Best Home Remedies To Cure Cold

home remedies to cure cold

Cold is a common health problem we all face almost every time if the weather gets changes or any health problem occurs in our body. As most people get exposed to the cold quiet easily, it is also more common than people turn to medicines quite often to cure it. However, it is said that consuming too many medicines not only harms your body, but it also impacts on your immune system which gets deteriorated and becomes weak.

To find the solution to cold, we always forget that the remedies our grandmothers were offering are the best option to remove the disorder quite quickly as well as organically, without providing harm to your body or side effects. Home remedies to cure cold are the best options to get rid of cold problems in your own house. Try these few remedies to find the solution to cold.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cold

1Honey and ginger juice

Honey and ginger juice

This is the first remedy which has come straight from the grandmother’s pocket. As honey is considered soothing to the throat and ginger contains few great antibiotic properties the mixing of both and consuming the juice as it is known to have the better curing effect on cold. To make this juice, mix grind ginger in honey, both in equal amounts. As it may taste weird to you, you can mix it with warm milk and drink it. This not only clears the blocked nasal passage instantly, but also provides moisture to your throat while soothing it.

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Turmeric has also been considered as a great home remedy for cold. This product can be used in multiple ways. Experts say that burning an end of a turmeric bulb and inhaling the opposite would prove highly effective on cold and can provide you instant relief. The other way is to boil the milk along with turmeric powder and drink it to cure a cold.

3Honey, lime juice and flax seeds

flax seeds

This is again a home remedy for cure which you can consider to get the relief. Flax seeds are known as a great solution for cold. To get the best results, boil the flax seeds in water till the mixture gets thick and take the essence. By adding lemon juice and honey, according to your taste and choice, and consuming it twice a day will also help you in getting relief from cold.



Known as a soothing agent for the throat, jaggery is also a great option to cure a cold. First, boil the water with black pepper and some cumin into it. After letting it boil for some time, add few pieces of jaggery into it. Boil it till it gets melt. Drink it after letting it cool for some time. Apart from cold, it also helps in curing various chest infection.

5Masala Tea

Masala Tea

At the last, the drink which is the second most consumed drink all around the world, tea. Adding some ingredients into it, can make highly effective in the cold and also provide a great taste. Masala chai is made up of boiling water with tea leaves and a few choices of spices such as clove, cinnamon, black pepper as well as ginger. To balance, its taste adds some honey into it at the end.

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By Prajakt K.