Body Boss Home gym 2.0 Review And Buying Guidance

Body Boss Home gym 2 0 Review And Buying Guidance

Sometimes trends are believed and followed in the aspect of fitness. An option which is cost effective and easier comparatively with others options is draws attention of many. One thing that is going popular in fitness is body boss home gym 2.0.

If you heard a lot about this workout equipment then you need to know a little before going for it. It is basically developed with an idea of portability and convenience to achieve the fitness goals at home. This equipment unbelievably brought out a workout style that is different but simple in contrast to traditional workout equipment. You must get into the clear review of body boss home gym 2.0 to know the benefits and the chain of information about the happening fitness method.

If you have already decided to buy the body boss home gym 2.0, then we don’t object to it but help you with buying guidance. You can check out the pros and cons, things to know before purchasing the product.

Pros and cons of body boss home gym 2.0

Pros and cons of body boss home gym 2

Every product has two sides which are to be taken into consideration while shopping it. Though body boss home gym is hailed all over you may want to know the pros and cons which let you decide to say yes or no to the product.

Pros of body boss home gym

The pros of the body boss gym are based on the various features and basic expectations from a home gym equipment and it meets most those expectations. Hence it became the most preferred product for home gym.

  • Lightweight equipment
  • Occupies less space
  • Portable equipment
  • Full body workout
  • Money saving option

Cons of body boss home gym

The cons mentioned here are not about the quality or performance of the equipment but just the attachments provided. It might not be the valid cons for everyone as people feel worth spending for the fitness goals. But then few may consider the cost as a drawback otherwise body boss is an ultimate option for home gym without a second thought.

  • Provides limited bands
  • Added cost for more bands

Things to know before buying body boss home gym

Things to know before buying body boss home gym

When you are choosing body boss gym 2.0 you need to know certain things as it helps you utilize it better. Here we have mentioned what all you must look at while this equipment comes to your mind for home gym.

To be elaborative, we have written the questions you must ask yourself pre shopping at the body boss gym. It includes the questions about warranty, portability and variations, others as well. If all your expectations are matched with this product then you can stick to your decision of buying it.

I. How portable and convenient is it?

Portable gym equipment is a brilliant option that allows you to reach your fitness goals no matter what. Fitness freaks may have their short term fitness goals and everyday workout makes a huge difference for them. Such people prefer home gyms to achieve their fitness goals even being the frequent travelers and with busy schedules. Hence, we urge you to check if your body boss is that one dream home gym equipment you are looking for. And see how portable it is for carrying it along for your workout practice regardless of the space.

II. Is it durable enough and qualitative?

Agree that home gym is simple but it doesn’t mean it can be a compromise of quality. So, know the quality and durability of the product. If you are happy with quality and if it’s a long lasting set to install for your home gym then you can go for it.

III. What’s the cost of the product?

Even a home gym can go out of your budget so you don’t want to spend too much on it. Check if your body boss fits in your budget. And you can plan it accordingly or look for other alternatives.

IV. How many variations of exercises?

Finding portable gym equipment is happy news for many. Again it must allow you to utilize the best out of it. Only then it is the best product to buy.

Therefore, consider the number of possible exercises variations with body boss home gym 2.0. If it gives you the chance of exploring the thousands of variations being an easy and portable equipment why not buy it!

V. Is it a good replacement for my old gym equipment?

When you are trying to upgrade your gym equipment it must be the exact purpose of doing it. Just because it is a popular gym you can’t rely on it. You must also examine if the replacement of the new gym is the best when compared to the older one. If you feel it is a best replacement with added benefits only then it is worth buying. However body boss 2.0 is reviewed as the best home gym by many users.

VI. What is the warranty period?

Be it any equipment either for home or professional gym, you must check the warranty while buying it. The warranty says the quality, construction, design and built of the product. It is good to buy the home gym products only if you are convinced with the warranty period.

Benefits of body boss home gym 2.0

Benefits of body boss home gym 2

A product that does an excellent job is because of its features. It must have unique features to choose other options. Someone who has explored different home gym equipment would describe body boss 2.0 as an amazing choice for its benefits. It has the unique features and does its job as claimed. See if you are expecting the same from body boss home gym 2.0

a)Resistance bands

One benefit with body boss home gym 2.0 is the resistance bands. The bands can take the resistance of 30 lbs load. If you are looking for the nearly or exact resistance capability then it is an advantage buying this equipment.

Additionally you can maximise the resistance by amending length of the bands. The bands are fixed with the clips at the ends to hook at the base or other attachments.

b)Increase of weights

A common sign of progressive workout is increased body endurance. If you are able to give more stress and pressure to your body with daily workout then it is a positive sign. Body boss helps you increase the load for your high intensity exercise. You can slowly challenge your body to lift more weight with this portable home gym set. The bands and straps are extremely feasible to use for various exercises.


If you have seen an overview of body boss gyms then you would have known that it comes with several attachments. Not only full of attachments but it’s user friendly. Just try bingung the bar and base together for an easy practice of squats. The attachments are comfortable to use like the bar is padded.

Have you spotted the two handles as part.of the equipment which can be used as dumbbells. Along with that you have two straps for cardio workout like boxing.


Body boss home gym equipment is the best selling for its base as the beneficial feature. It has a base that you can stand on and at the same time can hook to the attachments.

You have a chance of practicing plenty of exercises with such a versatile base which includes overhead presses and squats. The base is convertible with resistant adjustments which must be considered as a merit too.

The base of some of the home gym tools and machines occupy too much space. Whereas the base of the body boss needs little space which makes it perfect for home gym. You can perform any exercise and that too without slipping as the base is super stable.

e)No restrictions

No restrictions is no excuse! It’s exactly the same with a body boss as you don’t lack the equipment when you have it at your home. You may have multiple commitments in a day but workout can still be your priority as it is easily doable at home.

You can now practice exercises with your body boss in your kitchen, office during your leisure time. You don’t complain that dumbbells, bars or bands are not handy. You need a minimum of tools even for a high impact workout and it’s proven with body boss home gym. It helps in achieving your weight loss goals at home.

The alternatives of body boss home gym 2.0

The alternatives of body boss home gym 2

Body boss is an option for a portable gym that has other alternatives. If you have no access or want an equipment that fits your budget then you can consider the other options. The alternatives can be a good replacement for body boss home gym 2.0.

1. Bandboard Portable Home Gym

The best alternative to body boss portable gym is bandboard portable home gym. This is a gym equipment that is accompanied with a stand, 2 bands and 2 handles. The brand claims to support variant exercises around 300 where you can make the best use of this alternative. But note that this product has no bar and limbs but still a good replacement for body boss gym. It has a portable and stable base likewise body boss which makes it useful.

2. Bodygym core System Portable Home Gym

If you are looking for a home gym that has a bar then choose this one. It allows you to use it variably as it has a bar and serves as the best alternative of body boss gym. You can go ahead with your workout session in limited space and a few exercises need a chair. It is a set that includes a bar, 2 resistance bands, a travel bag along with a DVD and chart.

3. Gymwell Portable Home Gym

Another brilliant alternative for body boss home gym is gymwell that designed with portability. The resistance bands are hooked to ankle cuffs unlike the body boss bar. You get the bands which look like body boss bands and a door strap. You can add different exercises to your workout routine with this alternative of body boss.

The gymwell portable gym has no base but still makes a befitting alternative for body boss. It is a competing workout system for many home gym equipment.

4. Gonex Portable Home Gym Workout

Another suitable portable home gym alternative to body boss is Gonex. This set comes with the resistance bands, push up bars and various attachments. You can practice high intensity exercises with this home gym product. It is sent along with the safety straps and sturdy board that are easy to use for home workout. It has the non slip bottom with heavy duty resistance and capability. The bar of this product is foam padded for a comfortable workout.

Wrap up: As a final verdict, we say body boss home gym 2.0 is the real workout boss for fitness aspirants. We have gathered every bit of information that can help make a decision about buying a body boss. You being a fitness enthusiast may not be able to decide if it can be a real upgrade for your home gym. Also, you cannot keep exploring as it is not favorable on your pocket so we have made it easy for you to get clarity with the body boss home gym review.

Hope your efforts of making home gym effective become successful with body boss.