5 Workouts To Get Strong Arms And Abs

workouts to get strong arms and abs

We all want to be toned and attractive body in present day situation. However, it is not possible, nowadays, to stay fit and healthy due to our busy lifestyles. To keep yourself healthy today you need fast exercises which would be time-consuming as well as simultaneously affect positively on your body. Although diet and nutrition are the best things to attain fitness. Exercises, in addition, makes it, even more, easier and keep you fit and healthy to get that much wanted attractive body.

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Fortunately, there are workouts to get strong arms and abs to make them strong and fit. They not only will save your time but also will prove highly effective to make your abs and arms stronger.

Check out the workouts which you should try for getting tights arms as well as abs.

Effective Workouts For Arms and Abs

1Dolphin Plank

(Source: DYOYoga)

The mixture of both plank and dolphin poses, this exercise will be providing you fitness for both your arms as well as your abs.

How to do it

Bring elbows down to the floor by getting down on the floor with your knees and hands. By keeping your palms on the ground, pull your hips up. Ensure that both the hands are parallel to each other. At the end, breathing slowly, lower down your back and come in the original position of the exercise.

2Push Ups

(Source: calisthenicmovement)

Push ups are considered as the perfect exercise and almost works on all body parts of your body.

How to do it

Distribute your weight equally on your hands as well your feet facing down. Lower down your body until your chest come closer to the floor and then come back to the starting position. Inhale by raising yourself up and exhale while coming back. Repeat the cycle for a minute to procure good results.

3Shoulder Taps While Planking

(Source: Northeastern)

This exercise works well on your apps and triggers metabolism to lose fat from the belly.

How to do it

Keep your wrists under your shoulder and keep your feet wide according to your hips. Be in a plank position and tap each shoulder with the opposite hand. Repeat the exercise to get the best results.

4Forearms Side Plank


(Source: expertvillage)

This is again a time saving most effective exercise. It works well on your back, arms as well as the belly.

How to do it

Place your left directly under your shoulder and extend your legs. Keep your right hand on your waist and try to rotate your torso ensuring that your right hand comes closer to the left hand. Remember not to let your hips fall for better results as it requires core muscle strength to maintain the posture, which is required for losing excess fat from your body.

5Bicycle Crunches

(Source: Livestrong.com)

Bicycle crunches are helpful for proper ab workout and to give you best shape for your belly. It also helps in strengthening thigh muscles.

How to do it

By placing your hands behind the head and raising your legs up diagonally, lie down on the floor. Try to touch your right elbow to your left knee. Make sure that you are touching your elbows to the knees of the opposite leg or try to come closer according to your strength.

6Bonus: Holding Boat Pose


(Source: expertvillage)

Holding your boat pose for a longer period of time requires core muscle strength which can prove helpful in losing the excessive fat.

How to do it

Sit on the ground with extending your feet and arms besides your body. Raise your chest as well as your feet upwards and stretch your arms towards feet. Hold the pose for few minutes while breathing steadily. Come back to the ground while exhaling and relax.

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By Prajakt K.