10 Unbelievable Facial Exercises to sharpen your Nose- Know the Brunch!

10 Unbelievable Exercises that will Help you sharpen your Nose

Nose shape like a pencil is just an imaginary illustration and what’s real is a sharp nose that adds beauty to your face. You must also realize that all the beautiful facial features are not god gifted. A few features need some change of shape, size to make your face proportionate. There is no ideal shape for a nose to be called perfect. What you are happy with is the best. And if you want a desired shape of nose then you need to put the effort. The safest and easy way is to practice Facial Exercises to sharpen your Nose.

If you are wondering how your nose can be an elegant feature of your face then it comes with practice of exercises. Facial Exercises to sharpen your Nose is the popular method adapted by many over surgeries. Because it is an everlasting effect and painless. Additionally facial features are gaining the demand as it is inexpensive.

We have put the simple Facial Exercises to sharpen your Nose to sculpt your nose with instructions to practice. Practicing the exercises for a sharp nose, you will become an artist of your own beautiful picture. Be a regular practitioner of these exercises and you will love the results over the time. Here is everything to know and get in action for a sharp, doll-like nose.

How to make your nose look smaller?

1. Sharpen your nose with a smile

Sharpen your nose with a smile

All you have to do is smile to get a sharp nose? Not exactly but it is quite possible to sculpt a nose with an exercise that makes you smile. It builds your side muscles of the nose and helps to sharpen it. You need to practice it a good number of times regularly. After a few days of the exercise, make a keen notice to find positive change.

Steps to do

  1. Start with a pleasant and your normal smile.
  2. Grasp the tip of the nose with your index finger and push it upwards.
  3. Hold and release your index finger from the nose after 2 seconds.
  4. Do it for 20-30 times to complete a set of this nose exercise.

How long?

  • Do it for 30 days to see the best results.

2. Sharpen your nose with mouth exercise

Sharpen your nose with mouth exercise

Yes! Your mouth plays a role in sharpening your nose as there are connective muscles and tissues. It is an easy Facial Exercises to sharpen your Nose that shows the result as you expected but only with continuous practice. The exercise creates a stretch in your mouth which automatically impacts the shape of your nose and slim it down. Here are the instructions that you can practice the exercise right.

Steps to do

  1. The first step is to make an “O” shape with your mouth.
  2. Now raise your nostrils slightly to breathe through your nose.
  3. Then look up to the roof and breathe while flaring your nostrils.
  4. Release it after 2 seconds and repeat the above steps.
  5. Practice the exercises 20-25 times to complete it for the day.

How long?

  • Practice it at least for 25-30 days to see the desired results.

3. Two finger hold exercise to sharpen nose

Two finger hold exercise to sharpen nose

This is another similar exercise to the above one. It helps relax your muscles and strengthen while slimming down. The exercise to sharpen your nose involves the mouth. You can practice the exercise with repeated movement of your nose and mouth following the instructions.

Steps to do

  1. Hold the bridge of your nose with your thumb finger and index of one hand.
  2. Touch the tip of your nose with the index finger of another hand.
  3. Push your nose tip up with the index finger and tighten your lips together.
  4. Then the nose tips down with the index finger while releasing your lips.
  5. Repeat the above steps several times to complete the exercise.

How long?

  • Follow it daily for 20-25 times to sharpen your nose.

4. Exercise with nostrils to sharpen nose

Exercise with nostrils to sharpen nose

You must let your nose muscles and cartilage relax for it to come into shape. Generally, there will be no movement until you intentionally do move your nose. And this keeps the nose shape unchanged. So here is an easy exercise to sculpt and shape your nose slim, sharp. Practice with the given instructions anywhere throughout the day.

Steps to do

  1. Focus on your nose tip and continue to practice the exercise.
  2. Tighten your nostrils as much as possible while inhaling.
  3. Then exhale while open flaring the nostrils as much as possible.
  4. Repeat it until the exercise creates a stretch.

How long?

  • Practice the exercise for 15-20 days to see a change.

5. Massage exercise to sharpen nose

Massage exercise to sharpen nose

Massaging can remove the extra face fat and fluid It helps relax your nose muscles and soothes the skin. If you are noticing acne and rough texture on your nose then you can practice this exercise. It sharpens your nose with daily gentle massage. If you know massage is the best technique that sculpts the facial features then you cannot miss it.

Steps to do

  1. Place your index finger and middle finger of two hands on the sides of your nose.
  2. Get a proper grip of your nose with the fingers. Massage in circular motions pressing your nose.
  3. Do it for a minute and release it. Repeat massaging again for a minute.
  4. You can apply your favorite oil for smooth and gliding massage.

How long?

  • Do it everyday for 25-30 days for desired results.

6. Exercise with index finger for sharp nose

Exercise with index finger for sharp nose

Another variation for the above exercise is here. It is as easy as rubbing your nose but just in a rhythm. Over time, your nose becomes sharp and slim. Remember that the massage must be gentle to relax your nose muscles as the bridge sculpts according to the motion.

Steps to do

  1. Place your index finger of each hand on your nose bridge.
  2. Massage into your nose with the fingers in a circular motion.
  3. Relax your nose after a 1 minute massage and repeat it.

How long?

  • Practice it daily for 30 minutes to see the positive results.

7. Inhale and exhale exercise for sharp nose

Inhale and exhale exercise for sharp nose

Inhale and exhale through the nose is an effective exercise that contributes to multiple benefits. The breathing pattern of this exercise is always praised for its results which includes sharpening the nose. NBut you need a daily practice for the exercise to do wonders.

Steps to do

  1. Inhale through your nose and close one nostril with the opposite side index finger.
  2. Hold the nostril for 2 seconds and release it while exhaling.
  3. Now inhale and place your index finger on the nostril switching the side.
  4. Hold the nostril for 2 seconds and release it while exhaling.
  5. Repeat inhale and exhale, switching the sides for 10-15 times.

How long?

  • Follow it for 30-40 days to see the effectiveness of the exercise.

8. Exercise with a simple hold to sharpen your nose

Exercise with a simple hold to sharpen your nose

If you see always a repeated movement is the trick behind reshaping your Facial Exercises to sharpen your Nose features. Holding your nose without hurting and then letting it free in a rhythm is a workable exercise to sharpen your nose. It relaxes your nose muscles and lets it become slim.

Steps to do

  1. Hold your nose gently with the help of your index and thumb finger.
  2. Give a slight press and release it slowly.
  3. Repeat the above steps for 10-15 times at a practice.

How long?

  • Doing it daily for 20 days can reshape your nose.

9. Exercise with finger tips for sharp nose

Exercise with finger tips for sharp nose

Do you have a bigger nose tip? That changes the whole shape of your nose which you may not like and want to make it smaller. This exercise is all relevant for what you are looking for. It is extremely easy to follow but quite positively shows up the results.

Steps to do

  1. Place your two index fingers on the sides of your nose.
  2. Your fingers must be placed extensively on the upper parts of the cheeks.
  3. Tuck in the fingers and hold it for 5 seconds.
  4. Relax and repeat for 10-15 times to complete the exercise.

How long?

  • Do it 20 days continuously.

10. Exercise with forehead hold for sharp nose

Exercise with forehead hold for sharp nose

The exercise is a bit tricky for beginners but the steps are a key that allows your nose to come in shape. It focuses on the main part of the nose which starts to slim down and become sharp.

The exercise makes sure that your nose sculpt well with repeated movement. It is to relax your muscles for a shaped nose.

Steps to do

  1. Place your palm on the forehead.
  2. Now place your hand vertically on the side of your nose.
  3. Open your mouth forming a big o shape and breathe in.
  4. Then close and open your mouth forming a shape and breathe out.
  5. Repeat the movements for 10 times and switch the side with the same steps.

How long?

  • Keep practicing the exercise for 20 days to see the results.
  • Different Kinds of methods to make the nose smaller

1. Surgery

A method that many choose over other options is nose job which means surgery. In clear terms, it is known as rhinoplasty surgery that improves the shape of the nose and the way it functions. You can undergo this method to change the nose appearance where certain filling is given as part of the surgery.

Take and consider the suggestion provided by a professional surgeon. Firstly, you must know that there is no such perfect or ideal nose shape. So, once you meet the professional surgeon, they will tell you if your expectations are realistic and it is right to proceed with this method.

2. Contouring makeup

Another way to get a slim, smaller shaped nose is makeup. You can get it instantly with contouring makeup.

Makeup is a magical element that can mold your facial features in a desired shape. It is not to change the size or shape in real but gives such appearance facking the effect. You can opt this easy peasy method for special occasions.

3. Practice breathing exercises

If you are practicing any breathing exercises then it jointly helps with mental health and shaping your nose. It calms.your nose muscles and the connected muscles around the nose.

We have given a few breathing exercises which work slow but extremely effective for many practitioners of facial yoga.

4. Non surgical rhinoplasty

You have a method to shape your nose without surgery and it is rhinoplasty which is done by filling the ingredients like hyaluronic acid. This filling is infused underneath your skin to change the nose shape temporarily. Experts consider this non surgical method of shaping the nose as a safe and effective option. The very common side effect is redness that need not be considered as a dangerous sign. You must take the advice from a professional surgeon before going for this method.

The results of non surgical rhinoplasty nose shaping lasts for 6 months or more. Though it is a short term efficacy it gives the pleased results says many doctors and the people who have experienced it.

Best Makeup ideas to make your nose smaller

You have the best makeup ideas that amazingly make your nose appear slim and sharp. These ideas can be used to make your nose look smaller than real. Weh you want to shape your nose instantly for a day then makeup is an ultimate method you have.

1. Concealer

Pick a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply and straighten the bridge of the nose with the shade to make it appear slimmer. Add two more lines of the shade for a thinner shape nose.

2. Highlighter

You can use a highlighter to shape your nose thinner. Apply a pump of highlighter on top of the bridge of your nose and then tap your nose with your finger. Now choose athree shades darker foundation and apply to the outer side of the nostrils and blend into your skin with a brush. This makeup idea is for a slimmer nose for everyday as it is not too dramatic.

3. Foundation

This is a makeup idea to dramatically make your nose appear slimmer and sharp. Apply pea size highlighter on the bridge of the nose and blend it into your skin with your finger. Now have a three shades darker foundation and draw a straight precise line on either side of your nose with the foundation. Blend it downwards of your nose and dab it over with your skin tone foundation as a finishing touch.

You might feel like correcting your nose shape with a twist or elongating with a pull. All this does work with the Facial Exercises to sharpen your Nose but not as easily as said. You must be a regular and positive practitioner to get the desired results. It may take a month or a few months to sculpt your nose. Firstly, choose a nose exercise or pick your favourite exercises from the above list and start to practice. You have the possible methods to sharpen your nose in spite of these exercises people opt the alternatives. But then before undergoing the surgeries, have the realistic expectations. Before anything, know that there is nothing beyond self acceptance. These positive thoughts can make you appear beautiful and the exercises are a good help that adds on.