11 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You – Take A Look At Its Ill-Effects!

Sugar Is Bad For You
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What we love to relish the most can have its adverse effects on our body. Having mentioned, be it bingeing on donuts or sipping a milkshake if you have a sweet tooth. Sugar is your ally for life.

Can you relate with this situation in life when you would have been a child and craved to eat too many chocolates, your parents would have tried their best to keep a control on your intake on sweet stuff as it is bad and unhealthy. I am sure by now you could relate to this.

Well! They did the right thing, although you would have pitied yourself back then . Meaning, there is a truth you need to know about white foods.

It is medically proven when there was an obesity epidemic in the US, after which we come to the conclusion that white foods contain, bad carbs. The worst of all is sugar

Not to feel dispirited, it’s the right moment to turn these ‘bad carbs’ (sugar) to perfect carbs(yet to discover through the article). This article will answer the question mark that is dangling on your face right now.

Check Out These Ways To Stop Eating Too Much Sugar.

Too Much Sugar Is Bad For You – Why? Is There A Way Out?

Too Much Sugar Is Bad For You Why
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As studies suggest, according to the American Heart Association, a person should take in only a certain amount of calories. In the case of men, one should no go beyond consuming 150 calories per day, about 9 tsp of sugar. In the case of women, one should not go beyond consuming 100 calories per day, about 6 tsp.

Anything beyond this is bad for health and most of us ignore the fact and still do not put a stop to the amount of sugar we are consuming each day. Its high time you know the reasons why eating sugar is a bad idea.

Bad Idea No 1 – You Will Find It A Task To Carry Yourself

You Will Find It A Task To Carry Yourself

It is universally known that sugar has components of monosaccharides in them. These monosaccharides consist of glucose, fructose, and galactose which do not go further with the process of digestion and they remain as already undigested carbs which get stored as fats in the body and targets your weight.

Apart from this, sugar has zero nutritional value present in it, you will not gain carbohydrates, proteins or minerals in your body and that will, in turn, make you hungry. When you are hungry all the time your craving to eat every now and then will increase and you may sort to eat junk in between your meals and that in turn will make you gain weight.

This is why you should not eat sugar excessively if you want to keep control of your weight. Keep your blood sugar level in control and you will see how everything will fall in place.

What’s the way out ?

If you eat too much sugar you will put on weight. If you want to be on top for being in shape, have honey instead of sugar.

Bad Idea No 2 – Your Heart’s Health Will Go For A Toss

Your Hearts Health Will Go For A Toss
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Given the lavish calories present in sugar it would come and hit on your heart if those calories are not burned out or digested correctly. What triggers for your heart to be in fix for two reasons and they are.

How much ever healthy food you eat, when you eat sugar and adding bad carbs in your body, you are blocking the way of healthy food in a person’s diet and also your sugar levels shoot up excessively which has a direct impact on your heart.

The effect of sugar coming in the way of a healthy diet has its consequences on the blood, by the liver passing on unwanted fats to the bloodstreams, a person ends up falling ill because of heart diseases.

What’s the way out?

You don’t want to land up being in the hospital because of blockages or any other diseases in your heart. All you got to do is, whenever you want to eat something sweet tell yourself that you rather go for a fruit that is a natural sweetener rather than adding sugar in your food or beverage.

Follow the right diet and exercise a little every day so that no fat is accumulated in your body, day by day the fat that has to burn will burn out automatically when you are engaged in finding a means to stay away from heart diseases.

Bad Idea No 3: You Are Encouraging Diabetes To Enter Your Life

Get To Know About Insulin: Is it necessary for insulin to be there in your body?. Yes, it is necessary for insulin to be there in your body to take the right control in indicating to your fat, muscle and liver cells to be able to give out glucose to your body.

When you eat excessive sugar, the average blood sugar level in your body goes up. When does the blood sugar level go up? One of the reasons could be because the insulin in your body is not able to get a hold of the blood sugar level or because there is absolutely no sign of the pancreas being able to give out insulin.

Hence, there could be many other reasons for diabetes. But, if you get diabetes for a fact that you have been too much on sweets then it would be because of a serious disturbance in the way insulin is functioning in your body.

What’s the way out?

If you want to counter the effects of too much sugar and avoid diabetes, switch to eating brown rice, barley, whole grains etc.

Bad Idea No 4: Too Much Sweet ! Too Many Cavities!

Too Much Sweet Too Many Cavities
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If you want your teeth to be saved from bacteria pouncing on your teeth to destroy its enamel, you have to keep sugar away from your teeth. The bacteria are attached to a sugar and when it gets to know that sugar has entered, it digests all the sugar in the food leading to a release of acids that finally lead to your tooth getting decayed.

What’s the way out?

Do not eat too much of sugar and ensure to clean your teeth well, by brushing twice a day and using the right toothpaste and brush.

Bad Idea No 5: Sugar Is Infectious To Your Health

The amount of glucose in one’s body should be accurate. When it goes off track by becoming excessive in the body, your body tends to fall in the trap of getting infected. This infection happens because all the bad bacteria and yeast in the body are attracted to the excessive glucose and these organisms end up infecting your body. If your body starts to get infected it will impact the immune system in your body and you can get several yeast infections as well.

What’s the way out?

Ensure to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. See to it that there is beta-carotene and zinc in the food you eat. The best vegetable to eat is broccoli and the best fruit to eat is orange.

Bad Idea No 6: Causes unnecessary cravings and addiction

Causes unnecessary cravings and addiction
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It is surprising how sugar can cause cravings and addiction in your body. Right? Here’s why

When a person eats sugar, your taste buds transmits signals to your brain leading to the release of a hormone called dopamine. If this hormone is activated with sugary food at times, still works well. If this hormone is targeted on being released too much it can make a person lose control and crave for even more all the time, an excess of anything is bad for your health..

What’s the Way Out ?

The only way out for these cravings or addiction is doing the exact opposite of eating sugar. It is easy to lose control and tough to tame those taste buds when control is lost.

Bad Idea No 7: Hits On Your Grasping and Learning Skills

Hits On Your Grasping and Learning Skills
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This negative impact of sugar leading to memory loss is extremely exploiting for the brain. There is a neurotrophic factor in the brain known as BDNF.

BDNF is a central system that helps the brain learn, grasp and retain things in your brain. When a person consumes too much of fructose, it goes down in producing BDNF and it is obvious that the absence of BDNF can hit on one’s memory and learning abilities leaving you to face consequences of being affected by Dementia and Alzheimer diseases.

This is proved with a scientific study. Research of UCLA has figured out that increased fructose in the diet makes your brain work slowly. The communication between the brain cells gets interrupted.

What’s the Way Out?

Cutting down on your sugar intake

Bad Idea No 8: Makes you slip into depression

Makes you slip into depression
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There is a science as to why sugar can be the reason for one’s mood and mental state being targeted. In our brain, there is something known as neurotransmitters that are responsible for keeping our mood stable.

To explain this further, serotonin is one of those transmitters present in our body to revitalize our mood after consuming sugar. The amount of serotonin present in our body is minimal and if this hormone is released too much it can lead to supplying less to your body causing depression.

Your neurotransmitters are affected right after you consume beverages or a sweet dish that leaves you feeling sad and off mood.

What’s The Way Out ?

Cutting down on your sugar intake

Bad Idea No 9: Has ill-Effects On Your Skin

Has ill-Effects On Your Skin

Eating too much sugar can lead to aging and acne problems. As per a study in one of the Universities in the Netherlands, a scientist took a sample of people who have high blood sugar level and low blood sugar level and came to an understanding that people who have high blood sugar level looked wrinkled and older than those who had low blood sugar level.

Scientifically, the scientists proved that for every 1ml per liter increase in the sugar level, the assumed age of a person is 5 months more.

All foods that have a great amount of glycerine index in the food, be it carbohydrates or sugar leads to acne on the skin. Having a certain amount of glycerin in the body is good but excessive of it can rupture your skin.

What’s The Way Out

Reduced intake of sugar

Bad Idea No 10: It Can Affect The Health Of Your Eyes

It Can Affect The Health Of Your Eyes
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Sugar is bad for you because along with so many other diseases it can affect your eyes causing issues such as cataract, glaucoma, and retinopathy. This happens because of a lack of control of the sugar level in your body. In this context, primarily diabetes is the biggest reasons for weakening the vision in your eyes.

What’s The Way Out

Reduced intake of sugar

Bad Idea No 11: Sugar takes a toll on a woman’s health

Sugar takes a toll on a womans health
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For women who have PCOs, they must strictly control their intake on sugar although a woman has the highest craving for high carb and sweet food, especially during this time. A woman usually craves for more sweet during this time because the insulin works actively by inducing the craving for sweet.

What’s the way Out

A woman with PCOS cannot completely kill her craving for sugar but the maximum she can have is about 25 grams per day and not beyond that.

Bad Idea No 12: Sugar takes a toll on a man’s health

Sugar takes a toll on a mans health
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Sugar is bad for men because an increased intake of sugar can lead to increase in the production of estrogen which comes with its set of problems such as low libido, a decrease in erections, enlarged breasts, and a spike in the abdominal fat.

The right amount of estrogen is necessary for both men and women but if it goes beyond needed that it can cause fertility-related concerns.

How to Reduce Sugar Intake

1. Cut off refined sugar

How to reduce sugar intake

Having a certain amount of sugar in the body is essential. One should know what is the right form of sugar to make the right choice. Instead of totally cutting of sugar in your diet, eat natural sugar such as fruits to suffice what is needed for your body vs eliminating what is bad for your body.

2. Disconnect from sugar in processed foods

When you are eating processed foods, see to it that the food you choose has only 5 grams of sugar per serving. Avoid foods that have the following

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Fructose
  • High- Fructose
  • Honey
  • Lactose
  • Malt Syrup
  • Maple Syrup
  • Nectar
  • Sucrose

3. Make up your mind to cut down on sugar

You have to understand that sugar has its effects on your body and brain after consuming sugar. You must cut down on soda’s and candies. They are bad for your health. It is all about self – control.

4. Put A Full Stop To Sugar

Sometimes the best thing to do to get over a habit is to completely cut off from the habit, thought of a detox? For few days just do not eat sugar directly or indirectly. It will be of great help.

5. Take A Balanced Meal

One should consume the right meal in order to keep blood sugar levels of the body in control. Eat food that has, fiber, protein and healthy fats. On the contrary, it will also keep you full and not give you a chance to think of craving for junk or in appropriately eating.

All in all, glucose is essential to have your body function well. Diverting glucose in the wrong direction by eating too much sugar is bad for you and now you have learnt about all the bad it can do to you.

Since, you have a clear idea of what are the adverse affects of sugar. Beat the clock and be on a safe side by avoiding sugar in your meals, you cannot avoid sugar completely. However, the extent of your sugar intake can come down.

Say Bye Bye to chronic diseases and negative effects on your brain by crossing out ‘excess sugar’ from your diet.