12 Unbeatable Reasons Why Jamun Fruit (Black Plum) is Good for Your Health (4 Reasons It Is Not)

Jamun Fruit
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Every one of us (for the majority) like eating fruits, don’t we? But, are you someone who likes Jamun fruit, otherwise known as black plum? If yes, then let me tell you that this fruit is definitely doing a lot for your health than what you would even imagine.

Jamun is not a fruit that is widely eaten and appreciated around the world because of its slight different aftertaste. Even with them aside, the jamun health benefits definitely take up its priorities. Eating this small “berry like” fruit might just do wonders for your health that you were not even aware of.

In this article, we are going to be talking and discussing the Jamun benefits that many are not even aware of.

What is Jamun Fruit?

What is Jamun fruit
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Jamun or otherwise commonly known as Black Plum is the fruit of an evergreen tropical tree of the family Myrtaceae. It is native to the diverse sub-continent of India, a few adjoining regions around South-east Asia, Queensland and even China.

The scientific name of Black Plum is Syzygium cumini. While many tend to confuse this fruit commonly with blackberries because of its similar appearance, they taste quite different and look different as well.

Loaded with beneficial phenols, triterpenoids, proteins and fibers, this fruit is one of the most nutritional fruits that can impart amazing benefits to one’s health. Its nutritional benefits are what makes it one of the best options in the lot.

Nutritional Facts About Jamun

Nutritional Facts about Jamun
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Black Plum is loaded with not just a handful but a vivid variety of nutrients which is what makes it so good for consumption and health. In order to make it a whole lot easier and far more interactive, we have charted out the entire thing so it makes it easier for you to take a peek at the kind of nutritional benefits that this fruit has.

The Nutritional Facts and values of Jamun include:

Compound Amount Present (per 100 gms)
Calcium 15 mg
Iron 1.41 mg
Magnesium 35 mg
Phosphorus 15 mg
Sodium 26.2 mg
Vitamin C 18 mg
Thiamine 0.019 mg
Riboflavin 0.009 mg
Niacin 0.245 mg
Vitamin B6 0.038 mg
Calories 62 k Cal
Carbohydrate 14 gm
Carotene 48 ug
Folic Acid 3 mg
Fiber 0.6 gm
Fat 0.23 gm
Protein 0.995 gm
Water 84.75 gm

Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit

Health benefits of Jamun fruit
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Now that we have walked ourselves through the common nutritional facts behind the jamun fruit, let us divert out attention to what the main topic of the article is – the benefits of jamun on one’s health.

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Check Out the Lesser known Benefits of Jamun

Some of the potential health benefits of Jamun include:

1. Jamun Fruit for Diabetes

Jamun fruit for DiabetesJamun for diabetes is not a completely new concept. Majority of the people are aware of its effective anti-glycemic properties. The chemical Jamboline, found in the seeds of the black plum, has anti-diabetic properties.

It is considerably one of the best fruits for diabetics that have anti-glycemic properties (R) which lessens the heightened levels of blood glucose levels by 30%. Not just that, even the seeds are loaded with beneficial alkaloid properties which help in lowering the blood glucose levels as well. It helps combat insulin sensitivity.

Many researches (R) have even shed some light on the effectiveness of jamun in helping delay the possible onset of diabetes in an individual. It also helps control the levels of impaired fasting glucose which is yet another benefit of consuming this small fruit.

2. Jamun Fruit to Boost Immune System

Jamun Fruit to Boost Immune SystemJamun is loaded with beneficial compounds and nutrients like that of calcium, iron and even Vitamin C which is the basis of some of the most beneficial antioxidant (R) properties. The presence of a considerable percentage of antioxidants is what helps curb the excess presence of free radicals in the body which is sometimes the primary reason behind a battered immune system.

These nutrition and compounds also help boost bone health in an individual which is an added bonus.

3. Jamun Fruit Boosts Blood Circulation

Jamun Fruit Boosts Blood CirculationBlack plums are loaded with beneficial nutrients and compounds, especially iron which has amazing benefits in not just thinning of the blood but also has impactful results in enhancing blood circulation throughout the body.

The iron content in the blood tends to ensure proper oxygenation of the blood that is supplied to all the other parts of the body which is definitely an added bonus. It also helps purify the blood and get rid of the unwanted toxins out of the body, thereby, enhancing one’s quality of life.

4. Jamun Fruit Aids Digestion

Jamun Fruit Aids DigestionWalking through diabetes and immune system, the black plum benefits also extend to one’s digestion as well. The good fiber content (R) in the fruit is what helps in regularizing the proper bowel movement, thereby aiding in boosting digestion as well.

The beneficial combination of nutrition and digestive components further add to the list of benefits on how this fruit is good in helping you digest what you just ate.

If you are someone who suffers from poor bowel syndrome, the seeds and the bark of this plant has beneficial laxative properties which help in the process of painless defecation. It is also believed that the juice of the Jamun fruit propagates the better production of the saliva which ensures proper breakdown of the ingested food right in the mouth itself.

5. Jamun Fruit Promotes Heart Health

Jamun fruit promotes Heart HealthAs mentioned in the previous section of the article, black plum is loaded with beneficial triterpenoids which prohibits the accumulation and deposition of any kind of cholesterol in the body. If you suffer from heart ailments, consuming this fruit can have promising effects on your heart health.

Not just that, jamun is also loaded with a good percentage of potassium (R) in it which is helpful in the prevention of diseases related to hypertension and heart strokes.

6. Jamun Fruit for Bad Breath

Jamun fruit for Bad Breath
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While the benefits of black plum for the oral cavity is not that pronounced, not many people are aware of the fact that black plum or jamun is actually beneficial for improving one’s oral health. The vivid presence of Vitamin C in the jamun helps fight the excess accumulation and breeding of the germs in the oral cavity which could be a possible reason behind the induction of halitosis or bad breath in an individual.

7. Jamun Fruit Increase Blood Haemoglobin

Jamun fruit increase Blood Haemoglobin
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Haemoglobin is the primary building block of our red blood cells. This is what promotes the healthy sustenance of the blood cells and its vivid activity. The quintessential presence of iron in the jamun helps in the formation of haemoglobin which in turn promotes the increase of healthy red blood cells in the body.

It also helps purify the blood which helps supply the entirety of body with purified blood that one needs for a healthier well being.

The jamun health benefits also extend its course to treating patients who suffer from anemia. Since the consumption of jamun helps increase the levels of haemoglobin in the body, it inadvertently aids in enhancing the levels of red blood cells, thus posing as a potential cure for anemia.

8. Jamun Fruit to Strengthen Teeth and Gums

Jamun Fruit to Strengthen Teeth and GumsYou might not be aware but black plum benefits your oral health to a great extent and it is not just the fruit but the leaves and bark that aid in the process of it. The leaves of the Jamun fruit possess antibacterial properties (R) which aid in getting rid of any kind of bacterial growth in the oral cavity.

The bark has astringent properties which can be helpful if one is suffering from mouth ulcers. Boil the bark with some water and bring it down to normal room temperature and swish it around your mouth to get rid of the irritation and pain.

9. Jamun Fruit for Fatigue

Jamun Fruit for FatigueThe list of Jamun uses don’t just restrict themselves to a few but is applicable to a wide array of benefits, helping with fatigue and tiredness being one of them. It is the vivid variety of nutrition in the fruit that helps with the situation.

It is loaded with beneficial nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and so many more which helps rejuvenate the tired and exhausted cells and drives the fatigue away.

10. Jamun Fruit for Hemorrhoids

Jamun Fruit for Hemorrhoids
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Hemorrhoids is a disease commonly seen in people who have a tendency to have constipation and irregular bowel movements. The accessory formation of muscle lump often obstructs the smooth excretion and ends up causing pain and inflammation.

Jamun, which is rich in natural dietary fibers, is beneficial in regulating the process of digestion and imposes laxative properties too. This aid in the regulation of bowel movement and a softer stool helps get rid of the condition associated with hemorrhoids.

11. Jamun Fruit Benefits for Skin

Jamun Fruit Benefits for skin
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Much like all the above mentioned health benefits, the black plum benefits are very visible in one’s skin as well. It boosts the overall appearance of the skin and makes it even better because of its amazing composition of various kinds of healthy nutrients.

It is specifically the presence of Vitamin A and C along with iron which contributes to providing you with a healthy and clear skin. The composition of Vitamin C specifically helps fight the excess free radicals in the body, thereby contributing to keeping the signs of anti-ageing and fine lines at bay.

The loaded benefits of nutrients and essential minerals help keep the pores unclogged and even regulate the production of oil in the face, thereby keeping the possibilities of acne and pimples at bay. The skin lightening properties of the Vitamin C in black plum also helps lighten the dark spots, thereby providing with an even skin tone.

The water content of the jamun also helps keep the skin soft, moisturized and supple alongside the array of essential nutritional components.

12. Jamun Benefits for Hair

Jamun Benefits for Hair

Even though the benefits of jamun for hair are not that pronounced, it has several “behind the scenes” benefits of ensuring better and healthier hair.

The combination of Vitamin A and Vitamin C has amazing effects in strengthening the hair roots along with getting rid of the pesky problems of dandruff and weak hair. It strengthens the roots from within which definitely is a long term solution for getting rid of the problems that often end up causing excessive hair fall and hair breakage.

Side Effects of Jamun Fruit

Side Effects of Jamun Fruit
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Even with the amazing array of benefits that black plum exhibits, it also has negative impacts in a number of ways which is why it is necessary to never overeat it at one go.

Keeping the black plum nutrition facts aside, let us delve into some of the common side effects of excessive consumption of this fruit.

1. Causes Kidney Stones

Apart from all the other kind of nutrients and minerals, black plum is also loaded with oxalates which have the possibility of causing kidney stones if consumed in uncontrollable amounts. The excess levels of oxalate in the body end up hindering the proper absorption of calcium, thereby causing depositions in the kidney in the form of stones.

2. Causes Diarrhea

Jamun has a good fiber content in it which is what helps regulate bowel movement but the moment one overdoes the consumption, it can take a complete different turn and result in diarrhea.

3. Lowering Sugar Levels

While the consumption of black plum sure does have positive effects on diabetic patients, the same can inflict negative impacts on people who do not suffer from diabetes by lowering their blood glucose levels excessively.

4. Pregnant Ladies Should Stay Away

Even though there are no such negative implications of the consumption of black plum during pregnancy, it is always advised to stay wary of it while pregnant or while you are breastfeeding. It is always best to stay on the safe side and not opt of it while you are pregnant.

Jamun fruit is one of those underappreciated fruits that people tend to shy away from because of them being oblivious of their nutritional value and health benefits. We hope this article was helpful enough to clear those doubts out of the mind.