10 Benefits of Silva Method of Meditation

10 Benefits of Silva Method of Meditation

One of the best ways to achieve mental tranquility, feel relaxed, and have positive thoughts is through meditation. There are several ways to meditate, the silva method of meditation is one of the most beneficial ones. It was introduced by Jose Silva, hence the name Silva meditation.

Silva’s method of meditation is a great step for people who are struggling with their mental health. It focuses on self-help, which makes it most prominent. It guides a person through imagery methods to help them get rid of any negative thoughts by focusing on their subconscious state of mind. It can help a person understand their own worth because of their principles of meditation. In this article, we will talk about all the benefits of the Silva method of meditation. So keep reading to find out more.

What is Silva meditation?

What is Silva meditation

Silva meditation is one of the meditation techniques present around the world. This technique was initially introduced by Jose Silva, he introduced it to the world as a part of a self-help initiative. This relaxation technique, silva meditation, possess cognitive development and is based upon three principles.

The three basic principles of Silva meditation are Alpha and Theta states of mind, Power of healing imagery, Desire Believe and Expect Thought Process

The first principle which is the alpha and theta states of mind refers to the state of waves of your brain. When a person is in the first principle, which is alpha and theta state of mind, it is considered to be as good as meditation because this person is said to be good and capable of conducting the healing process.

In this state of alpha and beta, body cells of the person repair themselves and work towards strengthening the immune system. As the stress gets desiccated, the body becomes more suitable for healing and it helps to keep your mind away from all the negative thoughts

The second principle, the power of imagery, talks about visualization. The visualization technique helps in building the life you want by first imagining it in your mind. One needs to keep in mind that you need to visualize the present. You need to feel your desires for it to materialize while you are performing silva meditation and not in the future but in the present.

The third and final principle of Silva meditation is the Desire, Believe and Expect process. This meditation technique first allows a person to develop a deep desire for what they want that is why one needs to know what they exactly want in their life. In the next step of this process, you need to believe that your desire is attainable. When you start believing in your goal and put your 100% belief into it the goal can be expected by you to be achieved in life. This principle is based upon the Pablo effect that triggers self-healing.

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Benefits Of Silva method Meditation

Reduce Stress And Benefits Of Dynamic Relaxation

Reduce Stress And Benefits Of Dynamic Relaxation

Various methods that are introduced in silva meditation can stimulate gene expression in the brain that is beneficial in reducing physical and psychological stress and boosting the immune functioning of your body. This was found through a study on the effects of relaxation, breathing awareness, and positive guided imagery.

Thinking Positively

You may have studied various mind development and motivational training, they help you to understand the importance of being positive and staying focused and optimistic. The Silva Method meditation not just helps you understand but also gives you a step-by-step, proven process for mastering this skill. The ability to function consciously in a deeply relaxed and focused state of mind and body. The Silva life system holds the secret of unleashing the powers of your mind.

Silva’s method of meditation helps to increase your moral and ethical standards, it helps to bring positive attitudes to family members and to maintain a better social self-image. It also led to a decrease in self-criticism. A study on Silva graduates at the Incarnate School for Girls in San Antonio, Texas, reported that the curriculum boosted ego strength, helped prevent shyness, increased trust, and cooperation among students, led to greater self-assurance, and made their heart full of warmth. This also helped in building relationships with one another and boosting confidence in their own self.

Many health benefits

In the Silva Life System, you will be introduced to a variety of mental visualization methods designed to grow your mind and body’s natural capacity for healing through physical and emotional aspects.

These results have been studied and endorsed by a variety of medical practitioners. Some health professionals said that this technique is the only tool that has helped their patients to understand their state of mind and improve it.

Controlling your Habits

When you apply techniques to reprogram your mind like a computer, it can help you to free yourself from bad habits and also replace them with good ones, because of the Silva Life System. One does not need much of their willpower for this, it involves very little effort this process is much more powerful than any affirmations. So if you have bad habits like consumption of alcohol, or smoking and no focus by replacing your thoughts it can help you to control your habits

Helps you to learn

Helps you to learn

It has been reported that practicing Silva meditation has shown improvements in boosting people’s memory power and in raising their IQ to boost memory. Research showed that Silva improved their IQ classification after using the silva method. The Silva Method could and should be taught to students at all academic levels in every country,

It boosts creativity

Studies show that creativity is boosted when functioning at the Alpha level. Listening to the Silva Life System will help you to think of solutions to problems, enhance creativity, or get inspired. You will learn how to enter the Alpha level by your will and then use your creative mind

Silva graduates have used this process in various forms of creativity like to develop patents, start new businesses, or create works of art, literature, and music. Here are some examples. Mental discipline and creative visualization is the secret behind the power of the Silva Method. It helps people to connect better with their own spiritual life and become much better people.

Achieving your goals

The Silva Life System is more than a motivational self-help course. Most of the time it happens that other motivational self-help courses leave you on a high at the start but people often revert to their old ways after several weeks. This isn’t the case with Silva meditation.

These Silva programs can help you to permanently be more self-assured and positive. It helps you to increase the worth of your dreams as you learn to think bigger, you set higher goals, and seek to achieve things that contribute to humanity. How old or young you are, does not matter. By silva meditation, you think bigger, and plant in you the unbreakable desire to accomplish and do more with your life.


Athletes who were trained mentally would be able to advance further than their opposites who were training physically, during a practice done for all athletes. During mental rehearsal, athletes visualize the exact movements, ways they want to inculcate in their sport. The use of this skill substantially increases the effectiveness of goal-setting, which was just a dull listing procedure before all this. With the Silva meditation, you learn to practice such mental rehearsals and have significantly better results.

Helps to sleep better

Silva helps to teach you to send a command to your mind to let you fall asleep whenever you want. It also shows you how to set your mental clock to be able to wake up anytime without the use of an alarm clock. When you sleep better it helps you to gain energy and be productive throughout the day.

It also helps you with a great technique to help you remember your dreams and ways that could contain the solution to problems. Throughout history, people have credited dreams by helping them develop new ideas. If you have heard about the inventor Elias Howe, he had got the idea for the sewing machine through a dream. Paul McCartney came up with the song “Yesterday”, in a dream. The structure of the Carbon-6 molecule was discovered through a dream.

Your Intuition

All of us are born with intuitive abilities, and anyone who learns how to manifest these abilities can achieve anything in life. Through the proprietary scientific and time-tested process, you’ll learn how to use your inbuilt psychic abilities in everyday life, and use your gut feeling for a happier, more successful, and more enlightened life.

Overall Uses of Silva Meditation

  • It helps to treat insomnia
  • Helps to control pain and blocks the pain signals being sent to the brain
  • Helps in brainstorming and ideation
  • Helps in the intuitive understanding of others subconscious
  • Provide deep relaxation to mind and body
  • Controls blood flow
  • Helps to control the energy levels.
  • Increases the healing rate
  • Helps in the self-diagnosis of emotional and mental issues
  • Helps to overcome the blockages


The silva method of meditation can help anyone in life to bring confidence, lose bad habits, and build relationships. Manifest your dreams. Dream big and have positive thoughts all the time. Hope this post has helped you to understand the benefits of the Silva method of meditation and how helpful it is.

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