Things to Remember Before You Get Lip Tattoos

lip tattoos

Nowadays fashion has its own sense and it is developing day-by-day as per what people think and want to flaunt in front of others. Inner lip tattooing is a fresh trend which has become highly popular among the young college-goers. Since various celebrities too tried to paint something on their inner lips, this trend has become the worldwide phenomenon.

Lip tattoos are printed to enhance your lips and are not designed to create puffiness as well as the volume of the lips. Although lip tattooing has been usually considered as safe, many people still believe that it can be infectious. As there are cases of lip infection has occurred after getting an inner lip tattoo, experts recommend that you should be safe and should get it from a professional who has a better experience in printing tattoos.

As there are cases of lip infection has occurred after getting an inner lip tattoo, experts recommend that you should be safe and should get it from a professional who has a better experience in printing tattoos.

Apart from this, there are various other things which you need to keep in mind before deciding to get a tattoo on your lips. To explain it in more detail, we have made an important list, which you should consider to ensure your safety.

Apart from safety, these tips will also help in getting attractive tattoos on your lips which will help in enhancing your lips to look beautiful and trendy.

What is Lip Tattooing?

lip tattooing

As the name suggests, lip tattooing is the art of printing small images, texts inside your lips, therefore, it also called as inside lip tattooing. This is done by a professional tattoo artist as lips are one of the sensitive parts of your body and therefore using the professional, hygienic becomes important.

How Long Lip Tattoos Last?

lip tattoos last

This is an important question. The fading of the ink on your lips after tattooing is completely based on the individual. However, it has been found that the tattoo ink on your inside lips gets fade away with the time and you don’t have to live your entire life with that.

Experts say that this happens because the skin tissues of the skin inside your lips heal faster. According to the experts, the healing process of the inner lips takes only 3 days which is quick compared to the healing process of wounds which occur at other parts of the body. Hence, the tattoo would get faded away in 1-5 years.

How easy your tattoo will definitely be there for few years and you definitely can print something secret on your lips which you want to linked to your life forever. It will be normally hidden and apart from that it would get disappear soon.

Does getting Lip Tattoos Hurt?

getting lip tattoos hurt

Pain of the inside lip tattoo is also depends upon the the pain tolerance of the individual, according to the experts. While many people has claimed that getting tattoo on the inside lips is highly easy compared to getting it on other body parts, various others also says that it is difficult and painful.

Apart from hurting, which usually gets away after few days, more dangerous outcome, sometimes people face after getting a tattoo on inside lips, is infection. The risk of getting infection after applying the tattoo on the lips gets doubled because of bacteria’s cornucopia which is found on human mouth. Hence, it becomes crucial to take care of the tattoo once you done with application to keep it clean and away from any type of infection.

Experts says that to avoid infection, rinsing your mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash can be highly helpful. Do this especially after having meals or smoking. This also reduces the intensity of the pain caused by it as well. Although it is sure that you will be suffering from little to high pain while applying tattoo on your lips, the intensity is depend upon the individual.

While it has been considered that getting a tattoo on other body parts such as ankle, lower back, arms etc is easy, getting a tattoo on your lips can be moderately painful, according to the experts. The pain caused due to the mechanised needle can sometimes be strong.

Other important things you should keep in a mind are,

1. It Can Cause Swelling or Inflammation

If you are allergic to few pigments which gets applied on the ink, you can suffer with excessive swelling of the lips. This can cause commonly if the tattoo artist is unprofessional or inexperienced in the work. Professional artist always use the ink which has been prescribed by the FDA, according to the experts.

2. Gum Damage

Apart from swelling, it has also been found that the ink used for tattoo can also increases the risk of gum damage, according to the experts. The friction between the gum as well as ink creates problems for the gums and causes its root to expose in front of the teeth. This causes extreme damage and loss to your gum.

How to take care of inside lip tattooing?

 inside lip tattooing

There are few things you can consider to take proper care of your whole mouth after getting a tattoo inside the lip.

1. Avoid hot drinks and acidic foods

Experts say that you should avoid consumption of the hot liquids as well as acidic food after you get the lip tattoo. Using antibacterial mouthwash after having meal and even after smoking can be highly helpful. Although it has been recommended that you should rinse your mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash for around 4-5 times, you should use it till you the things get easy for you.

Simultaneously, following the instructions by the tattoo artist given after inked will also be highly useful to you.

2. Pre-care is important

Consuming light food before getting an appointment with the tattoo artist is extremely helpful. If you have consume foods such as chewed egg as well as coffee, consider rinsing of the mouth well with the help of mouthwash. Apart from this, rinsing your mouth before getting the tattoo will also decrease the risk of infection, according to the experts.

3. Avoid touch-ups

It has been found highly risky to provide regular touch ups to the colour as well as shape of the tattoo. This will cause the increase of chances of infection as providing touch ups may open the wound and applying outside materials on it, can cause trouble for you. So it is better to keep the things as it is to keep yourself away from infection.

4. Healing process requires extra time

Keep the essential ointments as well as creams in your cupboard permanently even after you feel that your tattoo is healing properly. Healing process needs time. Following the guide sheet given by your tattoo artist might help you in this. You should also take the help of your medical expert if the things are getting out of control, according to the experts.

How Much Money It Requires?

much money it requires

The money you need to spend on these tattoos, completely depends upon the country you are residing, the tattoo design as well as how professional and experienced the artist is. Most importantly, it also depends upon the exact location of your lips where you want to get the tattoo. It can be the upper part of the lip or the bottom.

The price range starts from around $40-$50. The price may vary according to the other things, which has been mentioned earlier. At some times. It can even go beyond this. At some places, tattoo artist have been found charging $50-$100 for the service.

This service includes,

  • Various designs, images, texts from which you can choose which is appropriate for you. Tattoo artists will provide the suggestion over your choice. If you can have something different in your mind, share it that as well.
  • Most of the times, you need some maintenance for your tattoo. Therefore, artists charge the later service in the initial payment itself. This will make your next service free.
  • The post-care guidance sheet, in which all the important point will be given on how to take care of your tattoo along with your lips.
  • Many a times it also includes guarantee by the artists of your tattoo, which can also be in the form of cashback.

Inner Lip Tattoo Ideas

lip tattoo ideas

While getting a best tattoo for yourself is entirely depends upon you. However, experts say that the tattoo on your lips should be different that the tattoo on other parts of your body. As the tattoo will be small, it should give more meaning in small size. It can also be a secret, which you want to share with the people who are extremely close to you. It can also be a sign of showing love to your loved ones.

Many people also choose for various texts to print on their lips. Some non-offensive choices are,

  • Ouch
  • Cool
  • Lovely
  • Name of your loved one

Some people also chooses for few graphics, which includes,

  • Flower
  • Skull
  • Heart
  • Star

These are the things which you should consider before going to get a tattoo inside your lips.