Everything You Need to Know About Diaper Rash

diaper rash

Diaper rash causes due to irritation, redness due to wearing of diapers. This problem on your baby’s skin makes you cry as it causes pain to your baby. However, diaper rash is one of the most common problem faced by babies across the globe and it also very easily get treated.

Diaper rash treatment through your doctor as well as natural remedies is available to remove all the diaper rash pimples. Diaper rash can get tricky sometimes and therefore it is important to get rid of it as early as possible to avoid any further health disturbances.

What is Diaper Rash?

What is Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is the condition which appears after wearing a diaper for long period of times. Wearing of diaper rash for a long period of time causes irritation as well as friction, which makes your baby uncomfortable. Diaper rash is also appears when a baby’s stool gets rubbed to the skin of the baby in diapers.

There are various types of diaper types available and diaper rash can also appear due to wearing wrong diaper types, which makes your baby uncomfortable. Following certain medicinal techniques makes treating diaper rash easy. You can get rid of it quite naturally.

To explain more on this, we have discussed various causes as well as treatment of diaper rash.

Diaper Rash Main Causes

Diaper Rash Main Causes

Diaper rash results from various conditions which can even prove worse, according to the experts. We have made a list of few major causes of the diaper rash. Additionally, diaper rashes also depends upon the diaper types.

1. Stool and urine irritation

Experts says that prolonged exposure of stool and urine can cause massive damage to the baby’s sensitive skin. If your baby is facing problems in bowel movements as well as diarrhea, it may result into irritation due to feces than urine.

2. New product irritation

Rashes can also develop due to the wiping or friction of new diaper products on your baby’s skin. Additionally, it can also cause due to using detergents or fabric softeners while laundering the clothes. Major ingredients in baby lotions, powders as well as oil may also cause diaper irritation.

3. Diaper rash yeast infection

Diaper rash infection caused due to the developments of fungus around the region covered by diapers such as buttocks, thighs as well as genitals. This takes place in the region as the place remains moist and warm most of the times and hence produces a great ground for the breeding of bacteria as well as yeast.

Another diaper rash infection can also cause due to the reaction occurs with other external products. This may results into the development of diaper rash bumps around the area. To overcome this, it is important to follow diaper rash clean methods.

4. Sensitive skin

Babies also suffer from various skin diseases such as eczema and this condition might prove harmful and may also develop diaper rash. However, experts say that the problems arises due to the eczema may spread to the other parts of the body other than the affected area.

5. Use of antibiotics

Antibiotics can kill bad as well as the good bacteria. When the antibiotics is consumed by the babies, the good bacteria that keeps the development of bacteria in check also gets killed. This may result into the formation of diaper rash yeast infection, according to the experts. Antibiotics over consumption can also lead to diarrhea.

6. Exposure of new foods

Solid food consumption may cause changes in the stool in babies and it can become thick and hard. This may result into the irritation and increases the chances of diaper rash. According to the experts, the baby can also on the risk of diaper rash if the mother eats something unusual which is enough to create problems for the babies.

How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash from Newborn?

Diaper Rash from Newborn

There are various diaper rash cures you can opt which will help you in removing diaper rashes from your baby’s skin. Diaper rash can also be treated with some home treatments. Follow these home remedies to keep your baby away from diaper rash.

1. Keep The Skin Dry

Keeping the skin dry all the time and keeping it away from stool and urine can prove an effective diaper rash cure. Following this time-to-time may help in keeping the area dry and the breeding of harmful bacterial as well as yeast may get affected. This can prove into the removing of diaper rashes from the baby’s body.

2. Wash it warm water

Washing cloth diapers with warm water and keeping the diapers clean can also be great way. You can also rinse the skin of your baby with warm water and soft cloth. Always remember to use only mild soap whenever needed and most of the time do not use soap at all.

3. Using Cloth Diapers

Instead of using any synthetic diapers you can choose cloth diapers which are easy to use, soft on baby’s skin along with wallet-friendly and environment-friendly as well. You can also use these cloth diapers again after washing it well with the help of warm water as well as mild detergents which are easy on your baby’s skin. Diaper rash cloth diapers can also be easily removed with taking good care of it.

Treatments you Must Avoid

Treatments you Must Avoid

While you can try various diapers rash remedies to get rid of it, trying these ways might create various problems for you. Do not try following remedies while treating diaper rash, according to the experts.

  • Do not use use any ointment or drug which has not been prescribed by the doctor as this might cause various problems after applying it on the affected area. Additionally, it is important to check whether the particular cream or drug is made for children or not.
  • Don’t apply powder on diaper rashes. The application of powder might affect the moisturization in the skin and can make the skin dry. This helps in the formation of bacteria and also cause an infection.
  • Using cornstarch also promotes the growth of bacteria. Using cornstarch on diaper rash may cause further problems, according to the experts.

Best diaper rash Creams and Ointments You Must Try

Creams and Ointments You Must Try

There are various amounts of beast diaper rash creams as well as diaper rash ointments available in the market which you can try to keep your baby away from diaper rash, according to the experts. We have made a list of important creams and ointments to avoid diaper rash.

Why you need to rush to the pediatrician?

Why you need to rush to the pediatrician

It is important to take an appointment with your doctor immediately if the problem of diaper rash is not healing even after trying all the possible remedies. It might be a major cause of concern and overlooking it may cause further problems such as skin diseases. Therefore it is important to consult with your pediatrician for diaper rashes.

Asking questions about the problems and an expert help may help in getting rid of the diaper rash problems through an effective diaper rash cure.

The major symptoms of diaper rash includes,

1. Skin signs

Diaper rash causes redness, tender-looking skin in the region of the diaper such as thighs, buttocks as well as genitals.

2. Changes in baby’s disposition

Diaper rash makes your baby more uncomfortable than usual. It may happen more often while changing the diapers. Your baby might start to cry when you touch the diaper area or try to wash it.