Ways to Build Your Cardio Regime

Build Your Cardio Regime

Getting back to the gym after a hiatus, is among the most arduous of tasks that you might have ever come across, in your bid to lead a healthy life.

Your first day at the gym, after a long layoff, and you hit the treadmill. Even before you have, managed to burn any substantial amount of calories, you are bound to be overcome by boredom, and sore joints. The next day on, and you would have developed, a hard to shake off aversion, for cardio.

Cardio gives you the most, on your face, instant results, that you may ask of any particular family of workouts. They become all the more important in today’s scenario, when being fit means, being strong, fast and athletic.

Read on ahead to get to know ways by which you may build your cardio regime.

Boost your Cardio


Practice would have made none perfect, if it was not for the preceding plan. Even in case of your cardio program, planning in advance, your goals, and analyzing your achievements is essential in keeping you motivated over a period of time.


Be it the invention of the wheel, or that of fire, none would have been made possible, if it was not for the determination of man.

Your determination is the one solitary thing that may lead you to achieve your fitness goals. Skipping your cardio, or not putting in your all, would only lead to below satisfactory results.

3Warming up

Warming up is an integral part of any workout regime, more so in the case of cardio, as it gets your heart kicking and sets you up for a long haul, if you are up for one.

4Avoid steady cardio

Only if you are training for some long distance race, then shall a steady cardio come in handy.

Increasing the intensity of your cardio, progressively, helps in optimizing the results.


Dedicating some time to sprinting, either individually, or along with your daily treadmill routine is bound to give your cardio program that much needed boost.


Incorporating weights, in between cardio, is bound to kick the boredom quotient, as well as adds that extra element of power, which will go a long way in keeping you motivated over the years.

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7Fight the self

There is always bound to be that inner bothering voice that would speak of a cozy life, and all the comforts of heaven, right when you are about to turn the switch on

All you need to do is turn a deaf ear to that voice, and get on with what you think you were meant to do.

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8Cool down

Taking brief rest periods, cools down your body, gets your heart rate back to normal levels, and gets you ready to carry on ahead.

9Keep track

Keeping track of the minor details, not only advances your knowledge about your own body, but also keeps you motivated in the long run.

Knowing, simple things like your heart rate, calories burnt, and time spent on a particular workout, will keep you informed of the levels that you would have already reached, thus helping you in setting further goals.

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