HealthSpectra Magazine January 2021


Inside magazine:

This time we explained the importance of COVID protocols at any time. We have given alarming health updates on Ischemic heart disease, breast cancer in women, diabetes foot problems and lung cancer in men. You can be informed about the symptoms, causes and prevention of these life-threatening diseases.

Yoga and Ayurveda are the best alternatives for health and well-being. Thus, we have shared a bit of information that is a must-know for everyone. By the way, we cautioned you not to use hair dyes.

If you are looking for a recipe from us, then try out the healthy and yummy spinach and broccoli enchiladas. There are a few more health-related facts, updates that can’t be missed. Also refer to the tips on improving sex life, qualities for a happy life and many more in the order.

We made a sincere attempt to keep our readers focused on health like we always do. It is great being a health information source for you. Share your thoughts with us about our monthly magazine.