Treating Common Cold And Cough At Home

Treating Common cold and cough at home

Common cold and cough are two most common health issues which cause discomfort and unease to us. The common cold is almost always accompanied by a cough and is displeasing. There is no effective medicine, which can cure it, medication can only help to reduce the symptoms. Even antibiotics do not work on common cold and cough. It takes about seven days to resolve them, but some home remedies can help not only relieve but cure it too. Sharing a compilation on “treating common cold and cough at home, to ease and help in preventing and curing common cold and cough. These home based remedies are safe and full of nourishments. So instead of consuming all the chemicals in medicines, its advisable to take course of natural and home based methods to beat the discomfort caused by common cold and cough.

Treating Common cold and cough at home by using the below:

A- Garlic to the rescue:

Garlic to the rescue

Garlic is packed with antioxidants and is perfect to protect us against seasonal cough and cold. Apart from that garlic contains a compound known as allicin, which is known to have great anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. These not only help in relieving the existing condition, but also prevent the further chances of acute symptoms. Garlic must be consumed daily for keeping the body immune and preventing common cold and cough


1- For severe ear ache and mucous from ears use garlic for instant relief. As ear infections are extremely prominent specially among young kids. This ear infection is caused by mucous depositions in bronchial passage, which can later lead to a cough and cold. So in order to relieve and cure just crush a few cloves of garlic and wrap it in a clean cloth. Now place this over or near your ear, making sure you do not push it in too deep.

2- If you have a cough and cold, take about 4 to 5 cloves of garlic, lightly crush and sauté it in a little ghee or sweet cream butter. Have this along with warm water, as an easy remedy.

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3- Juice four cloves of garlic, two tomatoes, and a lemon to make a delicious antibacterial and antiviral drink. Consume this twice a day for entire allergic season

4- Combine four cloves of garlic and two tomatoes. Prepare a tomato and garlic soup with a little rock salt and cumin seeds. Now have it 3 times a day during winters, not only preventing you from common cold and cough but also providing instant energy

B- Turmeric treatment:

Turmeric treatment

Turmeric is rich in natural anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin and bioactive compounds in addition to volatile oils that have a protective as well as therapeutic action in persons suffering from cough and cold. Turmeric also increases anti-oxidant capacity of the body. Turmeric also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that can help beat the infection. And prevent further proliferation


1- The best way to use turmeric is as soon as you feel some sensation in your throat which indicates the onset of a sore throat or cough. Turmeric can also help in preventing the infection from getting acute. The easiest way to take a tea spoon of turmeric powder and add it to a glass of milk. Now boil the mixture and drink it while it is still warm. Add some honey too in order to sweeten the drink and add to its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

2- You can also have some turmeric tea to treat the condition. Boil 4 cups of water, mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder to it and boil the solution. Once done allow it to stand for 10 minutes. Strain the mixture, and then mix in it a little honey and lemon for medicinal turmeric tea. Additionally you can put some tulsi leaves for more benefits

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C- Pepper and Dry Ginger:

Pepper and Dry Ginger

Pepper powder and dry ginger hot water is very useful in cough and cold. Put one tea spoon sweet cream butter or ghee in a vessel. Then put half tea spoon pepper powder and half tea spoon dry ginger powder and one medium glass water. Mix two spoon honey or brown sugar. Let the water boil and come to half of the solution,then drink it hot before going to bed. This provides instant relief from sore throat and cold, also it helps in curing it quickly.

D- Protective herbal tea:

Protective herbal tea

Besides the turmeric tea and pepper and dry ginger hot water mentioned above, there are other herbal teas that also help people who suffer from frequent cough and cold. The teas combine the beneficial effects of different ingredients such as pepper, ginger, cinnamon and other herbs to help relieve the symptoms of cold and cough and keep the body healthy during seasonal outbreaks.


1- Mix 4 pods of cardamom, 4 corns of black pepper, 4 cloves, a few small slices of fresh ginger and a small piece of cinnamon in water. Allow the mixture to boil on low and cover the vessel. Let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Then strain the tea, mix in a little milk or honey and drink it while it is still warm.

2- A simple tea with Tulsi; by adding about 15 washed leaves of tulsi into 2 cups of water and keep it to boil. After about 10 minutes, strain this liquid, mix in one tablespoon of lemon juice and drink it while it is still warm. Lemon juice contains vitamin C and healing properties in addition to its antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-bacterial properties. This in combination with the medicinal ingredients of the tulsi will improve your immunity against the cold.

3- Prepare a gargling solution at home using neem and honey. Take about 3 leaves of neem with a glass of water and boil the mixture. When the liquid has cooled, mix in one teaspoon of honey and gargle to get relief from a sore throat. Repeat twice a day

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E- Homemade medicinal lozenge or cough drops:

Homemade medicinal lozenge or cough drops

Traditionally lozenge like remedies for cough and cold were very popular. Not only does this remedy help in reducing the irritation in throat, but it is also a natural way to treat a cough. This lozenge is oozing with nutrition and benefits for entire body


Take minced ginger and extract juice from it. Also, roast and powder a few corns of pepper. Mix the ginger juice, pepper powder, a pinch of turmeric and add a little honey to make it a thick paste. Now put this on a butter paper with small spoon. Make shapes of flat candies. Let it dry and then sprinkle powdered sugar. Just keep it in your mouth for 15 20 minutes and let the juice flow from throat passage for relief.. Repeat two or three times in a day

F- Steam and hot water bath:

Steam and hot water bath

Use hot water and some salt to take bath 2 to 3 times a day. This will refresh and revitalize you. Also Take some steam by heating water and adding some eucalyptus oil or Vicks vaporub on it. Now using an inhaler or big tumbler take steam to get instant relief. This is a tried and tested method for relief in 10 seconds

G- Use Saffron:

Use Saffron

Saffron is commonly used for sweets for adding reddish orange color and flavors. But it also is rich in powerful carotenoids and anti-oxidants that protect the body from damages. It also is instant source of warmth. Just mix some strands of saffron in water and apply that over chest and forehead before going to bed. The next morning wash it with lukewarm water and see the relief in a few days.

cold and cough

The above compilation on Treating Common cold and cough at home is based on experiences and learnings overtime. There are many more natural and home based treatments which have more than one benefits. These can be taken with antibiotics too. But be sure to check with your healthcare provider for any possible allergies. For any severe condition check with your family doctor. Share ahead and keep writing us, we love hearing from you!

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