Useful Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

plants to improve indoor air

We all speak a lot on air pollution and its dangerous side effects which can sometimes even prove deadly. While it is necessary to keep the outside air free from pollution as it provides oxygen that we breath in and which is important to carry out body functions, it is also equally important that we cleanse the air in our own houses. There are various ways to improve indoor air quality, going the natural way can be highly useful, according to the experts. Various plants to improve air quality can prove highly useful in this.

These plants will not only eliminate all unhealthy toxins, it will also helpful in removing dust from paints, carpets, plastic and various other surfaces. To elaborate more on this, we have made a list of important natural plants which can be helpful in improving the indoor air quality.

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Plants for cleansing indoor air

Plants for cleansing indoor air

1. Garden Mum

Garden mum is considered highly helpful in removing ammonia, formaldehyde as well as benzene along with xylene from the indoor air. These are highly toxic materials which can certainly cause you numerous damages. According to the experts, these plants can also be planted outside the house once they are fully bloomed.

2. Spider Plants

One of the easiest homegrown plants, spider plants are the great choice for cleansing the air. However, it is important to keep spider plants near bright sunlight for acquiring best benefits. Spider plant only removes all the toxins in the indoor air, but it also helps in providing you better sleep by releasing sleep-friendly substances.

3. Dracaena

The long and wide leaves of this plant are very much helpful in eliminating all the dirt particles from the indoor air. These leaves are also variegated with the line of cream, white as well as red colours. However, you need to keep in mind that this plant has been found to be toxic for small babies as well as pets such as cats and dogs. You might need to find other alternative if you are having pets or you can place it on the higher grounds.

4. Ficus

Ficus has been found as containing some of the best air-cleansing abilities. This plant grows about 10 feet tall when placed inside the house, which might not prove beneficial to you. However, it contains various important health-benefits. You can also plant the tree outside the house in Spring and bring it indoors to clean the air when the temperature is warm.

5. Peace Lily

Although very small plant compared to various other plants in the list, peace lily has been packed with various important health benefits. It contains highly effective air-cleansing capabilities. It is important, however, to keep the plant in the moist soil and not to overwater it. Even though this plant can provide benefits in every season, the flowers of this plant, which blooms in the summer season, provides major health benefits, according to the experts.

6. Boston Fern

If you are living in a place where humidity is high and has indirect light, Boston fern can be a great option for you to cleanse the air in your house. Although this plant requires very less maintenance, it should stay moist always. Therefore, it is important to ensure always that the soil of the Boston fern needs water every day. Additionally, according to the experts, it is also important to provide the plant a good soak once in every month.

7. Snake Plant

Apart from cleaning the air and removing unhealthy particles from it, snake plant is also highly useful in providing you good quality sleep. You can place this houseplant in your bedroom for better benefits. This plant does not require high maintenance, according to the experts, however, it is important to water the plant occasionally, although snake plant can grow in drier conditions as well and requires some sunlight for proper development.

8. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm houseplants are considered highly effective in filtering harmful materials in the air such as formaldehydes. Bamboo palms can also grow in full sun and requires bright light, according to the experts. This plant can purify the air due to its height. This houseplant can grow till 12 feet high. This height also helpful in keeping this plant away from small babies as well as pets in your house.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe has been considered highly helpful on various health problems. A great skin problem remedy, aloe can also be used in cleansing the indoor air, according to the experts. Aloe Vera has been found highly effective due to its antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties as Aloe Vera contains liquid which is filled with vitamins, enzymes as well as amino acids and various other compounds which helps in wound-healing.

10. Gerber Diasies

The bright as well as colourful flowers of Gerber Diasies not only look beautiful, they also help in absorbing carbon monoxide as well as benzene which makes the whole air toxic. This plant is considered best for bedroom as it releases oxygen in the night, according to the experts.

providing better health

These are few plants which can be highly helpful in providing better health benefits to you. These plants cleanse the dirt from the air and keeps you away from various diseases such as lung disorders as well as breathing diseases. You need to keep this plant inside your home to get more benefits from it after taking important precautions of using it.

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By Prajakt K.