22 Deadly Food Combinations That Majority of People Are Not Even Aware Of

food combinations

If you are someone who is a food junkie, you might want to take a step back before starting reading this article. You would agree if I said that we often believe we are eating healthy but, for the most part, are we actually? There are a number of food combinations to avoid that we more often than not enjoy eating a lot (without knowing the havoc they could possibly create in our stomach).

It doesn’t really matter if you have a healthy diet if the combinations of the food that you are consuming are nothing but a complete jumbled mess that leaves your stomach and digestive system in shambles. Incompatible food combinations that taste good often tend to be a vast reason behind improper immunity and associated digestion problems.

In this article, we are going to be walking ourselves through the food combinations to avoid and what one can switch it up with to have a healthier option.

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Check Out the Lesser known Facts About Food Combinations Which are Bad for You

1. Milk With Fruit or Coconut

Milk with fruit or coconut

Combining any kinds of fruits with milk is a ghastly combination. While this might be our go to for breakfast with the cereals and oats, it definitely does have negative impacts on one’s overall health. It is believed that since the fruits are sour and tend to have a sour tinge to them; it is often a bad combination with dairy, especially milk which can inflict problems in one’s digestion.

Milk tends to react negatively with the fruits which can end up releasing toxins in the body that could further be harmful, not just for one’s overall well being but especially for the digestion and other stomach related issues.

This combination often even causes signs of distress, cold and cough or even allergies.

2. Honey and Ghee

Honey and Ghee
ImageSource: www.yogajournal.com

Honey and Ghee is one of those deadly food combinations that is not just awful for one’s health but can inflict negative effects on one’s body functions too. Combining honey with ghee has delirious effects (R) on one’s body, primarily because of the fact that the combination tends to produce peroxides in the body that can expose the body to stress.

Even if you are consuming them together, make sure that the combination is not in equal ratios rather the complete opposite. Equal ratios tend to make the situation even worse which is why it is necessary to ensure to either stop consuming this combination or opt for another approach to consuming it.

3. Lemon With Milk or Yogurt

Lemon with milk or yogurt
ImageSource: www.ramdevbabayog.com

While the combination of lemon and yoghurt is not going to affect you very badly, there are chances that the lemon and milk might often end up causing hyperacidity which is what hinders with the smooth digestion process in one’s body. Lemon doesn’t necessarily compare to the kind of acidity that one is exposed to in comparison to the acidic environment of the stomach but even that sometimes can inflict negative impacts that you might not be aware of.

Consume them separately or in different time intervals if you don’t want to aggravate the situation further. This specific food combination is not deadly or even that much of a problem but if you already suffer from digestion issues, it is best to stay wary of these specifically.

4. Chicken and Pork in the Same Meal

Chicken and Pork in the same mealProtein on protein (R) might make your lick your fingers and clean your plate off; the same is not really a good combination for your stomach. Chicken and pork are two foods that are high on protein which can be very hard for your stomach to digest if they are eaten at the same time or even in the same day.

For every kind of protein digestion, our digestive system breaks them down into polypeptides and then into amino acids. If chicken and pork are consumed in the same meal, chances are that it would become harder for the digestive system to break down such a rush of protein which can often make you feel bloated and induce indigestion.

5. Any kind of non-veg with honey, radish or black gram

Any kind of non-veg with honey, radish or black gram
ImageSource: www.strawberryplum.com

This is yet another hefty wrong combination of food that sides way too much protein in just a single meal. Foods like black gram and germinated grains do already have a lot of proteins in them which in itself is hard to digest in the first place. If you extensively suffer from issues concerning your stomach and the digestion process, it is best to just let go of this combination and switch it with something else.

Now, coming to honey and the non-veg meat combination. While the combination on the normal grounds tends to not have many effects, the problem arises when the honey is cooked and warmed. Cooked or boiled honey tends to interfere with the functions of the enzymes in the body, thereby arresting their activity in the body. Studies (R) even show how the boiled honey can inflict negative impacts on one’s overall well being.

6. Spinach and Sesame Seeds Paste

Spinach and sesame seeds paste
ImageSource: www.sbs.com.au

The food combination of spinach with sesame seeds paste tends to inflict ghastly impacts on one’s overall digestion. There are even possibilities that the same might cause and inflict symptoms of diarrhea and lose bowel movement too.

While there is no concrete evidence as to what is causing the problem, it is believed that it is primarily the high fiber content in the spinach as well as the sesame seeds which end up causing the massacre in the stomach. Even the nuttiness of the sesame seeds in high quantities can end up adversely affecting the digestion process, thereby further aggravating the situation.

7. Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and eggsEggs and bacon is a staple breakfast diet in the majority of the countries around the world. But, what if I told you that this is often considered as a dangerous food combination? Intrigued? The combination of the high levels of protein in the egg along with the high levels of fat in the bacon tends to be a high energy booster for the consumer but the after effects? Lack of sustained energy.

The sudden spiked energy that you often end up getting from this food combination ends up vanishing into the thin air right with the click of the fingers. This is why it makes you feel tired and fatigued even when you have had a hearty meal just a few hours back.

8. Bananas and Milk

Bananas and milkAccording to Ayurveda, the combination of banana and milk tends to be a “not so good combination because of a number of reasons. It is believed that it degrades the digestion capabilities because of the production of toxins which adversely affects one’s well being and overall digestion. It also induces problems with one’s sinus, causing cold and cough and other kind of allergies that negatively impact one’s health.

If you are someone who is looking out for their weight, this combination might not be the best option right off the bat. There are no evidence supporting these claims and allegations yet but it is best to cut down the consumption of this specific food combination so as to stay safe.

9. Cereal and Juice

Cereal and JuiceCereal and juice is an incompatible food combination that not many are aware of. This is one of those food combinations that is vividly eaten for breakfast but does it even provide you with the energy that you are possibly seeking? Eating food in combination like these two tend to provide with little to no energy which is what ends up making your feel tired all throughout the day.

Even the orange juice with the cereal tends to hinder with the enzymatic functions, thereby ending up causing problems with the overall functioning of the body as well. While you may not notice the starking difference right off the bat, the same tends to have negative impacts when consumed on a continuous basis.

10. Melon and Prosciutto

Melon and ProsciuttoThe combination of melon and prosciutto is a much savoured dish globally, especially in the parts of Italy. But, if consumed in an uncontrolled manner, the same can definitely inflict negative impacts on one’s body.

Melons are loaded with sugar and while that is good on its own, pairing it with something like that of prosciutto tends to elevate the levels of sodium as well as glucose because of the salient combination. The curing of the meat that is done with the salt is often not a very good option for people who tend to suffer from hypertension and associated problems. While you may think that you are eating healthy, in reality, you are not.

11. Beans and Cheese

Beans and Cheese
ImageSource: www.losingtheplotinnortherncyprus.wordpress.com

A hearty serving of beans and cheese alongside guacamole is possibly one of the most common scenes in a Mexican restaurant. But, have you even realized that the same can inflict negative and alarming impacts on one’s body too? Possibly not, right?

This is one of those killer food combinations which induce stomach bloating and intensive signs of gas in an individual. Beans, on itself, are a deadly combination if you consistently suffer from gas or indigestion and add cheese to the mix and it’s a complete nuance.

12. Burger and Fries

Burger and friesBefore anyone jumps on my throat, let me just state my point first. While these deep fried delicacies sure do account for many people’s go to meal of choice, it is not really the healthiest. These items sure do taste great and are fulfilling too but are they really a good and healthy meal to be consumed on a day to day basis? Probably not.

The levels of excessive Trans fat in the deep fried patty and the fries tend to spike up the glucose levels to excessive amounts, thereby providing you with instantaneous energy but even those energy levels travel down to minimal amounts within a very short span of time. This is what leaves you feeling extremely tired and not that energised when though you just finished eating a meal.

13. Pizza and Soda

Pizza and sodaEvery pizza lover is guilty of eating this combination of food that cause poisoning. No, wait! Well, that was a little bit of an exaggeration but this food combination is just as incompatible for the stomach to digest properly.

The pizza, on its own, consists of hefty levels of carbohydrates, proteins and even fats. It takes our body a lot of energy to be able to properly metabolise and digest the ingested food but when you throw in a can of soda in the mixture, that’s when things start going wrong.

The sugar content in the soda also tends to hinder with the process of digestion, further deteriorating the condition and inducing a sour stomach or other digestive problems.

14. Tomatoes in Pasta

Tomatoes in PastaI can literally hear some screaming Italian people after this specific sub-category. But before that, let me just quickly explain why this is not a very apt option for consumption, together. We are not really unaware of the fact that the pasta are loaded with immense amounts of carbs in them which in itself is a tough compound to digest. Throw in some highly acidic tomatoes in the process and we have a deadly food combination.

The acidic property of the tomatoes may tend to negatively impact the digestion process of the starchy pasta. While the taste and combination of it might date back to decades back, the combination of these two is not really the best when we consider health and overall well being.

15. Meat and Potatoes

Meat and potatoesYou thought about a Sunday roast, didn’t you? Well, while the concept of a Sunday roast with grilled veg and charred meat and some mashed potatoes and gravy on the side might sound fulfilling and appetizing, eating food in a combination of this tends to adversely affect one’s well being.

The primary reason behind the same is because of the lack of fiber in the meal which hinders with the proper churning of the food. The excess levels of protein and fats in the food often tend to be very hard to digest which is definitely why you need to ensure that you actually do end up either cutting out one of the two or stick to smaller portions and eat in intervals so as to not make the condition with digestion even worse.

16. Lemons and Cough Syrup

Lemons and cough syrup
ImageSource: www.vivere-armoniosamente.it

While this sub-category may seem surreal to you, I have actually seen people who include lemon in their cough syrups and let me tell you that the same is not going to help with your cough or cold, rather, the same can actually aggravate the situation even more.

The lemon in the syrup tends to act as a blocker to the enzymes that help break down the statins and the other forms of cough suppressant like that of dextromethorphan. The lemon might end up causing coagulation which is the exact opposite of what one seeks for while consuming the cough syrup in the first place.

17. Mint with Aerated Beverage

Mint with aerated beverage

While the combination of lemon mint and carbonated drinks might be a rage, it is not really good for one’s health. Sounds fishy? After all, every one of us love Virgin Mojito, don’t we?

It is believed that the food combination of peppermint clubbed with soda tends to create fatal toxin compounds in our stomach which is not good for our well being. It could be a combination of food that causes death eventually because of the fact that the salient proportion of these two compounds often times end up forming cyanide which, of course, is not a good compound for our body.

The exact proportion of mint and soda that causes the formation of cyanide is not known but it is always best to be safe than sorry.

18. Smoked Meats Long With Anti-depressants

Smoked meats along with anti-depressantsYes, if you are on antidepressants, you need to ensure that you are not shriveling away too much more consumption of smoked meats because the same can have adverse effects, even deadly if the consumption is out of hand.

If your antidepressants belong to the class mono-amine oxidase inhibitors, chances are that the consumption of these mixed with foods that are rich in amino acid tyramine can inflict vast negative impacts on the blood pressure levels in the body.

This kind of drugs often impacts negatively to a number of food combinations, be it smoked turkey or even the sauerkraut that you were just planning on having. These kinds of combinations can have varying bad and ill effects on the body which is why it is important to ensure that you are not consuming it without knowing the side effects that often tend to accompany it in the first place.

19. Fruits With Any Kind of Starch

Fruits with any kind of starch
ImageSource: www.yummly.com

If you are thinking of why you are always suggested to consume fruits at least an hour or so after consuming a meal, it’s because of the process of digestion. If you didn’t know better, the fruits take up very less time to get digested which is why when it is eaten right after a meal, it hinders the process of digestion.

The starch that we primarily get from our meal, be it from rice or even the potatoes that you ate, take up a good chunk of time to properly get digested in the stomach. When we add fruits to the mixture, the process of digestion for the fruits prolong too which makes them stay in the stomach for extended periods of time, thereby making them ferment in the stomach.

20. Chocolate and Ritalin

Chocolate and Ritalin
ImageSource: www.active.com

Before we jump head first into this, let me first clarify what Ritalin is. Ritalin is a drug that is used to treat several mental health problems, ADHD being the primary one.

Now, with that out of the way, let us focus on why the food combination of Chocolate and Ritalin is considered as a wrong combination of food. Ritalin’s beneficial effects are hindered and exacerbated by the influence of caffeine which is found in the chocolates, especially dark chocolates. Even the consumption of coffee aligned with Ritalin tends to have negative impacts on one’s body.

If you are eating these in time intervals, make sure that there is a good amount of time between the consumption of two because otherwise there can be adverse effects which you don’t want.

21. Yoghurt With Fruit

Yoghurt with fruitWhile the Greek yoghurt delight topped with amazing fruits was delectable to have, the same might not be the best food combinations. The combination of yoghurt with sour fruits is not something that is advised in the Ayurveda. These have the capability of not just hindering with the digestion but also affecting the normal environment of the intestinal flora and even end up generating toxins in the body.

You can switch up your yoghurt delight with some nuts and raisins instead of the other forms of sour fruits which can often inflict negative impacts on the body.

22. Cinnamon With Warfarin

Cinnamon with warfarinPeople who are administered with the blood thinning drug, Warfarin, need to be on a very strict diet with the salient presence of good levels of Vitamin K in the diet which plays a huge in the process of blood clotting.

It is believed that the consumption of cinnamon along with warfarin tends to induce further thinning of the blood, thereby making the situation worse. It is the compound coumarin which propagates the blood thinning process, thus making the effects of the Warfarin futile. It can also induce liver damage in an individual which is definitely not a nice thing.

Food combinations should always be talked about and assessed before you proceed with eating it. There are heavy possible chances that the meal that you just had thought it was healthy and good for you can be the complete opposite of that. So, before you jump straight into digging into the food, try and learn about it a bit more before consuming.