Crohn’s Disease Complications

Crohns disease complications

The complications that are usually associated with Crohn’s disease, may or may not be after all due to the intestinal eruptions. Although, prominent Crohns disease complications include impediment and perforation of the small intestine, development of pus in the colon, fistulae and severe intestinal bleeding.

Major expansion of the colon, or rupture of the intestine may be considered potentially fatal occurrences. In such cases, surgery may be the only mode of treatment left.

Recent research has brought to light the fact, that an increase in the chances of a cancerous development in the small intestine, or the colon may be sighted in case of patients who had been suffering from crohn’s disease for a long time.

Moreover, other instances of crohns disease complications may involve the skin, joints, eyes, liver and the bile duct.

Painful, reddened, swelled spots may appear on the legs and around the ankles.

Similarly the eyes are also effected, wherein vision may be left impaired along with pain and redness.

Severe cases of Crohn’s disease may lead to arthritis, which causes severe pain, swelling, and stiffness of the joints. Inflammations caused in the lower back and spine may result in particularly severe episodes of pain and stiffness.

Crohn’s disease

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There might also be instances of eruptions caused to the liver, or bile ducts which may respectively lead to hepatitis or primary sclerosis. The narrowing of the bile ducts may lead to jaundice, or periodically recurring bacterial infections, which may be caused due to the draining of the liver. A liver transplant, may be the ultimate remedy, if the situation comes to it.

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