Yoga Postures to Cure Headaches

Yoga Poses to Cure Headaches

Yoga is known to be beneficial for your general health. Even more at relieving the body of discomfort and maladies.

Headaches, on the other hand, are both a discomfort as well as a malady. Here we present to you ways in which you may proceed to cure headaches, through yoga. Get to know these yoga poses to cure headaches.

Best Yoga Poses to Cure Headaches


This is known in the western world as the big toe pose. This is a relatively easy posture, yet brings about the stretching of all the muscles in your body.

It is beneficial for your blood pressure, reinforces the delicate strands of hamstrings, calms down the senses, and is known to be a cure for headaches and insomnia.


It could not get easier than playing dead, while your heart is still beating. It surely does not come easier than the corpse pose, when it comes to the study and practice of yoga.

This absolutely blissful yoga position is known to calm down the brain, alleviate stress, cure depression headaches, fatigue and insomnia.

3The Dolphin Posture

This is the pose you would want to know, if you are all in for strengthening your limbs. It works on your shoulders, and is known to relieve the body of stress, and menstrual discomfort, in case of women.

Headaches, insomnia and back pains are also known to be taken care of.

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4Setu Bandga Sarvangasana

Also known as the bridge pose to the English speaker, this pose cures, anxiety, fatigue, back and headaches and insomnia.

Being regular with this particular position is known to bring about a rejuvenating glow to the practitioner.

5Supta Virasana

Translated as the reclining hero pose, this is one of the more difficult of poses in this list, as it requires your body to be flexible and strong.

Your complete torso, as well as the lower body is thoroughly worked upon. Additionally headaches, and menstrual pains are said to be cured, as well as digestion is aided.

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