5 Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss At Home

cardio workouts for weight loss

While cardio is considered as one of the most effective exercise for weight loss, many people think that cardio can only be done effectively in the gyms. Cardio exercises is knows as exercises which provides your body larger workouts in less period of time, such as dancing, cycling, aerobics and many more. These cardio exercises not only keeps you healthy and fit but also provides increased strength to your body. It also reduces the risk of various injuries through providing flexibility and balance. Cardio workouts also help in keeping you away from cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Cardio workouts for weight loss also help you in losing weight in no time.

For performing easy cardio workouts at home, you just do not need to invest much and still can get effective health benefits. They are highly inexpensive and you can do them anywhere in your home. It also helps in toning the body by burning calories.

We have brought you list of cardio workouts which you can do in your own house and can lose your weight quite easily.

Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss at Home

1Spot Jogging

Considered as one of the most easy daily workouts and can be easily done in your living room if you don’t want to go for gymming. Additionally, this workout is also helpful even if you do not have much time and follow a busy lifestyle. Experts say that doing a spot jogging for the period of 30 minutes helps you in burning up to 270 calories. It also helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases and improves your health.

2Jumping Ropes

This is again one of the most easiest exercises that helps in losing up to 220 calories in just 20 minutes of the period. You can do this exercise anywhere, even if you are traveling. Along with strengthening the muscles of your lower body is also helps in providing quality workout to your legs as well as your butts. Jumping ropes also very helpful in increasing your heart rate, which is important for increased blood flow through arteries and veins and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3Squat Lumps

It is a hard core cardio workout, which is highly helpful in burning your fat at a very fast pace. It helps in strengthening leg muscles as well as the hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. It also promotes the quality development of lean muscles. Experts say that behind every muscle formation, body consumes about 70 calories. It also helps in burning fats from your stomach also prevents it from any bloating creation.

4To do the squat lump

    • Sit in a squatting position with wearing a good quality pair of sports shoes.
    • Instead of getting up normally, jump as much as you can by raising your hands above your head.
    • Come back in the squat position.
  • Repeat it for 20-30 times.

5Side Lunges

This exercise is best known for providing quality workout to your quadriceps, hamstrings as well as butts along with the abdomen area. Considered as one of the perfect cardio exercises, it helps in improving posture and balance and increasing flexibility. It is also very helpful in increasing mobility as well as ad makes it more functional. This becomes important for older adults as the body gets deteriorated as you grow up.

6To do the side lunges

    • Keep your hand on your waist and stand straight with keeping distance in your legs.
    • A Bend at your right direction by bending your right knee. Ensure that your right knee has not crossed your right leg.
    • Come back in the original position
    • Do the same for left side and again come back to the normal position.
  • Repeat it for few times.


One of the most effective exercises, burpees helps you in burning 100 calories in just 10 minutes. This is a complete workout in itself, which includes push ups as well as squat jumps. Along with increasing calorie expenditure, this exercise works very effectively on improving strength as well as lean muscle mass. It also works on large of number of muscles simultaneously. One of the best things about burpees is that it continues to spend calories for some time even after you finished with your workout.

8To do burpees effectively

    • Stand Straight and come into a squatting position with your palms on the ground.
    • Push both your legs backward and come in push up position.
    • Do a push up, and again come in squatting position.
    • Instead of rising up normally, perform a squat lump.
  • Repeat it for few more times.