Home Remedies to cure a Baby Cold

home remedies to cure a baby cold

An infant suffering from cold and flu could be one of the most disturbing sights to behold for a grown up. The babies are more susceptible to the flu during change of seasons. The symptoms may be deceptive, as the infants are unable to express the discomfort they are at. Older kids express their suffering in a perturbed manner.

When a few simple home remedies to cure a baby cold, almost like in the flick of a switch. Follow these procedures if you may.

Home Remedies for Baby Cold

1Breast Milk

It is not for nothing, that breast milk is vouched to be an absolute elixir for infants. Babies under six months in fact, need no medication, and little nutrition, other than breast milk. In most cases, it may be enough for the baby to fight off flu virus or bacteria.

Breast milk is known to be loaded with antibodies, which consolidates the infant’s immune system, as well as keeps him or her, adequately hydrated.

2Saline Drops

Saline drops administered nasally to the child, during episodes of cold and flu, is a proven savior. As in case of adults, the solution helps in clearing blocked nasal passages, without any considerable irritation caused.

This remedy is known to be prescribed even by pediatricians. On cleaning the nostrils with a moist cotton wad, the drops may be administered with the help of a dropper. Diluted saline drops are available under innumerable brand names, specially manufactured for children.

3Garlic and Ajwain Pouch

A couple of garlic cloves could be tied in a piece of cloth, along with ajwain, known as carom, the spice in the western world. The pouch may be brought in front of the child’s nostrils, from time to time, to let the infant breathe in. The procedure is believed to produce instant relief, although the specialist must be consulted in case of delicate ones.

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4Oil Message

Mustard oil heated with a couple of garlic cloves in it, when massaged on the child’s chest, back, feet, and temples, away from the eyes, are known to provide relief from runny noses and head and body aches.

Care should be taken in not burning the garlic, as its goodness is known to vaporize at higher temperatures on the fire. A pinch of ajwain may also be added, as long as the child is tolerant towards it.

5Saffron Smear

A few strands of saffron may be rubbed on a hard surface, so as to get a paste, which may subsequently be applied to the child’s feet and forehead, as it helps in absorbing excess water from the body.

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