Amazing Tips on Reducing Stress

Tips on Reducing Stress

Stress management is becoming an essential subject with every passing day as life seems to be taking its toll on more and more people. Relaxation may not be only about a calm mind, or been good at your hobby.

Life can get demanding at times, and all the accumulated strain over the years may lead to a serious ailment. Ultimately, the body needs to recuperate from the effects of stress, which is what relaxation is, or should be all about. Read on ahead and get to know about these tips on reducing stress. In other words, relaxation methods, if you may call them.

These relaxation methods would reduce the stress levels considerably, by reducing the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, the activity of the stress hormones, muscle tension, anger and frustration. On the other hand, the blood flow to the major muscles are increased, so is the power of concentration, the confidence levels, while the mood is pleasant. These relaxation methods in general include channelizing all your attention on anything soothing, which increases the awareness of your various senses.

Relaxation Methods

1Autogenic Relaxation

This simply translates to something which is generated from within your body. Both visual imagery and body awareness techniques may be used to carry out the processes.

One are generally repeated words, or suggestions in the minds, which brings about a positive frame of mind, thus inducing relaxation, and reducing muscle tension. You may also be asked to imagine a peaceful setting, after which you would have to practice controlled and relaxed breathing and thus reduce your heart rate. Exclusive techniques to relax individual body parts at a time may also be implemented.

2Progressive muscle relaxation

This technique concentrates on individually tensing up and relaxing particular muscle groups, one at a time. The difference between tension and relaxation of the muscle is more distinctly identified by the mind, bringing about an overall increase in self awareness.

You may start either with the muscles of the toes, or those of the head and neck, and move up or down, along all the muscles of your body, respectively.


Through this technique, you may be guided through mental images, into a visual travel to a blissful location or situation. During the whole process, you may be asked to incorporate as many of the senses, like smell, sound, touch, or as you may, into your imagination.

For instance the imagination of the ocean, should bring whiffs of water and brine. This form of relaxing technique is best performed in a quiet place, with eyes shut.

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