mornings? You did, didn’t you? If the answer is yes, there are fair chances that you are well aware of the benefits of lemon water in the morning. Cold or warm, the benefits of this concoction definitely leaves amazing benefits on one’s health.

Lemon water in the morning happens to have amazing benefits on one’s body and in some of the best ways possible. It is not just effective for a single kind of health benefit but helps with the overall health of an individual.

In this article, we are going to be focusing on the common benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning, or basically any time throughout the day. If you have been skeptical about the health benefits of lemon water, I am hoping that the same will be cleared up completely by the end of this article.

Should Lemon Water Be Hot or Cold?

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Lemon water is jam-packed with a number of health benefits and can be consumed either way – hot or cold. If you are pondering on whether or not it is actually beneficial if its drank warm or cold, it is best to know that the same depends on what kind of health benefit you are aiming for.

The warm lemon water in the morning is primarily consumed for much more pronounced health benefits, right from regulating the metabolism to aiding in weight loss. It is believed that warm lemon water has better and far more pronounced benefits on one’s health in comparison to drinking it with normal temperature water.

The cold lemon water is better if you are looking for hydrating your body or simply for common treatments of morning breath and such.

Both of these variants impose their benefits in their own way and are beneficial for one’s well being. Just the combination of lemon and water, hot or cold, has promising health benefits of lemon water.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning?

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water3The list of benefits of lemon water is literally varied and doesn’t necessarily constraint itself to the confines of the common and superficial health benefits.

Some of the most witnessed benefits of lemon water in the morning include:

1. Hydration

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water4Water is probably one of the best forms of hydration and helps curb the shortcomings related to thirst, isn’t it? But there is only so much water that one can drink before they end up despising it, am I right?

This is exactly where the lemon water comes into play. Drinking lemon water in the morning or even any time throughout the day to catch a bit of a break from the monotonous taste of just water is definitely a bonus.

The consumption of lemon water helps keep the body hydrated and fights dehydration. That being said, because of the presence of Vitamin C in the lemon often is responsible for dehydrating the body (if consumed in uncontrolled amounts). If you are starting to feel dehydrated after the consumption of this drink, make sure to cut down the amount of lemon juice you are putting in.

2. Improves Digestion

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water5Digestion and the problems associated with it have become a very common phenomenon in today’s world. With the impending stress and lack of proper food habits, it isn’t surprising that majority of people all around the globe suffer from indigestion.

If you have been looking for an easy and effective remedy, opt for drinking lemon water in the morning. The lemon water helps in ensuring proper metabolism (R) which is one of the primary factors that control digestion.

The combination of lemon with water ensures proper formation of bolus and ensures proper motility of the food down the gut. It also helps prevent the common signs of irregular bowel syndrome which is yet another evidence of proper digestion.

3. Strengthen Immunity System

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water6The benefits of lemon water in the morning are pronounced in the maintenance of the immune system as well. It helps secure your well being from the attack of foreign particles which is definitely one of the most amazing benefits.

The high concentration of Vitamin C along with antioxidants make up for an effective combination for fighting off any kind of disease that attacks the body. It is definitely an amazing immunity booster and aids to ensure that your health is protected from any kind of bacterial or viral attack.

4. pH Levels

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What if I told you that even though lemons are actually acidic, they have an alkalizing effect on the body? Sounds shocking, doesn’t it?

Well, it is true. Even though lemon is acidic on its own, its reaction to our body is that of alkalizing properties. It alkalizes the blood, thereby maintaining the blood pH when the acidity of the body rises because of indigestion or any other physiological reasons.

Our body’s normal pH varies within 7.25- 7.35 mark and the lemon water aids in maintaining those levels without much efforts invested.

5. Weight Loss

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water8One of the primary deciding factors for a healthy weight loss completely depends on the body’s metabolism. If the metabolism is labored and not good enough, there are chances that you won’t be able to lose weight even if you opt for the hardest exercises or tough diets.

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning helps in getting of those extra pounds that have been bothering you since a long time. It speeds up one’s metabolism as well which further contributes to weight loss.

Make sure to continue drinking the lemon water in the morning continuously for an extended period of time because of the fact that the results take time and are not instantaneous.

6. Fights Ageing

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One of the primary reasons of premature ageing lies with the body being overstressed. Not just that, even an overstressed immune system contributes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The concentration of Vitamin C, antioxidants along with bioflavonoid have amazing results in keeping the skin tight and supple. These also boost the function of the immune system which, in turn, contributes to the overall well being of an individual that helps keep the issues related to ageing at bay.

The less stressed immune system is the key reason why the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning actually works to fight the signs of ageing.

7. Good Source of Potassium

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water10What if I mentioned that drinking warm lemon water in the morning can effectively help in maintaining the potassium levels of your body? Sounds a bit surprising and unexpected? It actually does work.

It is believed that consistently drinking the lemon water in the morning effectively contributes to maintaining the levels of potassium in the body more efficiently than what you would normally gain from eating a banana.

The proper levels of potassium in the body ensure proper skeletal muscle function and helps avoid the possibility of muscle cramps as well which is definitely considered as one of the most important health benefits of lemon water.

8. Diuretic Properties

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Lemon water is one of the best natural diuretics which helps relieve stomach bloating and keeps the renal system in check too.

Because of its natural diuretic property, it is always best to drink warm lemon water in the morning because it helps flush out the toxins from the body.

Drink a glass filled with lemon water to start your day off and that should help flush out all the unnecessary and harmful toxins out the body with ease. This ensures to detoxify the accumulated toxins from the day before and continuous drinking of this often helps in keeping the body rejuvenated and clear of any harmful toxins.

9. Wound Healing

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water12Most people often use lemon to cure wounds because of its high levels of antioxidant and antibacterial properties. What many fail to understand is the fact that the health benefits of lemon water have amazing healing properties on the wounds.

The amazing antioxidant and antibacterial properties help fight any kind of peeping infection that might be caused because of infected wounds. All the while, it also helps clear out the toxins out of the body which is yet another additional benefit of drinking lemon water.

10. Morning Breath

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Morning breath is a very common occurrence that happens to possibly every single inhabitant of the earth. So, are you here wondering how the consumption of lemon water actually help for providing with a cure for morning breath or bad breath in general?

The lemon juice in the lemon water has beneficial antibacterial and antioxidant properties which help kill the bacteria and the microbes that are primarily responsible for morning breath.

Even dry mouth contributes to morning breath or bad breath in general and the water intake helps in rehydration of the body right after a night’s sleep.

11. Lymph System

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If you weren’t aware, our lymph system is made up of 95% water. This is the primary reason why it is necessary to keep it hydrated all the time without which it fails to function properly.

The production of lymph fluid is heftily dependant on the availability of water in the lymph system. The consumption of lemon water in the morning helps in rehydrating the body and prevents the situations of congestion or dehydration by any chances. Not just that, even the addition of lemon to the body helps in maintaining the alkalinity of the blood which is a must for proper maintenance of one’s well being.

How Often You Drink Lemon Water?

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water15Now that we are more or less well versed with the benefits of drinking lemon water, it is best to know the common routine that one should follow when it comes to the consumption of the same.

For the best health benefits and results related to it, it is best advised to stick to the daily consumption plan of it. It is a myth if you think that you will witness promising results and health benefits of lemon water right off the bat. That is not how it primarily happens. It takes time and is a work in progress.

Drink lemon water (warm or cold) every day in the morning, preferably right after waking up or before breakfast. This helps flush all the toxins out of the body and ensures to keep the body healthy and fresh every day.

Side Effects of Lemon Water in Morning

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With more or less every topic covered, let us ponder on the side effects of lemon water in morning. As much as every other natural remedy, even this has negative impacts on one’s health.

1. Worsen the condition of the sensitive stomach

One of the worst side effects of warm lemon water in the morning is the fact that it worsens the condition of sensitive stomach even further. Many people with stomach ulcers have often times complained of the fact that the consumption of lemon water in the morning often tends to worsen the condition even further and affects the stomach lining.

2. Hampers the Tooth Enamel

Yet another side effect of lemon water is that it erodes the enamel very easily when the concentration of the lemon juice is higher than it should be. Because of the higher intensities of ascorbic acid in the lemon juice, there are high chances that it will adversely affect the condition of the tooth enamel and end up eroding up.

3. Can trigger a migraine

In a number of studies, it has been concluded that the consumption of lemon water tends to impose the possibility of a migraine. Depending on the acidity of the body, the trigger levels are fired. If you have a migraine or have the tendency of having severe headaches, it is always best advised to keep the consumption of lemon water in check.

4. Excessive Iron Absorption

As much as our body needs iron, it is never good to have something in excess amounts. The lemon in the lemon water tends to trigger the absorption of the plant irons from the ingested food. If you suffer from any kind of genetic disorder like that of hemochromatosis, there are chances that the storage of excess iron will prove faulty for you. This is why it is best to try and drink lemon water in sparing quantities.

5. Causes Dehydration

There is very conundrum effect when it comes to the benefits of drinking lemon water for the purpose of maintaining hydration in the body. Because of its high diuretic effect, there are chances that the consumption of lemon water can frequent your urination. So, if you are opting for lemon water, make sure you make up for the lost water by replenishing it with the consumption of normal water.

How to Make Lemon Water?

Benefits-of-Lemon-Water17Making lemon water is not a big deal. It is probably the easiest method of making a refreshment, that too one that actually does hydrate one’s body.

The most common way of making lemon water includes the following steps:

Things You Will Need

  • Lemon juice – 1-2 tablespoons
  • Glass of water (warm or cold depending on the preference)
  • Honey – 1 teaspoon

Process Involved

  • Add the lemon juice and honey to the glass of water and mix properly
  • Drink this every morning after waking up

The benefits of lemon water in the morning are not an unknown fact for people which are why it is becoming a regular inclusion in every person’s daily routine with every passing day. If you were unaware of the benefits, we have tried and incorporated them in this article for your reading and learning benefit.