Definitive symptoms of Crohn’s disease

Symptoms of Crohns disease

Crohn’s disease is a form of severe inflammation of the intestines.

Abdominal cramps and diarrhea, are a common indicator that one might be suffering from Crohn’s disease. In certain severe cases discharge of blood through the rectum and drastic weight loss are also observed.

A healthy life consisting of regular exercising and healthy eating habits is essential for a patient undergoing treatment for the disease. Additionally prescription drugs, along with antidiarrheal medication, and rejuvenating body fluids are a must.

Read on ahead to get to know certain definitive symptoms of Crohns disease, which must be enough to make you rush to a physician.

Symptoms of Crohns Disease – Health Care

1Stomach cramps

The cramping of the abdominal region, for patients suffering from Crohn’s disease, is often irregular and intermittent. The pain might get severe, to the extent that the soreness might be felt even on gently touching the stomach region.

The irregular bouts may soon transpire into an ever present ache as the situation worsens.


In severe cases, the diarrhea may reach drastic levels, wherein administering an IV drip might be required. The urge to hit the loo might get so intense, that it might wake you up from sound sleep.

Appearance of blood with your stool, is as definitive an indication, that you might get, that should make you rush to the hospital, without any further delay.

3Loss of appetite and Weight

With increase in severity, a patient will completely loose the will and appetite to eat. Even if food is forced down, then it may result into a throwback.

All the symptoms, together with the diarrhea leads to a drastic loss in weight.

4Running Temperature

Fever simply should confirm your worse apprehensions. High body temperatures mean that your whole body is starting to get affected by the virus, and your situation is well into the red zone on the severity meter.

5Fall in RBC count

In certain cases, development of anemia is only an eventuality, due to the excessive loss of iron, through blood in the stool.

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