10 Most Addictive Foods According To Science You Didn’t Know Of!

most addictive foods

When it comes to food, all of us have our guilty pleasures, don’t we? But, what if you came to know that there are some foods that are more addictive than the rest and even science has proven that? Sounds very riveting, doesn’t it? But, to be honest, there are some of the most addictive foods that we go back to without even know what’s causing it.

If you are making yourself believe that you will just have a slice of pizza and end up eating the whole thing, chances are that science does have an explanation for you.

That being said, in here, we are going to list out of the most addictive foods in the world that you definitely need to know about.

List of the most addictive foods in the world

List of the most addictive foods in the world

Statistics and researches (R) suggest that around 20% of the people across the world suffer from any form of food addiction or showcase similar symptoms like the same.

While there are a number of factors influencing this condition, it is believed that obesity is one of the further influencing factors in this condition.

Much like how people suffer from substance abuse, food addiction is something along those lines, except that the person is addicted to food. The people who suffer from these kinds of addictions stated saying that they are unable to resist the food when they see it or even think of it.

But, what are these foods that science suggests are the most addictive ones in the world? Let us take a look.

1. Chocolates

ChocolatesChocolate is a guilty pleasure for many but have you ever wondered why it is such an addictive component that people seem to not get enough of?

There are several conspiring and contradicting studies about the possible reason. But, the one specific study (R) that conducted by the researchers of Drexel University in 2011 suggest saying that the reason why chocolates are so addicting is because they bind to the same pleasure centres in the brain like that of alcohol and a few drugs.

The study further explains that when the chocolate particles do bind to the brain centres, they end up releasing the “feel good” hormone, oxytocin which helps in giving you that happy and content feeling following eating it.

2. Cheese

CheeseCheese is a hit or miss among people. While some tend to not like the taste and the mouldy texture, there are some who just can’t get enough of it.

If you fall in the latter category, chances are that you must be wondering why that is the case, right? Well, there could be a number of reasons.

The most common and the notable factor about this food that makes it one of the top addictive foods is the fact that it contains opiates in them. Some studies have also explored the presence of highly addictive morphine like compounds that make it so addictive.

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It is not the morphine like compounds in the cheese that peeks the interest of the researchers but actually the levels of casein, which is the main protein in the cheese that could be causing the addiction.

The researchers highlighted the casein is often responsible for production of the morphine (R) like opiates in the body namely casomorphins during the process of digestion.

In addition to all this, cheese also does have substantial levels of phenylethylamine (R) which impose the addictive properties to the food.

3. Pizza

PizzaIt is completely futile if we talk about the most addictive foods and not talk about pizza.

While it is tough to suggest what could be the reason people crave it so bad, experts believe that it could be the unhealthy slathering of cheese and processed ingredients in the store bought pizzas that make people wanting more.

Some of the scientists suggest that the same impacts aren’t that pronounced when one makes the pizza at home from scratch with organic ingredients instead of the store bought ones.

But, it is suggested to go easy on the cheese and the processed meats because that is what causes and propels the addiction even further.

4. Carbs, in general

Carbs in general

The bag of potato chips that has been calling your name is the first sign of food addiction and it is all because of the carbs in it.

When it comes to the carbs that we get by eating junk food, it is not necessarily something that is going to promote the release of a feel good hormone or anything like that.

The experts suggest that eating simple carbs make the release of the glucose (R) in the blood stream a lot faster. What this does is provide with instant energy that helps in feeling good and in the moment that many people often enjoy, thus returning to those simple carbs every time.

When you eat simple carbs, the sudden rush of energy is amazing but you crash just as fast. The reason why it is in the list of addictive foods is because people want to indulge in more of that to keep their energy going.

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5. Sugar

SugarUnless you are from the United Stated, we are assuming you’d know that sugar does no good to your body. It is not a new fact that sugar is bad for our health, even studies have proven that.

But, what many people don’t know about is the fact that sugar is actually addictive as well. Some of the studies suggest that the consumption of sugar propagates the release of opiods in the brain which further promotes a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction coursing through the body.

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This is the reason why people tend to crave the taste and the feeling that they get after eating sugar. This is also one of the reasons why it is important that you steer clear off of the sugar as much as possible.

A group of researchers from the Princeton University (R) also analysed the impacts of sugar addiction on a rat model. The researchers gave the rats a diet with high sugar levels in it but then when the same was withdrawn from them, they showed signs of withdrawal much like how people experience with drugs. There were signs of shaking and several changes in the brain chemistry.

This study was enough to imbibe the understanding why sugar is considered one of the most addictive foods.

6. Ice cream

Ice creamWhen it comes to ice creams, the addiction is real and can even end up making you succumb to it. With ice creams, the one thing that could cause a chaos is the fact that people forget the ideal serving size, thus ending up overeating the entire thing.

This is where the problem arises from.

Getting cravings for ice cream is very common in people and several people struggle till they put in that first spoon of ice cream inside their mouth.

Many suggest it’s the sugar that causes the addiction while many believe it could be the after feeling of happiness and feel good that makes people go back to it.

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More studies need to be conducted to pin point the exact reasoning why ice cream is considered one of the most addictive foods in the world but know for a fact now that it is.

7. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinksIt isn’t actually funny because I could pinpoint some people I know who need some kind of soda with their meals every single day and that are not even an exaggeration.

For the most part, the reason why these carbonated beverages are so addictive is because of the high levels of concentrated sugar present in it. Reports suggest that a mere 12 ounce can of the soda contain around 35 gms of sugar in it which is bad for your health.

Much like sugar, even this one promotes direct stimulation of the release of dopamine in the blood stream that gives you that feel good feeling that makes you reach back for it time and time again.

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It is not just the sugar but these kinds of drinks also have caffeine in them which does impact the overall levels of addiction even further. When you suddenly try to stop drinking it after being addicted to it for so long, chances are that you will face the signs of withdrawal pretty bad.

8. Processed meat

Processed meatProcessed meat is yet another one of the most addictive foods according to science. The researchers show that fatty acid chains are found more in the junk and processed foods like burgers and sausages is actually quite addictive.

Several other researchers believe that it is the combined effects of the sugars, fat and the salt in these kinds of food that end up triggering the feel good moment in the body, thus causing the addiction in the first place.

Scientists from the Scripp Research Institute (R) also backed these theories up with a practical representation of the same. The researchers found that when the rats were fed with junk food, the kind of addictive responses that they showcased was the same as it would have been for someone consuming drugs.

In addition to that, the processed foods and the fatty meats also tend to further induce the release of the opiates in the blood stream, thus further providing with a feel good moment.

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9. Breakfast cereal

Breakfast cerealThe frosted breakfast cereal that you have been eating for breakfast every day is going to induce a feeling of addiction in your brain, mainly because of the high quantities of sugar they are manufactured with.

It is true that the cereals come with a low fiber flake but the high quantity of sugar in it is what causes the chaos in the first place.

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The processed taste combined with the after feeling of the sugar rush is something that many people dig for. It is very important that if you rely on cereals, to get the unsweetened plain ones because those are the best for your body.

10. Coffee

CoffeeCaffeine addiction doesn’t need any kind of introduction and it is why it is considered among some of the world’s most addictive foods that you possibly didn’t have much idea of to begin with.

You will often come across people who suggest saying that they can’t function without having a dose of caffeine in their body first thing in the morning. This is where the problem arises from and needs attention.

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If you can’t get on with your day without that extra kick of caffeine, it is better that you start looking for ways to combat this caffeine overdose and addiction that is causing the issue.

Many people tend to also experience signs of depression. With that they stopped from indulging in getting coffee, so it isn’t surprising!. Why it has secured its place is the list of addictive foods.

How to stop eating addictive foods?

How to stop eating addictive foodsWhen it comes to the most addictive foods, you need to know of the ways to prevent from eating them to the extent that you do.

Knowing of the ways that can help control this addiction itself helps you recover from the condition way faster than what you would general witness.

It is very important that you have a set plan before you get on with it because that will help make the process of accomplishing it a lot easier.

Some of the ways in which you can refrain yourself from eating the most addictive foods include:

  • Start by reducing the consumption gradually and not going cold turkey
  • Eat something you are craving but keep an eye out on the portion size
  • Switch the unhealthy variants of the addictive foods with something healthier
  • Consult a doctor if the condition gets out of hand

When it comes to the most addictive foods, you got a glimpse into the most common ones that even science approves. But, with the fun and joke comes the serious topic. These kinds of foods aren’t good for you which are the reason why you need to focus on avoiding eating them for good. Make healthier choices in your life because at the end of the day, that is what matters.