5 Different types of Yoga Asanas for beginners (Part 1)

Yoga for beginners

Yoga is nothing more than the process through which we are able to concentrate all our harnessable energies, to perform a particular, prescribed task, which in most cases is the stretching of a body part or the other.

Through yoga, one can attain, the optimal sense of connectivity between the mind, body and the soul.

To attain mastery in the innumerable aspects and indefinite extent of this discipline, one needs patience and dedication.

On this momentous occasion of The International Day of Yoga, we present to you five basic asanas, or yogic postures that could easily be performed and mastered, even by a beginner.

Types of Yoga for Beginners

1The Neck Stretch

The basic neck stretch eases the tensions on the tendons, and sinews around the neck and shoulders.

This yogic asana could be easily performed, in a seating posture, or while standing up.

2Tandasana (The Mountain Posture)

This asana helps in stretching your arms, shoulders and spinal region, besides been an aide in increasing height.

3Uttanasana (The Forward Folded Posture)

This asana relives the stress and anxiety levels in our body. The stretched position effects both the anterior and posterior halves of our body.

4Trikonasana (The triangle Posture)

Along with stretching innumerable muscles and tendons in our body, this particular posture is also helpful in boosting the regular functions of our various systems.

5Dhanurasana( The Bow Posture)

This is an extremely effective yogic asana, for those who are embarking on a weight loss program. It not only burns valuable amounts of belly fat, but also keeps the digestive systems at its functional best.

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By Abhro