How to Get Toned

get a toned body

The sun is out in its full glory, and you are just one among the many who want to flaunt those intricate chisel work on your sculpted body.

Just hold on yet. Is that what you think, you should be doing this summer. Is your body just a mere imaginary projection of what you desire out of it.

Well, you sure need to hit the gym. Still before you lift any weight, you must get to know the basics of toning up your body. At the end of the day, that is exactly what you want. A proportionate body, and not just mere pouches of flesh.

Read on ahead to get to know the basics of toning up, and to get a toned body.

How to Get a Toned Body

1Muscle Mass

If you are looking for body definition, then you need to work on building some muscle mass, because you cannot work the metaphorical chisel on wasting matters.

In order to build muscle mass, you need to be lifting heavy load at low repetition range.

2Repetition Range

If you are all on for toning your muscles, then it calls for high repetition range.

Once the mass is taken care of, which by itself is some task, then you would have to lower the load and increase the repetition to get the toning going.

Increased repetition range results in a cardio burst, wherein the heart rate increases, calories are burned and the body fat begins to melt.

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3Weights and Tempo

You do not want to be using a weight that would outright fatigue your primary target muscles.

You have to confident of the weight that you are using, so that it helps in building lean muscle mass.

Similarly, there is no point in rocking a set of high number of repetitions at a lower weight. The trick is all in, getting the last ounce worth of benefit, from every repetition that you are performing. This is the reason why the tempo at which the workout is been performed, is highly important.

The lifting part of the workout must be done in haste, while the returning part may be performed in a controlled fashion.

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The frequency at which the body parts are been worked out upon is highly important.

The rest period in between consecutive workout sessions on the same body part is equally essential, as it helps in the development of the muscles.


Muscles are made, as much in kitchen, as they made in the gym. For any kind of gains, be it of lean muscles, or toning, you would have to be very particular about your protein intake.

The training regime needs to be paired with a balanced meal plan, in order to experience the optimal results.

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